This week, we announced a new programming language developed by Onshape called FeatureScript. It’s a unique language that allows you to create your own powerful, custom parametric features. However, it's important to point out that you do NOT need to write code to benefit from FeatureScript. FeatureScript features that have been shared publicly can be used by anyone. This means you can start using these new features today. Let’s take a look at how to add a custom feature to your toolbar.

The first step is clicking the “Add custom features” icon on the far right side of the toolbar.

After clicking the icon, you will then be taken to the “Add custom features” dialog. Here you can browse for features or use the “FeatureScript samples” filter. This is a special list of features curated by Onshape. At the time of this blog post, we have 14 custom features that you can start using today. And this list will grow quickly.

Once you’ve found the feature you want to add, select the Document from the list, then click on your desired feature. Once this is done, a new icon will appear in your toolbar.

Here, I have added a Spur Gear feature to my toolbar. Now if I want to add a spur gear to my model, I simply click the icon in the toolbar, just like any other Onshape feature. Custom features that have been added will be in the Part Studio toolbar for all Documents. If you no longer want this feature in your toolbar, just right-click the custom feature icon and choose “Remove.”

So remember, FeatureScript is for everyone, even those who don’t write code. So check out all these cool features that the Onshape community has created to save you time and energy!