We’re making CAD history!

We are excited to announce the release of Onshape for Android. For the first time, you will be able to build professional 3D CAD models from your Android phone or tablet. With over a billion active users, Android is the largest mobile operating system in use today. And with Onshape for Android, we are taking a huge step forward in making your CAD data more accessible than ever before.

You can download Onshape for Android for free right now in the Google Play store.

Onshape's mission has always been to have its users "working together on CAD on any device, anywhere." Today, we now run on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebooks – along with Android and iOS devices. We want you to think about the best way to design your products, regardless of which platform or device you prefer.

Onshape for Android is not just a viewer. As with our iOS app, this is the full professional suite of CAD tools that truly allows engineers to untether from their workstations, and create and edit professional 3D models whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

Many in the industry doubted whether offering CAD on a phone was even possible.

The Onshape development team created a precise touch-screen interface that replaces the traditional keyboard and mouse interactions. Every CAD command and action is controlled with a swipe of your finger.

“When we first started, a lot of people were skeptical that CAD could be done on such a small device,” explains Ravi Reddy, team lead for Onshape Mobile. “We solved the precision selection problem and made sketching easy with touch-based finger offset tools. We added intuitive lock and unlock modes to help with pan, zoom, and rotate operations for sketching and assemblies.”

After you download Onshape for Android, visit the Onshape Learning page for quick tutorials on the new touch interface, sketching, part design, assemblies and more!