As Onshape continues to serve the CAD and education community, we have been updating the Onshape Learning Center with new content to support those who are looking to improve their CAD skills. In this blog, we’ll provide an overview of what resources are available in the online Learning Center and how to access them.

Once you first log into Onshape, click on the “Learning Center” button in the top right corner.

The homepage of the Learning Center shows you examples of the resources we have available, including: Instructor-led Training, Self-Paced Courses, Technical Briefings, Videos, and many more. Simply scroll down to check out Onshape’s Learning Center content.

Onshape keeps track of your training progress, and presents it to you in your own custom dashboard. To see your progress, click “My Dashboard” in the top right corner.

Your training dashboard will show you the total resources that are available to you (depending on your Onshape Plan), the courses you have started or completed, the number of certificates you have earned, and your overall activity over the past two weeks.

Scroll down to check your activity to see which courses are “In Progress,” the Learning Paths available, your completed courses, and your certificates. You can jump to a specific course, article, or certificate by clicking the blue button next to that content. Continue downward to find Onshape’s library of course content.

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One question we’re often asked is how to access and publish your certificates. In your training dashboard, just click on the “Certificates” tab under the “Activity” window, then select the certificate you want to view. Selecting “View Certificate” will take you to the PDF version of your certificate, which is downloadable.

To add the certificate to your LinkedIn account, go to the end of the course through your dashboard, as you would when viewing your certificate. Scroll down to the completed survey and select “View Survey.” You will be directed to the final page of the course and an “Add to profile” button will appear.

Just to recap, you can use your training dashboard to complete unfinished courses, start new ones, or browse for ones that are awaiting completion.

To access your account settings or contact Onshape Learning Center Support, click on your account name in the top right corner to access Account or Support.

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