Do you ever need to…

  • Create organic "Class A" surfaces for Onshape?
  • Use both freeform shapes and analytic shapes?
  • Utilize scan data to recreate organic shapes?

Now available in the Onshape App Store, Power Surfacing for Onshape is a revolutionary product that allows you to create complex organic shapes. Our organic Sub-D modeling complements Onshape’s mechanical modeling, providing a full range of 3D modeling functionality. We make it easy and fun to design complex curved shapes.

Manipulating these parts is as easy as modeling with clay!

Power Surfacing supports input of Onshape models and the design of organic shapes, which connect smoothly to existing Onshape models. The app allows you to constrain organic geometry to Onshape native geometry (or Power Surfacing organic geometry) using a patented constraints mechanism.

Power Surfacing contains powerful reverse engineering tools that allow you to quickly recreate organic shapes from 3D scanned data. Our patented "Shrink Wrap" technology allows you to accurately capture details in a scan without having to create a dense re-topologized mesh.

Power Surfacing for Onshape is free for models with up to 50 surfaces, while the professional plan is $60/month for unlimited use. To try a demo version, click here.

Onshape and nPower Software is co-hosting a live webinar about Power Surfacing at 11 a.m. (EST), Friday, April 29. We’d love to see you there!

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