If you haven’t checked out our training opportunities, I have one question for you... What are you waiting for? Anyone from an advanced CAD user to a beginner can benefit from our learning resources. Here are five video training offers you can use to your advantage:

  1. Register and attend our webinars
    You can read more about how you can benefit from our live training sessions by reading 8 Reasons Why You Should Attend an Onshape Webinar.
  2. Check out our Essential Training Series
    These videos are an excellent resource for those who want to understand the basics of Onshape. This series walks you through Onshape Documents and the interface all the way through creating and editing Onshape Drawings.
  3. New to CAD? Take our Intro to CAD course
    Here we offer several training videos with exercises and quizzes so you can practice and test your knowledge.
  4. Watch our Video Tutorials
    Topics include, Sweep, Revolve, Loft, our mobile apps and more.
  5. Search our Video Library for specific topics
    From webinar recordings to thought leadership videos, you can search this library to find the information you need.

What's great about these resources is that it's easy to watch a video or attend a webinar and use Onshape at the same time. Learn as you CAD. With our various training options, you can start building great products in Onshape in no time.