We get it.

We’re updating Onshape so frequently that it’s hard to keep up with all the enhancements we make. I’d label that a “good problem to have.” You’re getting new functionality every few weeks; about 15 times more per year than your current CAD system. For us, what’s important is that we’re delivering a product that meets your needs. But how do we get all this information about new features to you?

First, I suggest you subscribe to our Onshape “What’s New” Alerts. Subscribers get instant email alerts when we’ve updated Onshape with a link to the blog post that explains what we’ve added (and why it matters).

Alerts will keep you informed moving forward, but for the things you missed, here’s my list of 7 things you didn’t know you could do in Onshape.

1. Share a Link

Sometimes, you’ll want to share your work with a vendor or colleague who simply wants to view your work, but doesn’t want to sign up for Onshape. That’s okay. You can share a link to your Onshape Document with anyone you want – even if they don’t have an Onshape account. Read more about how to use this feature here.

2. Document Description

You can now add a description to your entire Document in addition to a description for each branch and version. You can change the description at any time. The description is not version controlled (just like the Document name), so you can change it as your design progresses or add descriptive details about branches as they are added. The description can be seen in the details tab on the Documents page, so you know exactly what is in each Document without having to open it.

3. Compare

Onshape has built-in version control. As your design evolves, so do your versions. But what if you want to compare two versions of your design? The Compare command in Onshape gives you both visual and list-based comparison.

Want more information about the Compare feature? Here’s a blog post.


Built-in data management is great for CAD users. You no longer have to email copies of your CAD files between collaborators. But communication between your team still occurs over email with screenshots, annotations and lots of descriptive text. With Onshape you can comment and tag features, sketches, parts, or mates within your Document. Design and communicate with Onshape, not email.

Here’s a blog post about using Comments in Onshape.

5. Follow Mode

Showing someone exactly what you mean is easier than describing it – especially when it comes to CAD. With Follow Mode, double click on your collaborator’s icon next to the share button and you’ll be viewing their screen. Here’s a video about Follow Mode and how to take advantage of many other collaboration tricks in Onshape.

6. Part Studio Properties

You can set Part Studio Properties by right-clicking the Part Studio tab and selecting Properties. This process is consistent across Part Studios, Assemblies, and Drawings.

7. Replicate Command

The Replicate command gives you a quick way to duplicate parts in an assembly. First select the parts you want to copy, then select a plane, face, or part where you’ll be sending the duplicates. Onshape will automatically find any geometry that is an exact match and copy the parts with their associated mates to every location found. Here’s a video on how to use the Replicate command.

Now that you know about these features, give them a try!

Do you think there’s anything missing on my list? Which features are most helpful for getting your work done faster? Please comment below.

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