Cloud CAD is Better CAD.

Design, version, and share parts, assemblies, and drawings from anywhere for less than your legacy CAD maintenance fees.

Professional grade 3D CAD. No crashes. No service packs. No PDM hassles.
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As the creators of SOLIDWORKS®, the founders of Onshape have reimagined CAD for the cloud era:

  • Robust parametric 3D modeling and associative 2D drawings.
  • Top-down design with multi-part modeling and in-context editing.
  • Robust curves and surfacing tools for organic shapes.
  • Sheet metal with simultaneous folded, flat, and table views.
  • Built-in tools for creating custom features.
  • Onshape App Store add-ons for simulation, rendering, CAM, standard content, and more.

Get everyone working on the same CAD system and the same CAD data, instantly:

  • Access your CAD data and model parts from any cross-platform web browser or iOS/Android phones and tablets.
  • No downloads, installs, license keys, or service packs.
  • No compatibility issues - everyone has the latest version.
  • Instantly add or revoke access privileges when teams change, protecting your data.

Legacy CAD systems store data in files that can only be used by one person at a time. Onshape stores CAD data in a database:

  • Discard the need for servers, file backups, and other hidden IT costs.
  • Everyone sees design changes made by all other users, instantly.
  • Branching and merging allows conflict-free design exploration.
  • No more hassles with locked files and check-in/check-out.
  • Integrated data management and version control.
  • Easy import and translation of legacy CAD data.

Maintain control of your data while getting more people involved, without slowing down the design process:

  • Give collaborators limited, revocable access to designs.
  • Simultaneously edit parts and assemblies for rapid product development.
  • See who changed what in the design and when.
  • Compare and restore to any prior state of the design.
  • Set, change or revoke individual permissions at any time.
  • Get notifications when users share, comment or version.

Get fast answers directly from Onshape experts - with no additional charges:

  • Paid users get unlimited support from seasoned CAD pros.
  • Free monthly updates deliver rapid fixes and enhancements.
  • Create and monitor support tickets directly.
  • Ramp up fast with self-paced and live virtual training courses.
  • Access comprehensive documentation and active community forums.
The future of CAD is now.
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  • Mitch Free

    Mitch Free, ZYCI

    I used to have to wait to get back to my office and open up the file only on the computer I had the license for... Now it doesn’t matter if I’m on my home computer, my laptop while I’m traveling, my office computer or the computer on the shop floor. I can log in and immediately discuss a part no matter where I am.

  • Clive Smith

    Clive Smith, Thinklabs

    Onshape has become an integral part of our design-production loop. Really, I’m not easily impressed. I’m a skeptic. I became impressed with Onshape by using it.

  • Jim Christian

    Jim Christian, Avatech

    I’m usually in Utah and being able to actually look at models together with our mechanical engineer in Massachusetts has been huge for us. We get on the phone together and can get into the same part and start spinning it around and hiding and showing different elements of the product.

  • Michael Topolovac

    Michael Topolovac, Crave

    I like Dropbox, but it’s just not designed as a global CAD vault. Onshape just feels a lot safer. It’s like if I kept all my money in a mattress in a bad neighborhood or I chose to put it in the bank.

  • Nicolas Perrin

    Nicolas Perrin, Perrinn Limited

    What I like about Onshape is the continuous learning. I follow the blog posts and ‘What’s New’ updates to learn about the new features always being added.

  • Dries Vervoort

    Dries Vervoort, Stelrad

    Onshape makes you more productive with your design time. I can work with teammates or customers directly on the same model at the same time – and we can be far more efficient because their feedback is immediate and they can see my changes as I make them.

  • Nick Ambrogi

    Nick Ambrogi, Grove

    The number one thing for us as a startup is that we need to be fast, and it was immediately clear to us that it would be faster to use Onshape.

  • Theo Cerboneschi

    Theo Cerboneschi, Inboard

    Onshape Mobile works extremely well. I recently was able to work while I was waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles. That’s pretty cool!

  • Brock Brandenberg

    Brock Brandenberg, Klevr

    I’m blown away by how well it works inside a web browser. The beauty of Onshape being cloud-based is that I don’t have to deal with software updates… It’s already complicated enough keeping my machine up to date. Not having to worry about that with CAD software is great.