Careers at Onshape

Look around you. Nearly every product at your home or office (and even the machinery that made them) began as a 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) model. Wouldn’t it be great to join a company whose impact literally spans the globe?

At Onshape, we don’t see ourselves as a software company, or even a CAD company. We see ourselves as a “helping customers make amazing products” company. We are radically improving how designing and manufacturing gets done, and in the process are making our users more productive and more effective. (While also reminding them how much fun CAD can be!)

Read below to explore if we might be the right fit for each other.

Open Positions

12 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Work at Onshape


You’ll Be Joining an Elite Team

Onshape has been aggressively recruiting the best talent in the world. Not just for engineering, but for every position from our C-level executives to our summer interns.


Onshape is a Startup Culture with Stability

We enjoy the rapid pace, freedom and creativity of a startup without the typical financial worries and uncertainties. With well over $100 million in venture funding raised to date, you won't be working out of the founder's garage. Onshape's major investors were also early stakeholders in Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, GitHub, Slack, 3com, Box, 23andMe, Groupon, Juniper Networks and Our investors include NEA, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, North Bridge Venture Partners and Andreessen Horowitz.


Onshape’s Leadership Has a Proven Track Record

All six of Onshape’s founders helped build SolidWorks, the company that transformed the design world by bringing CAD to the desktop. Beyond SolidWorks, Onshape’s leadership team has also been instrumental in creating several other successful startups – experiences they rely on daily to guide our progress.


Job Titles Don’t Matter Here (Except to Our Moms)

We have an open office culture where job titles don’t matter. Your role and responsibilities may change depending on the most pressing need at the moment. There are also no artificial layers of separation between employees and management. The CEO knows your name here and you just might end up sitting next to him.


You Will Never Be Bored

Many skeptics told us that it was impossible to make 3D CAD run smoothly inside a web browser. Many said that running CAD on a phone or tablet couldn’t be done. We’ve already accomplished several industry firsts and you’ll be involved in making many more happen. Onshape may be the world’s most compute-intensive and graphics-intensive interactive web and mobile app.


Onshape Will Never Hold Your Career Hostage

We’ve voluntarily and unilaterally scrapped noncompete agreements for our employees. We want you to be happy working at Onshape and don’t ever want to “force” you to stay. Most of our competitors require signing a contract forbidding you from working in the CAD industry for a year or more if you decide to leave.


You Can Experience  Life Outside the Office

All of us seek a reasonable work-life balance. We are running fast to realize Onshape’s promise, but we still respect employees’ commitments outside of work and believe that rounded individuals make for great employees. We trust each other to be available when needed, and to cover for one another when important life events emerge.


We Have Fun (In a Work Kind of Way)

Onshape doesn’t have a swimming pool on the roof or sleep pods, or freely flowing beer on tap. For us, fun is the camaraderie we enjoy with our co-workers as we take on new challenges, and those lighter moments when we feel like we’re in an office-based sitcom together.


Onshape Has a Collaborative Learning Culture

Every Friday on Demo Day, the entire company gathers in the cafeteria to celebrate our coworkers’ achievements. Engineers demonstrate the latest product feature or how they solved a critical problem – and customers routinely give presentations on their product designs and Onshape experiences. It doesn’t matter whether you are the office manager, a marketing person, an intern, or the VP of R&D, we’re all learning about the development of Onshape as it happens. At our Brown Bag Lunch series on Wednesdays, Onshapers from different departments also share their expertise with each other. We've covered everything from technical topics such as "Learning WebGL with three.js" to fun topics like "How to Use Onshape's 3D Printers."


We're Fitness Friendly & Provide Healthy Snacks

For reasons unclear to us, Onshape attracts a disproportionate amount of triathletes, runners, cyclists, skateboarders and mountain climbers. Accordingly, we’ve set aside indoor parking space for bikes and sponsor a cycling team in the annual Pan-Mass Challenge. There is a shower in the building for mid-day workouts and we offer free healthy snacks and beverages in our kitchens. As an equal opportunity employer, we also fully embrace those employees who despise exercise and prefer donuts.


Convenient Access to Work

Onshape’s headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts is right at the Alewife MBTA subway station and is a short walk from Somerville’s bustling Davis Square. We’re also a quick train ride to Harvard Square, downtown Boston, area colleges and Fenway Park. For car commuters, our office is conveniently near Routes 2, 3 and 95/128.


You Can Help Change the Future of CAD

The design and manufacturing industry is an annual $12 trillion business, the backbone of the global economy. Onshape is radically improving the way products are designed and made. Are you ready to help build the future of CAD?