When I was in high school eons ago, I had a few teachers who tried really hard to be our best friends. I remember a Spanish language teacher who let us play “Spanish basketball” when we practiced new vocabulary lists. Each time we translated a word correctly, we could shoot a Nerf basketball at the hoop over the blackboard.

I distinctly remember one thing about those Spanish basketball days; We spent 50% of our time learning and 50% goofing off.

And then I had teachers who were the exact opposite: Drill sergeants who took every opportunity to remind us that learning isn’t supposed to be fun. Work isn’t fun. Life isn’t fun. These teachers tended to get results, but were widely hated.

As an adult, I recognize that the ideal learning or work environment is a blend of those two extremes. If we’re lucky to find a profession we enjoy and a workplace culture we appreciate, work sometimes WILL be fun. But even then, there inevitably will also be times when your nose will be to the grindstone, when you’ll be staring at the same stubborn problem for hours and when deadlines are non-negotiable.

So I smirk whenever I see companies, usually tech companies, try a little too hard to project the idea that employees can be kids again. According to Inc. Magazine, a number of companies are now buying $13,000 napping chairs (called “EnergyPods”) that look like space capsules and have built-in speaker systems.

Facebook famously offers a free candy store for employees, complete with frozen yogurt and a toppings bar. Google has its own ball pit, so there’s no need to sneak over to Chuck E. Cheese in the middle of the work day!

Alas, Onshape has no sleep pods, candy stores or ball pits. But the thrill of helping build the next generation of CAD is still very much attractive to the next generation of engineers. We have a competitive year-round internship program and several students so far have parlayed the opportunity into full-time jobs. (There are still a few 2016 openings.)

GETTING A TASTE OF CAD – Onshape’s student interns work on real projects of value to the company – not “busy work.”

Ready for a career change in 2016? If you’re excited to help change the design and manufacturing world, here are four reasons why Onshape might be the perfect match for you:

  1. You’ll Be Joining an Elite Team - Onshape has been aggressively recruiting the best talent in the world. Not just for engineering, but for every position from our C-level executives to our summer interns. For example, our CFO is the former CFO of Harvard University. Find out why he made the switch, how he feels one year later, and check out the impressive bios of all of our Onshapers!
  2. Onshape is a Startup Culture With Stability - We enjoy the rapid pace, freedom and creativity of a startup without the typical financial worries and uncertainties. With well over $100 million in venture funding raised to date, you won’t be working out of the founder’s garage. Onshape’s major investors were also early stakeholders in Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Github, Slack, 3com, Box, 23andMe, Groupon, Juniper Networks and Salesforce.com. Our investors include NEA, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, North Bridge Venture Partners and Andreessen Horowitz.
  3. Onshape’s Leadership Has a Proven Track Record - All six of Onshape’s founders helped build SolidWorks, the company that transformed the design world by bringing CAD to the desktop. Beyond SolidWorks, Onshape’s leadership team has also been instrumental in creating several other successful startups – experiences they rely on daily to guide our progress.
  4. Job Titles Don’t Matter Here (Except to Our Moms) - We have an open office culture where job titles don’t matter. Your role and responsibilities may change depending on the most pressing need at the moment. There are also no artificial layers of separation between employees and management. The CEO knows your name here and you just might end up sitting next to him.

Interested in learning more about Onshape’s workplace culture? Read “12 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Work at Onshape.”

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