According to Accenture’s research on “fast innovation” and product development, up to 80 percent of time-to-market is “spent waiting, negatively impacting profit margins and undermining first-mover advantage.”

Most of us have been frustrated by all the waiting in the workplace. Waiting for colleagues to finish their work before you can start yours. Waiting for partners to make changes. Waiting for your supervisor to approve changes.

So when it comes to speeding up the design and manufacturing process, the most logical place to start is to zap away as much downtime as possible. Eliminating delays might sound like an obvious goal, but how do you actually do it?

If you’ve been using Onshape’s full-cloud CAD, you already know that it makes design teams faster. You already know that it is the only professional 3D CAD system enabling multiple people to simultaneously collaborate on the same CAD model on any computer, tablet or phone. You know you don’t have to worry about computer crashes and can instantly share one master copy of your work in the cloud – with no confusion over multiple file copies or versions.

But collaboration doesn’t always mean engineers working with other engineers. It could be between engineering and manufacturing. Or between marketing and tech support. Or sales and engineering. Successful departments within a company don’t exist for their own sake.

To help your company save time across your organization, Onshape has created a new eBook, “Extending CAD’s Business Value Beyond Core Design.” In this eBook, we explore how leveraging full-cloud CAD can make a huge impact by:

  1. Speeding Up Jig & Fixture Design – Although 3D CAD is an essential tool for product design, it has seldom been used to create jigs and fixtures because of the traditionally high cost. However, with the affordability of Onshape, manufacturing engineers can now design jigs and fixtures on a tablet at their workstations – instead of tripping over each other on the shop floor to use the one computer installed with CAD.

  2. Accelerating Sales Results – Engineers teamed with sales reps can make requested design changes on the spot as impressed prospects follow along on their phones. In addition, Onshape Documents can efficiently aggregate 3D design information with existing customer data for better sales intelligence.

  3. Enriching Customer Engagement & Support – Using Follow Mode and Onshape Comments, you can visually communicate with customers from within your design models and better respond to their needs.

  4. Enhancing Marketing Collateral – The constant need for quality product images shouldn’t be the engineering department’s burden. 3D models and rendered images make press releases, trade show banners and other promotional materials shine.

  5. Improving Communication With Suppliers – Instantly and securely sharing your designs with suppliers helps you quickly source the best components. There are never any software compatibility problems because all Onshape users are always on the same version of CAD – the latest one.

  6. Improving Accuracy in Order Fulfillment & Inventory Management – Warehouse workers can quickly verify the contents of shipments by matching 3D models to their corresponding parts – all with the click of a hyperlink. Every Onshape Document, Part Studio, Assembly, Drawing, and Version has its own unique URL address that can be pasted into any database.

Are You Needlessly Rationing 3D CAD?

As you’ll see in this eBook, the business value of using 3D CAD outside of core product design is irrefutable. Streamlining processes in manufacturing, sales, marketing, customer support and supply chain management have a significant impact on your bottom line. But 3D tools have been historically out of reach for other departments because of prohibitive upfront costs.

Given the expensive license fees, annual maintenance, required high-end workstations and need for additional IT support, buying seats of CAD for non-engineers has always been tough to justify. In fact, the ROI has even been questionable for engineers who aren’t using CAD on a daily basis.

But CAD affordability is no longer an obstacle for giving your entire organization access to 3D data. With the cost of Onshape being only $125/month (billed annually), you no longer have to ration your CAD.

Here’s a quick price comparison between cloud-based Onshape and one of the more popular desktop-installed CAD systems, SOLIDWORKS®:

Note that the comparison chart doesn’t even include the exorbitant cost of a Product Data Management (PDM) system, the “hated” filing and version-control solution that can start at $1,895 (plus $495 in annual subscriptions) per license and go as high as tens of thousands of dollars per company (once every user is licensed and the IT infrastructure is set up). For most companies, Onshape’s built-in version control has made PDM systems unnecessary.

So now that we’ve established that everyone in your company who should have 3D CAD can now likely afford it, it’s time to take a look at what they can do with it. Get your copy of this new eBook today!