Learning a new CAD system can be a daunting task. You need to get up to speed fast so the impact on your productivity is kept to a minimum.

With this in mind, we’ve developed the Onshape Learning Center, which takes the approach of “this is how you’re used to doing it, here’s how you do it in Onshape, and here is how we’ve made it better.” We also want to make sure that users are effectively learning the right way to use the features and functionality in Onshape that have never been seen before in the CAD world. The majority of users that consume our training become more proficient in their transition to Onshape, even if they are experienced CAD professionals.

There are various reasons why you should take advantage of the Onshape Learning Center. In addition to being quick and easy, here are the top five advantages of the learning options provided by Onshape.

1. Interaction with an Onshape Expert

Our experts have been in the business of CAD for several years, in some cases decades. We’ve put them at your disposal to help you learn the ins and outs of Onshape.

The self-paced courses in Onshape’s Learning Center give you the ability to ask questions right inside the course environment, this will automate an email to the Onshape Instructor team.

The Instructor-led classes offer a more personal experience, with access to two live instructors and class sizes limited 25 students.

2. Personal Preferences and Learning Style

Everybody has their own learning style, so having choices is beneficial. Onshape’s Learning Center allows you to attend instructor-led courses with an Onshape professional for maximum interactivity. Don’t have time to attend a live training? You also have the option of self-paced learning through watching videos and practicing with hands-on exercises, or just read up on best practices with Technical Briefings.

3. Learn at Your Own Pace

The Learning Center offers a self-paced environment that allows you to train on your own schedule.

Attending an instructor-led training will not tie you up for the entire workday. Sessions are conducted in a short 2-hour time span and you can participate right from where you are.

4. Self-validation

Exercises within the self-paced courses are provided in a format that allows you to check your answers and see if you got them correct. The knowledge-based quizzes in the instructor-led courses reinforce the material before moving on to more advanced concepts.

5. Access to Additional Resources

We’re always here for you. If, at any time, you get stuck in Onshape, there are several methods available for you to reach out or advance your education:

  • Recordings and the slide deck of the instructor-led courses are provided for sessions that you attended.
  • Regularly scheduled Webinars as well as a library of recordings of past Webinars.
  • Once you’ve completed your initial training, you can access additional guidance on more advanced topics with our Technical Briefings.
  • Onshape example Documents that go along with the different training options.

We have found that our happiest and most successful customers have completed some form of education in Onshape. Here’s what other manufacturers are saying about the Onshape Learning Center:

“Very much appreciate the step-by-step nature of the training as well as the size/length of each module. They are easy to follow as well as convenient to add to a busy schedule. Very successful, thank you!”
“I like the short segments, followed by the exercises to drive content home. the short segments also allow re watching a section to grasp what i missed first time around. The quizzes at the end gave me confidence that I learned what was intended.”

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to success with Onshape here, or by contacting your Customer Success representative at accounts@onshape.com.