The marketing value of turning your 3D CAD models into photorealistic product images is tremendous. Customers who aren’t engineers can more easily visualize what they’re getting. The quality of rendering is now so convincing that global retailer IKEA, for example, doesn’t even bother photographing its furniture any more. Everything in their huge print and digital catalogs are actually photorealistic rendered images of CAD.

Available as an Integrated Cloud App in the Onshape App Store, OneRender gives Onshape users a convenient option for high-quality photorealistic rendering.

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Let’s take a look at how you can achieve amazing results in a short period of time with just a few steps in OneRender:

  1. Upload your Onshape Document
  2. Edit your scene (if needed)
  3. Render

Although these steps are simple, there are other details to consider when making your image look as realistic as possible. Let’s take a look at a few factors that will allow you to get the exact results you are looking for.

Using Materials


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In OneRender Studio, you can find preloaded catalogs of materials and textures that will enhance your work in a very efficient way. To use your own texture, just upload it. Once in the Textures Gallery, browse or search for the texture that you want, and apply it.

Tile & Offset

The tile option allows you to reproduce the texture being used as a tile. You can configure the values on the x-axis and y-axis as necessary.

Tile_normal tilenormal
Tile_edited tileedited

In the same way, you can also define decals, which allows you to accommodate the texture according to the context of the scene, and the suitability for the model or surface used.

offset_normalCAN offset_normal
offset_invertedCAN offset_inverted

Using the Render Estimator

Even the most expert user can't know what the results are going to look like without testing it first. That is where the Render Estimator comes in.

The Render Estimator is the last step to obtain your final renders. OneRender is based on Render Points that work as credits to use the different tools such as video animations, layers, storage, resolution, quality and speed.

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One of the biggest benefits of this tool is that you can administrate your Render Points before spending them. The Render Estimator will let you know how many Render Points your renders will consume, allowing you to use only what you really need. Render Points are renewable every month and you can purchase more if needed.

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Join our community so you can test and enjoy these and many more tools. Log into the Onshape App Store and try OneRender. For more information, visit or drop us a line at