Whether you’ve been using traditional CAD systems like SolidWorks or Pro/E for decades, or are a rookie designer just learning CAD, Onshape’s online training covers a variety of advanced and beginner topics helpful to anyone in the industry.

We offer training in several different forms: blogs, video tutorials and webinars, all of which are free. Although everyone has their own preferred learning style, a recent Onshape user survey found that 86% of people prefer to learn CAD through video tutorials. Webinars are very similar to video tutorials because they both show product demos. The only difference? Webinars are delivered in real time.

Haven’t participated in an Onshape webinar yet? Here are 8 reasons why you should consider joining us next time:

  1. 1. Live Training: You get to watch our CAD experts perform a hands-on demo.
  2. 2. Instant Feedback: You get the opportunity to ask questions. Stop guessing and get answers from those who know Onshape best. During our webinars, presenters stop at various points to check if everyone is up to speed.
  3. 3. Short Time Commitment: It’s amazing what new skills you can pick up in only an hour. See for yourself!
  4. 4. Learn Anywhere: Unlike a classroom, webinars are great because you can attend from anywhere with an Internet connection. No assigned seats.
  5. 5. Wide Selection of Topics: We have a variety of webinars for users of all levels, backgrounds and interests.
  6. 6. Learn From Experts: You can CAD along with the presenter. Gain hands-on experience while you use Onshape as the presenters teach it. We recommend using a second monitor.
  7. 7. You Can Repeat the Course Later: All webinar participants receive a recording of the webinar so you’ll always be able to practice later at your convenience and own pace.
  8. 8. Signing Up is Easy: Just go to our Webinars Page, pick a topic, and fill out the form. Questions? Reach out at webinars@onshape.com.

Is it Assembling Models in Onshape or Onshape Essentials that piques your interest? Either way, pick one topic (or more) and sign up today!

Boost your CAD skills, free Onshape webinars.