Onshape is an exciting place to work, and we attract a unique and dynamic type of employee. Of course, every personality is different and every resume has its own virtues. But there are many things we all have in common. If you’re thinking about a career in full-cloud CAD, here are some insights about the Onshape company culture:

  1. We are all inspired by the same goal – Onshapers may work in different departments, but all share the same goal of changing the CAD industry and helping customers make amazing products faster and with more innovation. In the early days, many industry skeptics said it was impossible to make 3D CAD run smoothly inside a web browser. Many doubted that CAD could run on a phone or tablet. The Onshape team has already accomplished several industry firsts and we’re getting ready for more.

  2. We are agile – We thrive in a fast-paced startup environment. Onshapers are constantly evolving and adapt well to new responsibilities, circumstances and methodologies. Our development team’s weekly priorities – which new features to work on, which bugs to fix, etc. – are often influenced by our customers.

  3. We value collaboration – Every Friday at our company meeting, every team member celebrates each other’s achievements, and learns about new progress and challenges. Engineers demonstrate the latest product feature or how they solved a critical problem. Customers give presentations on their product designs and share feedback on their Onshape experiences. Our mornings also begin with departmental huddles with updates on our current projects as well as reporting any obstacles. Our open office setup encourages a free exchange of ideas and you may even end up sitting next to the CEO.

  4. We’re fun – We might not offer nap pods, unlimited artisan beer, or a foosball table, but we love what we do and we enjoy working with each other. Aside from those intangibles, Onshape hosts many fun companywide events such as catered lunches, Mystery Dinners, summer outings and parties. Within walking or easy subway distance of the office, there are also awesome social options and restaurants in the Greater Boston area. We’re mere steps away from the MBTA’s Red Line.

  5. We’re encouraged to enjoy life outside the office – We work hard, that’s for sure, but also realize that life exists outside the office. We practice a reasonable work-life balance mentality. We trust each other to be available when needed, and to cover for one another when we have to take time off. Many Onshapers have unique hobbies such as skydiving, wilderness survival, marathoning, magic – and even cultivating carnivorous plants!

  6. We encourage healthy lifestyles – So yeah, we’re guilty every week of serving cake, cookies and other sugary treats at the company meeting. But we always provide fresh fruit, too. Onshape’s two kitchens are also always fully stocked with healthy snacks. For some reason, Onshape attracts a large amount of triathletes, runners, cyclists, skateboarders and mountain climbers. Accordingly, we’ve set aside indoor parking space for bikes and sponsor a cycling team in the annual Pan-Mass Challenge.

  7. We recruit the world’s best talent – From our highly competitive internship program to our top executives, Onshape actively recruits the best international talent across numerous industries and organizations. For example, our CFO is the former CFO of Harvard University. You can read his insights on the difference between working for a world famous institution and a startup here.

Do you see yourself in more than one of the above criteria? If so, check out Onshape’s Careers page to see if any of our open positions are a great match.