Whether you’re designing or manufacturing products for a huge multinational corporation or a fledgling startup, you want to spend your CAD budget wisely. It’s not about getting a special discount or a bargain, but receiving value for every dollar. No one likes to feel like they are being ripped off.

Are you comfortable with what your CAD vendor is charging you? Here are four signs that you’re being overcharged for what’s being delivered.

1. Each annual release seems less important to you.

Once a year, most CAD companies announce their annual release and showcase new functionality and tools to make the user more productive. As products mature, the diversity of the type of enhancements grow. They can range from new wizards to help new users complete complex tasks, to advanced tools that help niche users do specific tasks. The total number of enhancements may grow, but they become relevant to fewer and fewer people. If you find it difficult to imagine how new functionality will impact your daily CAD efforts, you may be paying too much for your CAD system.

2. You have not changed your CAD processes in years.

In a recent Onshape webinar survey, most CAD users stated they believe engineering efficiency will be improved by implementing new technology and processes. However, most designers have not drastically changed their CAD processes since they originally adopted their first 3D system. Consider your workflows related to CAD. If you do not see a new path to help increase engineering throughput, share data, and extend value throughout your organization, your CAD system is no longer a tool for business growth, and your capital investments can be better spent.

3. You rarely use technical support or submit enhancement requests.

One of the values of paying a yearly maintenance fee is that you are able to get technical support. Technical support proves incredibly valuable when getting up to speed on a new system, but often loses its value over time. Submitting enhancement requests or bugs often feels like wasted effort as you rarely hear feedback on whether your issues are being addressed. If you pay for support for every CAD user at your company, but cannot recall the last time you used it, you are losing money.

4. You pay annual maintenance primarily to avoid late fees.

Too often we hear that companies do not install the current release of their CAD software, despite forking out the money for annual maintenance. The reason? Many traditional CAD customers state that they wish to avoid late fees if they ever decide to upgrade. If this is a discussion at your company, it is an indication that the value of your design system has diminished.

The Value of Onshape

If you’ve decided that your CAD system is no longer a growth driver, it is time to look at new alternatives. Thousands of manufacturers have found that Onshape delivers more value. With no upfront license or late fees, Onshape offers affordable subscription plans. Plus, the SaaS business model for CAD carries huge benefits for your budget.

Cost aside, Onshape takes a fresh new approach to Agile Product Design. Functionality is updated every three weeks, focusing on meaningful enhancements that are applicable to almost all users. You can spend more time designing and less time worrying about IT issues. Onshape requires no downloads, no installs, and has no software incompatibility problems – all Onshape users are automatically using the most up-to-date version of full-cloud CAD.

Onshape also drives growth and productivity with radically different workflows. Companies no longer need to manage copies of files, and designers can do more CAD tasks in parallel or even simultaneously, accessing their data from any computer or mobile device. Experience the benefits of full-cloud CAD for yourself. Try Onshape Professional today!