My colleague Ilya Mirman recently explained why we have invested heavily in educating CAD users on how to use our product. Webinars have been one of our more effective ways to teach the ins and outs of Onshape. Since we launched Onshape Beta on March 9th, we’ve held 23 webinars.

We’re often asked, “Which webinars should I attend?” Because our customers vary in experience, industry and interest, we built a diverse webinar program to match any skill level. Whether you’re brand new to Onshape and need help getting started or you’re looking for help editing geometry you’ve imported from a traditional desktop-installed CAD system, we have a webinar that can help. Invest 60 minutes with Darren Henry, Philip Thomas, Cody Armstrong, Joe Dunne or one of our other CAD experts and you’re going to walk away with answers. I guarantee it.

We have two types of webinars: Training and Presentations.


Some of our training webinars are recurring. Every month, we’ll host these two training webinars:

Onshape Essential Training


If you’re new to Onshape, attend this webinar. If you haven’t had enough time to explore the product on your own, definitely attend this webinar. Darren Henry or Cody Armstrong hosts this training session for 60 minutes (usually on Tuesdays). Our team breaks down just the things you need to know to get going with Onshape. You can also check out a recording of this webinar here

Onshape Advanced Training

I recommend this training for CAD users who have already attended Essential Training or are proficient with Onshape and want to learn some advanced tips and tricks. You can also check out a recording of this webinar here

Special Topics Training

We also hold in-depth training on specific topics. For example, in the next few weeks we’ll host topics on working with your other CAD system, Onshape's mobile app, and collaborating in Onshape. At these training sessions, our CAD experts will answer your questions and demonstrate with real production models (you won’t find generic boxes or cylinders in these webinars).


Our presentation webinars usually involve the latest insights from our founders and executive team. For instance, last month company founder Jon Hirschtick hosted a webinar titled “Why Build A New Generation of CAD?” Hundreds of CAD users had an opportunity to learn about the history of CAD, hear Jon’s immediate and long-term vision for Onshape and ask him questions during a Q&A session.

Earlier this month, VP of R&D Dave Corcoran hosted a webinar about “Always Working On The Latest Version” in which he explained how Onshape solves version mismatches, upgrade issues and backward incompatibility.

We’ll continue to host presentations from our team (check out this upcoming webinar on security from Onshape's John Rousseau) – and soon from our customers and partners. Our goal with Onshape presentations is to provide you with the opportunity to not just hear our vision, but contribute to it.


If you’re new to Onshape, your best place to invest an hour is with Essential Training. You’ll learn how to build your first model, import data and collaborate with your coworkers.

Then spend some time in Onshape and actually build something. Maybe recreate a model from our tutorials and samples list.


If you’ve mastered the basics but want to learn more, sign up for Advanced Topics. Learn how to get real production work done in our full-cloud CAD system.

And be sure to sign up for webinar updates on the Training & Presentations homepage. We’ll keep you up to date with upcoming webinars and recordings.


Besides signing up for updates, you can connect with us on Twitter for the latest news. We created this webinar-specific Twitter handle just for upcoming webinars, recordings and live tweets during certain events.

And if you are unable to attend any of our live webinars, no worries. For the non-recurring topics, we post the recordings in the Onshape Video Library for you to watch at your convenience.

Is there a CAD topic you’d like to see covered at a future Onshape webinar? Please drop me a line at dmurphy(at)onshape.com.