MakerBot for Onshape helps Onshape users prototype faster by using fully cloud-based CAD-to-part workflows. The Integrated Cloud App, free in the Onshape App Store, lets you seamlessly send your CAD designs to MakerBot Cloud, MakerBot's web-based slicer, and initiate print jobs on connected machines.

You can eliminate time to export Onshape designs and open desktop print preparation applications. The new workflow allows you to:

  • Keep all CAD data in the cloud so that 3D prints can be initiated remotely.
  • See the progress of active prints within the MakerBot web application.
  • Access printers associated with your account from any location.
  • Select entire assemblies or individual parts and send them to a connected MakerBot 3D printer.

Let’s take a look at how the MakerBot for Onshape app works.

First, login to your MakerBot Cloud account directly from the Onshape application and view all available printers associated with your profile.

Screenshot of logging in to the MakerBot for Onshape app in the Onshape App Store.

Then, after selecting the appropriate part or assembly, the model is shared with MakerBot Cloud and you can adjust the print settings directly in the cloud-based print-preparation application.

Screenshot of setting up parameters for using the MakerBot 3D Printer with Onshape.

The plated models can be sent to any MakerBot machine authorized to your account.

Screenshot of printer settings inside the

For example, you can start a print job across geographies and have a collaborating engineer with physical access to a MakerBot machine “receive” the 3D print you have initiated.

Screenshot showing the 3D print confirmation process using the

The workflow shortens design cycles by providing the ability to continuously utilize 3D printing resources at any location, and allows engineering teams to keep CAD data accessible in the cloud.

Screenshot of the MakerBot for Onshape integrated cloud app.

Integrating with Onshape is MakerBot’s latest step toward providing more engineers with a seamless transition from CAD to functional parts. Combined with the speed and precision of MakerBot METHOD printers, Onshape users will have new capabilities to quickly print manufacturing tools, end-use parts, and functional prototypes not available previously.

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