The Onshape Learning Center is your one-stop address to learn how to get started with Onshape on the right track, and then continue your education. Our technical team is committed to delivering relevant and practical work examples, best practices, and easy-to-use materials to aid in your Onshape journey. If you haven’t checked out the Learning Center lately, here are 6 reasons why you should visit soon:

1. pasted image 0 (56)A New Refreshed Look: A few months ago, we updated the Learning Center homepage with a new look and video guide to the different content types. This new look included:

  • A navigation bar to easily access the course catalog.
  • A search bar to quickly find materials by using a keyword or phrase.
  • A user-friendly layout to more easily register for instructor-led training, to get started with a self-paced course, or find a technical briefing.
  • Featured Technical Briefings that show the latest articles which Onshapers have updated.

With this new look, it’s now much easier to understand and find learning material or access other help resources like the Onshape Forums or Onshape’s help documentation.

2. pasted image 0 (57)Webinar Recordings: We have handpicked the most relevant technical recordings from past webinars and added them to the Learning Center. You can find some of the same webinars in the video library, but now you can conveniently discover them here, too.




3. pasted image 0 (58)Learning Pathway Checklist and Certificates: Learning Pathways provide a recommended order to take courses. We have created three Pathways:

  • Onshape Fundamentals: CAD – Courses that describe the basics of modeling in Onshape.
  • Onshape Fundamentals: Data Management – Courses that describe the basics of data management with versions, Document history, sharing, and Linked Documents.
  • Onshape Configurations – Courses that describe everything you need to know about configurations (at the moment with parts only).

These Pathways now include a checklist so you know which courses you still need to complete.

Once all the courses are completed, and after taking a quick survey, you will receive a Completion Certificate to recognize your achievement.

Katie-Owner-Onshape Configurations-Certificate

4. Updates to Several Courses and Technical Briefings: We strive to keep learning materials up-to-date with the continuous updates to Onshape every three weeks. We’ve recently made major updates to several self-paced courses, including:

  • Simultaneous Sheet Metal Added new videos for working in the flat view.
  • Introduction to Sketching Added new videos for additional sketch tools like slot, polygons, and sketch text.
  • Detailed Drawings This class has been completely overhauled as a result of the significant improvements made to Onshape Drawings over the past year.

We have also updated several Technical Briefings:

5. pasted image 0 (59)A New Instructor-Led Course: Onshape is now offering a new instructor-led class to teach administrative and user workflows for Release Management capabilities. Onshape has a fresh new approach to releasing objects contained in Documents with a lock-free system. This course introduces users in a Professional or Enterprise subscription to these new methods.

This instructor-led course is only one 2-hour session, and is offered about once a month. As a reminder, all instructor-led classes are led live by an Onshape expert, allowing you to get your questions answered within the session. The course materials (slidedeck and recordings) are made available to all attendees after the class.

6. New Technical Briefings and Self-Paced Courses: Check out our new learning materials for Onshape Professional users, including:

We also have added three additional self-paced courses, available to all customers and EDU users:

If you have ideas for new topics you’d like to see covered in the Learning Center, please let us know in the survey you’ll receive upon completing a course.

So invest in yourself and go check out the Learning Center. Whether you are just getting started, or you are continuing your Onshape education, we’re eager to help you improve your company’s product development process!