Looking for an easy way to create photorealistic product images from your CAD models?

Onshape and OneRender recently announced a new partnership offering cloud-based 3D rendering directly within Onshape’s platform. OneRender is a browser-based rendering tool now available for free in the Onshape App Store.

To use OneRender, you don't need to install or download anything, you only need to log in – sound familiar?  The render engine works with multiple GPU nodes in the cloud, which makes the process extremely fast.

Using OneRender within Onshape is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open a Document inside Onshape.
  2. Click the + (in the lower left corner) and choose “Get more apps.”
  3. Search for OneRender and subscribe.
  4. Authorize the OneRender app.

Download the Getting Started Guide to see how easy CAD rendering works in the cloud!

Things You Can Accomplish With Onshape & OneRender

OneRender has many features including Photorealistic Turntable and Walkthrough Videos. Walkthroughs as well as turntables are the perfect tools to visualize an object or scenario. OneRender offers the possibility to create multiple cameras inside a scene, so you can immerse yourself in the 3D world with high-quality images. Getting started is as simple as drawing a trajectory and clicking “render.”

Getting Help

Both Onshape and OneRender offer multiple opportunities to discuss your experiences, provide feedback, ask questions and network with other users. Here are a few options to get in touch:

  • Onshape Forums: https://forum.onshape.com/
  • Interactive chat with OneRender: The chat can be found at the bottom left corner of the OneRender screen; just click “Chat support.”
  • OneRender Forum: https://www.onerender.com/forums/
  • Direct message to Account Manager: When you sign up for OneRender, you will be assigned a representative who will provide technical support.

Flexible Plans to Meet Your Needs

While OneRender is in beta, the company is offering a free subscription to all users. This membership includes access to all OneRender tools, textures, model galleries, rendering services in the cloud, and more.

When OneRender officially launches in April 2016, you will be able to upgrade to a Standard or Pro account, which will make more models, textures and scenarios accessible by using “Render Points,” an affordable means for you to purchase only the tools and outputs you need. You will also be able to request 4K images, videos, more storage in the cloud and many other features.

To learn more about how to take advantage of OneRender’s integrated Onshape App, watch our recent webinar, Onshape + OneRender.