PTC understands that collaboration lies at the heart of successful product development endeavors. We also know that big decisions are not made quickly or alone.

With this in mind, the Onshape Discovery Program offers you and your whole team instant access to the world’s most widely used cloud-native CAD and PDM solution, free for up to 6 months. With a private trial for your company, your team can experience the instant gratification of productivity boosts while staying focused on their daily design work.

While offering immediate benefits, this offer is intended to provide long-term value. With a reliable, 24/7 online development platform, your business can continue as usual, while teams gain firsthand experience on real-world projects. Imagine your whole team experiencing enhanced collaboration, better communication, improved access, and streamlined data management.

If an instant FREE trial of Onshape is not tempting enough, here are a few more reasons to consider this limited-time opportunity:

Flexible Access

At the heart of Onshape lies a promise of revolutionizing the way designers work. 

Unlike traditional CAD systems, Onshape was designed specifically for online and mobile use. This offers unparalleled flexibility and collaboration opportunities. Imagine accessing your design data from any device, anywhere, without the limitations of hardware or software installations. With Onshape, you will never be locked out of your design data, waiting on someone else who got access first.

Have a Mac or PC? Need to check drawings on a tablet? Want to respond to 3D markup on your phone? No problem! Just sign yourself and your team up for Onshape and work where and how you want to work.

Real-Time Collaboration

Instantly onboard your team and kick-start better communication. 

Once your team is sharing CAD data by URL, they will never want to email or FTP a CAD file again. This is your opportunity to try live design reviews, with all team members accessing the same design simultaneously, following each other, and leaving comments and tasks for others. 

You’ll discover that everyone is always on the same version of the design data, which means faster turnaround times, fewer misunderstandings, and more efficient collaboration.

Constant Improvement and Support

Onshape is not a static platform. It's continuously evolving, with regular updates every 3 weeks that add new features and improve existing ones. 

During your trial period, you’ll experience these updates firsthand. During your extended trial, you’ll experience up to 8 upgrades, discovering the cloud-native benefit of always using the latest design tools without effort or downtime. Moreover, Onshape offers robust support and a wealth of resources to help your company succeed.

So explore, experiment, and evaluate together. Whether it's the efficiency gains, the collaborative possibilities, or the flexibility of cloud-native design, experiencing Onshape as a team will result in a stronger, more informed consensus about the cloud.

Discovering Onshape as a Team

Here are a few tips as you consider who to include.

  • When signing up, include team members irrespective of location. With Onshape, this opportunity doesn’t have to be confined to headquarters; you can bring the best people to contribute to your project.

  • Include non-CAD collaborators. Why? If you give them visibility into the design process, their diverse perspectives will provide insights you didn’t have before, leading to better outcomes. Further, they will provide feedback on accessibility and overall ease of use, essential aspects for company-wide adoption of CAD and PDM software. Since many of these people only need to view data, not edit it, Onshape supports link sharing with view-only settings.
  • When signing up, enlist both new and experienced users. Onshape is easy to use. Its simple, clean interface and efficient workflows make it easy for all. In particular, SOLIDWORKS users find Onshape intuitive with familiar parametric design tools. Additionally, CADSharp has developed tools to aid in migration from SOLIDWORKS to Onshape.

This is a great opportunity for your whole team to Design What’s Next in Onshape while gathering valuable input on your employees’ satisfaction with cloud-native design tools.

Want a sneak peek?

So skip the phone calls, emails, and meetings – get your team into Onshape today, hassle-free and without obligations. With one simple form, you can start with up to 5 individuals and add more users to your company as needed. 

Experience First, Commit Later.

Learn how qualified professional teams
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