OpenBOM is a modern Bill of Materials and Part Catalog Management tool which lets you take full advantage of the cloud not only in design scenarios, but also in production planning, cost calculations, management of central part catalogs for your team or shop, and collaboration with contractors and suppliers outside of the design realm.

You can think about OpenBOM as a Google Doc on steroids. OpenBOM is capable of managing multi-level BOM structures automatically, switching between flattened and multi-level BOMs, solving formulas for calculations like Excel , importing catalogs of standard and customer parts, and many more tasks.

At the same time, OpenBOM is fully integrated with Onshape using OpenBOM’s integrated application. It is one of the most popular subscriptions in the Onshape App Store.

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Recently, we made lot of changes in OpenBOM, introducing new options and a two-level application subscription: Standard (Import Onshape BOM) and Professional (Create Custom Bill of Materials).

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Both are very powerful options. OpenBOM Import from Onshape BOM is the best way to take advantage of the new Onshape Data Management and BOM API. If you’re using Bill of Materials flyout screen, OpenBOM will capture that Bill of Material exactly how you defined it there, enhance it with automatic image preview and place it in an Onshape Document Tab. Each time you click on the OpenBOM tab in your Onshape Document, the BOM will be automatically updated. Each edit you do in the BOM will be automatically updated in Onshape. So, your data always stays in sync. You can insert BOM created using this option in Onshape Drawings or share with your production planning team.

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Using OpenBOM Professional

OpenBOM Professional allows you to create custom Bill of Materials and offers the maximum Onshape/OpenBOM integration. Using Professional you can create a new BOM from a template, extract Onshape material properties, capture geometry information and any custom properties defined in Onshape, and much more. Combined with both on-demand and automatic sync options, OpenBOM will allow you to manage BOM information separately and update Onshape seamlessly when the time is right.

Three different options to create BOM are available: Multi-Level, Part List and Single Level. Also, OpenBOM allows you to create part catalogs directly from Onshape. Professional takes advantage of full Onshape Drawing integration, which allows you to insert your BOM in an Onshape Drawing and keep it in sync as you update the BOM.

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OpenBOM can also manage additional important information such as Part Cost. By bringing Part Cost from the centralized Part catalog in OpenBOM, you can easily calculate cost rollup – allowing engineers to be sensitive to cost much earlier in the design. By the way, other properties such as Mass and Volume (and more) can be used in rollup, too.

OpenBOM has other new features recently added to the product. User-defined views allow you to customize the way data is presented and shared with the team. In a nutshell, the user-defined view is a way to create role-based data representations – engineering, design, manufacturing, supply chain, etc. – and use it to communicate information to your colleagues, contractors and suppliers in the way that makes most sense to them.

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Each user can define their own user-defined view. However, with an OpenBOM Team subscription, an administrator can manage custom views for an entire team.

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OpenBOM gives you the most flexible cloud-based collaborative environment to manage Bill of Materials with Onshape and also include data from other CAD systems, assembly labor and even software Bill of Materials. It also provides real-time collaboration with engineers, contractors and suppliers and is the natural extension for taking full advantage of the modern CAD infrastructure provided by Onshape. Give OpenBOM a try today!