We recently shared the reasons “Why Onshape Invests More in Education Than Sales.”

The world is now experiencing an online education and training boom. Professionals want to learn at their own convenience, on their own terms, without sacrificing the quality of instruction. Companies such as EdX (a joint Harvard University and MIT effort), Lynda.com and Khan Academy are teaching skills to millions of people who otherwise wouldn’t have time for a traditional classroom.

Onshape is proud to partner with companies like 4Delta Education, which is devoted to teaching online CAD and 3D printing courses. Based in the UK, 4Delta just launched its first introductory CAD and 3D Printing class.

“We teach our users how to think as designers and engineers by exposing them to real-life engineering applications,” says 4Delta’s Head of Education, George Papageorgiou (pictured above on the left with company founder Achilleas Sesis).

“We want participants to be able to use that knowledge not just to design and 3D print at home, but as a solid foundation they can build on and possibly help them turn it into a career down the line,” he adds.

The company’s 30-day online classes, which have versions for makers, professionals and educators/students, range in price from £67-£149 ($97-$216). Special pricing is available for multi-users (companies and schools).

“Just like Onshape, we wanted our class to be fully on the cloud with nothing to download,” says George. “Thinking of our company and education clients, we like how Onshape is built so you can collaborate with teams. While some of our users might initially want to just design for their 3D printer at home, they’ll also be learning a skill that could later get them a job.”

“I like that Onshape automatically updates so everyone is always on the same version of the software. For us, this is vital. This is where the future is going. As Internet speed is getting better and better, CAD is going to speed up, too. Onshape is where we want to be.”

For more information on 4Delta Education’s upcoming courses, visit http://education.4delta.co.uk/

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