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Tech Tip: Creating Sheet Metal Tabs in Onshape
By Cody Armstrong - September 19, 2017

Creating Sheet Metal Tabs just got a lot easier with Onshape’s most recent update. Here’s how to use the new command.

Topics: Tech Tips

Partner Spotlight: SIMSOLID is Coming Soon to the Onshape Cloud
By Ken Welch | SIMSOLID - September 14, 2017

SIMSOLID, the next generation of structural analysis software, will be available soon as an Integrated Cloud App in the Onshape App Store.

Petrak Industries: “Onshape’s Sharing Feature Saved a Major Client 5 Weeks in Design Time”
By Darren Garnick - September 13, 2017

Systems engineer Brian Joffe credits cloud-based Onshape for dramatically speeding up collaboration between him and his outside design partners.

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What's New in Onshape's Latest Update (9/8/2017)
By Cody Armstrong - September 11, 2017

Every few weeks, Onshape releases automatic upgrades to your full-cloud CAD system. Learn about new functionality from our September 8, 2017 update.

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Topics: Industry Perspectives, Guest Post

How to Generate G-Code For Onshape Models From Anywhere in Minutes
By Don LaCourse - September 7, 2017

VisualCAMc, soon available in the Onshape App Store, lets you perform CAM programming from anywhere and on any computer.

Topics: Industry Perspectives, Guest Post

Full-Cloud CAD Speeds Up Jig & Fixture Design
By Darren Garnick - August 31, 2017

As part of modernizing your shop floor, your team can now design fixtures and jigs in Onshape online right at their workstations.

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5 Advantages of the Onshape Learning Center
By Tim Fries - August 29, 2017

In addition to being quick and easy, here are the top five advantages of the Onshape Learning Center.

Topics: Onshape Bootcamp, Education

What Makes a Parametric Modeler Tick?
By Neil Cooke - August 24, 2017

It’s time to dispel the myth that using 3D CAD is hard – it’s not. Modeling in 3D is not that difficult if you just follow a simple set of rules.

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