Like most things in life, your job is all about time. In an ideal world, you would spend the vast majority of your time creating cool product designs – doing what you were hired to do.

Instead, many engineers and designers are burdened with an ever-growing list of administrative tasks and IT responsibilities. Design teams have become more spread out and complex. It’s now rare for products to be designed and manufactured under one roof. It’s far more likely that your team is distributed in multiple locations around the country or around the world.

Further complicating matters is that teams are always changing. Professionals now join and leave teams all the time based on the demands of the project. In this revolving door are not just employees, but contractors, vendors and suppliers as well.

Traditional file-based 3D CAD is slowing us down in ways most of us just accept as inevitable. But wasting time does not have to be a “normal” part of doing business. Here’s how Onshape can make a dramatic difference in how your design team devotes its resources:

1. No More Wasted Time Setting Up CAD

With traditional desktop-installed CAD, it’s not just the first time you install the system that takes time and effort. The maintenance just never ends. There’s an ongoing stream of service packs, annual upgrades and OS changes. With Onshape, you save all that time configuring your systems. There’s no IT needed as new features and bug fixes are added every few weeks with everything automatically updated in the cloud. Everyone is always on the same version of Onshape – the latest one.

2. No More Wasted Time Designing Serially (One Person at a Time)

If you’re working on a project in traditional CAD, you know the drill. Being on a design team ironically means that teamwork happens alone. Whether you use a PDM system or you just do it by social agreement, only one engineer can make changes on a 3D CAD model at a time. Your design work is done serially. User A locks the file, works, finishes, unlocks the file (unless they forget to unlock it – even worse) and then User B comes in for his or her work and then passes it on to User C. With Onshape, Users A, B and C can design at the same time. They can work in parallel, with no fears of overwriting each other’s work because there are no confusing copies of files. Everyone works on the same master CAD database in the cloud.

3. No More Wasted Time Wondering “Where’s The Latest Version?”

Onshape is the first professional 3D CAD system where your CAD system and your CAD data live in one central place in the cloud. It’s real-time version control. Traditional version control is not real time. It’s file-based. It means that as soon as you get a copy of the file, it could be obsolete. You don’t know if anyone has updated it because it’s not in real time. It means that people have to work serially. With Onshape, everyone (with editing permission) can make changes, whenever they want, and everyone on the team is instantly looking at the latest version of the model. Asking “which version is the latest up-to-date version” is a question of the past.

4. No More Wasted Time Waiting to Get Back to the Office

We spend a lot of time visiting customers, some of which are using Onshape side by side with their existing CAD system. Their top complaint about traditional CAD? Licenses, licenses, licenses. With desktop-installed CAD, you are tied to only the computer that has a CAD license. Want to continue working from your personal laptop or home computer? Tough luck. Go ask your boss to buy you another $5,000 license. Onshape runs on any computer, tablet or even your phone (yes, full 3D CAD editing on your phone). You can run down to the shop floor and talk to the machinists about your model or even do some extra edits while you’re waiting for the train. Your complete CAD system always travels with you.

The “time is money” cliché is repeated so much in business because it’s true.

Onshape has reduced what used to take days or weeks of setup down to 10 minutes. You can take a team of 20 people who have nothing – no CAD at all – and get them fully up to speed with CAD and version control in less time than it takes to order a pizza.

It’s time to stop wasting time – try full-cloud Onshape today!