Businesses need more speed and innovation in product design

Product Design Speed Is A Top Priority

“Every year for the past 5 years, time has been the #1 pressure identified by surveyed companies looking to develop more successful products…”

Source: Aberdeen Group

Innovation Also A Top Priority

“79% of companies said innovation is the #1, 2, or 3 priority at their company.”

Source: Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 2015 Survey

Lack of collaboration a key obstacle

“Top product design obstacles are:

  1. Lack of collaboration
  2. Disconnected processes
  3. Changes in management"

Source: Aberdeen Group

Why Cloud CAD is the 'Obvious Choice' for Product Development

“Cloud-based CAD solutions have capabilities that are well-suited towards the Agile approach. Their functionalities of real-time work in progress, collaboration among geographically distributed teams, rapid provisioning and de-provisioning of members, and lower overall capital expenditure make cloud CAD an obvious choice in (product) development."

Source: Tracy Woo, Research Analyst (Manufacturing), Aberdeen Group

Businesses are moving to an
Agile Design Process for product design

  • Traditional Design Process
  • Serial processes, checkout, locking
  • Time constants of weeks, months, years
  • Gantt Charts
  • Emails, faxes, printouts, meetings
  • Work at desks, fixed team, fixed location
  • Design data siloed to hard-core engineers
  • Innovation requires working around process and tools
  • Management receives out-of-date monthly reports
  • Agile Design Process
  • Parallel processes, concurrent work, collaboration
  • Time constants of minutes, hours, days
  • Scrum and agile project boards
  • Text messages, video calls, Slack
  • Work anywhere, fluid team, global, mobile
  • Design data continuously available to multi-disciplinary team
  • Innovation is accelerated by process and tools
  • Management has continuous access to real-time analytics
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An Introduction to Agile Product Design

Why Forward-Thinking Companies Need Real-Time CAD Deployment, Real-Time Data Management and Real-Time Analytics & Controls

Learn how you can:

  1. Complete tasks in hours and days versus weeks and months
  2. Instantly add (or remove) employees and contractors to a project with immediate secure access to your CAD and data
  3. Use unique simultaneous editing to eliminate the danger of colleagues accidentally overwriting each other’s work
  4. Give management and executives real-time access on all their devices to the status of any product design project

Agile and Cloud Are Revolutionizing Other Disciplines
Why not product design?

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Traditional CAD and PDM work against the Agile process

Traditional Cad impedes agility
Collaboration inside Onshape

It's Hard to Deploy Traditional CAD to Agile Teams Because of...

  1. Downloads, installs, updates, service packs
  2. Expensive license codes and servers
  3. Incompatible CAD software versions among partners

File Copies Force Non-Agile Workflows Because...

  1. CAD users are always wondering where's the latest version of a file
  2. You always risk overwriting someone else's work
  3. You always risk someone else overwriting your work
  4. PDM systems require checkout and locking hassles
  5. Confusion over multiple copies slows teams down
  6. The bureaucracy of file management discourages innovation and creative risks
Cloud-based CAD users are:
  1. 2X more likely to have real-time visibility into the status of all design processes and data
  2. 43% more likely to share and integrate data across departments
  3. 48% more likely to have the ability to quickly change business solutions to react to business changes
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Agile Design requires a new generation of CAD

Full-cloud Onshape starts with enterprise-grade 3D CAD

  • check Parts
  • check Assemblies
  • check Drawings
  • check Documents (supports multidisciplinary data)
  • check Powerful apps (simulation, CAM, rendering, utilities)
  • check Custom parametrics (FeatureScript)

How Agile is Your CAD System? Does it offer...

1. Real-Time Deployment?

2. Real-Time Data Management?

3. Real-Time Analytics and Controls?

Real-Time CAD Deployment

With traditional desktop-installed CAD, it can take days, weeks or even months to get a new design team started on a project. Getting additional CAD licenses, provisioning new hardware and installing software doesn't happen overnight.

With Onshape, those needless delays are gone. Companies using full-cloud CAD receive:

Instant CAD Deployment

All members of a design team have instant access to their CAD system and CAD data the moment they join the team.

Instant Upgrades

Everyone is always on the latest CAD software version with no need to download or install updates.

Instant CAD De-provisioning

When an employee, contractor or outside partner leaves the team, you can instantly remove their access to your CAD data. There are no lingering "offline" copies of your IP.

Real-Time Data Management

Onshape includes built-in data management, eliminating your need for an expensive and burdensome PDM system. When anyone, anywhere makes an edit, everyone, everywhere can instantly see it.

Lock-free simultaneous editing means multiple team members can work on the same model in real time with no worries about overwriting each other's work. Onshape enables agile teams to work in parallel instead of serially. Now, no one needs to wait for a colleague to check in a file before starting their work.

Traditional CAD: Serial

  1. Waiting until others finish work
  2. Worrying where's the latest version
  3. Worrying about overwriting each other's changes
  4. Extra PDM work: checkout, copy, copy again, check in, syncing, notifying
  5. Serial workflow
  6. Slower

Onshape: Agile, Parallel

  1. No waiting. Anyone can work on anything
  2. No worrying. Impossible to overwrite each other's changes
  3. No extra PDM work. No check-outs, copies, check-ins needed
  4. Parallel workflow
  5. Faster

Real-Time Analytics and Controls

With Onshape, you get real-time access on any of your devices to comprehensive up-to-the-millisecond data about your product design process. The details extend right down to the granularity of a dimension change or rounded edge. It’s the information and controls you need to make real-time decisions in the fast-moving Agile Design process.

With Onshape, you get:

  1. Granular control over policies governing Document ownership, sharing, and system access
  2. Deep analytics on user and Document access
  3. Instant insights into project status and team velocity
  4. Advanced user activity analytics that enable organizations to track progress, provide oversight and ensure compliance

“Executives or Managers have never been able to get a real time 3D view of the full product assembly on their laptops for them to monitor engineering, design and manufacturing progress while on the go or in project meetings. Thus, they have to wait weeks for someone to supply a report which is already out of date by the time it is delivered.

This results in a lot of guess work in estimating product release schedules, making budgetary decisions, estimating resource allocation and forecasting leading to large variances on corporate profits.”

Source: CAD/PLM Blog by Tarun Tejpal

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