With the Swift Calcs app, now available in the Onshape App Store, your product design and analysis can live side-by-side in one, unified location. Our live mathematical worksheets inside Onshape make it so you no longer need to keep track of separate files from other applications or file away paper calculations to document a component design.

Try Swift Calcs and see how you can craft calculations and collaborate with colleagues as naturally as sharing a whiteboard. Experience our integrated unit support and our vast selection of computational tools that can greatly reduce erroneous calculations.

The best part is yet to come. Onshape and Swift Calcs are collaborating to enable direct computation of Onshape variables inside Swift Calcs, allowing you to dynamically update geometry on the fly – coming in a matter of weeks!

Examples: Swift Calcs in Action

Swift Calcs Core Features

  • Human-Readable Math: Swift Calcs automatically formats mathematical expressions into human-readable form as you type. No LaTeX, no special syntax, no programming.
  • More Than Equations: Layer in rich text, images, videos, charts, and more, to tell the full story. From quick calculations to full reports, we have you covered.
  • Full Unit Support: No more hassle with unit conversions! Mix units effortlessly (imperial/metric etc…) with seamless automatic compatibility checking.
  • Powerful Computations: From symbolic calculus to advanced numerical solvers, Swift Calcs has the tools to help you get answers fast.
  • Collaborate and Share: Invite others to view or edit your worksheets with a click of the mouse, without worrying about email attachments or software compatibility.

Coming Soon

  • Onshape Driving Parameters: We are enabling Swift Calcs to drive geometry in your Onshape Documents with a real-time linkage between the platforms.
  • Computation Library: We are building a library of common calculations that can be quickly referenced and imported into your Document.

Swift Calcs is abundant with tools, solvers, input and output modes that allow you to create highly customizable Documents to aid in the design process. Sign up for Swift Calcs app for free via the Onshape App Store.

Have suggestions? We’d love to hear them -- reach out at: contact@swiftcalcs.com.