Swift Calcs is excited to announce that the full Swift Calcs product suite, including Public, Business, and Professional plans, is now available in the Onshape App Store. We have been working hard over the last few months in collaboration with the Onshape development team to strengthen our integration, finish our beta testing, and bring the power and simplicity of the Swift Calcs engineering calculation platform to Onshape users.

With the Swift Calcs app for Onshape, you can take your part and assembly designs even further using Swift Calcs worksheets to:

  1. Drive CAD variables and dimensions directly from design calculations: Part dimensions are often the output of a different calculation. Designing a support joist? The beam height and thickness are likely outputs from a load-carrying calculation. With Swift Calcs, you start with your true design inputs, calculate the necessary part dimensions, and then link the result to your CAD model. Did your needs change? Go back and change your inputs; the resulting dimension is automatically recalculated and your part updated in real time.
  2. Access your design calculations within your CAD files: No more lost excel models or handwritten calculations that you can’t find later. When you open an Onshape part or assembly, any associated Swift Calcs calculations are available from the Swift Calcs tab in your Onshape window. Click the tab to be greeted with a full list of worksheets associated with the active part. Sharing your design with others? Swift Calcs worksheets follow your Onshape part and inherit the sharing settings from Onshape automatically.

Take a look at the end of this post for a sample worksheet showing a calculation that could be used to drive variables with Onshape.The video at the top of this blog also demonstrates an integration between Swift Calcs and Onshape.

If you haven’t heard about Swift Calcs yet, we are a brand new engineering calculation platform that was built to be an intuitive and time-efficient alternative to paper, spreadsheets, and otherwise cumbersome computation packages. With Swift Calcs, you can perform your engineering design and analysis calculations faster and more reliably by taking advantage of:

  1. Human Readable Mathematics: Math and equations as you learned them, textbook-style. Equations and formulas automatically reformat as you type: no computer code, no LaTeX, no special syntax.
  2. Full Unit Support: From Amperes to Zettameters, Swift Calcs seamlessly handles, converts, and simplifies units from every discipline of engineering, eliminating conversion errors and enforcing unit consistency.
  3. Advanced Math Engine: Swift Calcs relies on a proven, open-source mathematics engine to power your calculations, offering solutions for symbolic calculus, numerical methods, and more!
  4. Engineering Reference Library: Toss out the textbook, and close that Wikipedia tab. In Swift Calcs, you have access to a rich library of reference data for thousands of materials and fluids, speeding up your analysis. And we will soon launch an equation library, providing instant access to thousands of common engineering relations and formulas.

Swift Calcs worksheets provide powerful mathematics in human-readable form.

Like Onshape, our platform is fully cloud-based, allowing access to your files from any Internet-connected device. And just like Onshape, our software scales with your needs; we can provide solutions for anyone, from the small business to the multinational corporation.

Looking to get started? Find us in the Onshape App Store under Swift Calcs, and utilize our Public plan to get started at no cost. You can upgrade to the Professional or Business plans by subscribing directly in the Onshape App Store.

Click through the Swift Calcs worksheet below and learn how it is used to directly control the associated Onshape model:

Try Swift Calcs in the Onshape App Store