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Tens of thousands of students and educators worldwide use Onshape’s free Education Standard Plan to learn professional-grade 3D CAD in the classroom


Onshape for education brings CAD out of the computer lab and into the modern era. Fill out the form to get started!

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Schools & Universities

For schools and universities that require greater management and administrative features, we also offer the Onshape Education Enterprise plan.

Cutting-Edge Design

Real CAD for Education

Professional-grade 3D CAD accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime. Built for teams, Onshape lets everyone design together in real time. Nothing to get in the way of design: no installing, saving, or syncing.

Get Started in Seconds From Anywhere

There is no need to download or install software. You and your students can simply create an account and begin using Onshape from anywhere in minutes, all without involving IT. Onshape works on ALL of your devices, including mobile.


Built for Collaboration

Work together in the same document, without checking out files or causing version conflicts. Students and teachers can collaborate together in real time, making it easy to work together. Onshape keeps a complete history of changes so students will never accidentally lose work or overwrite each other's data.

Accelerates time-to-market
SaaS Advantages

Data in the Cloud

Onshape manages all of your data in the cloud, so it’s always available. There is a complete history and built-in version control so you will never lose work and can always roll back if you make a mistake. Never worry about saving again and never lose your work because of a crash.

Mo Woods

Onshape is just the best! The ability for my students (and myself for that matter) to log into any device and simply start modeling invites CAD into any situation; CAD is shifted from a specialized tool to something as second nature as an engineering notebook.

Mo Woods
University of Colorado Boulder

We appreciate Onshape’s easy collaboration, not having to worry about document management, not having to worry about having our high-powered computers crash or shut off. We’re happy we switched.

Andrew DeLollis
Systems Engineer, GreenSight Agronomics