Oil rigs are just as synonymous with Texas as cowboy hats and big steaks. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the Lone Star State accounts for nearly 40 percent of American crude oil production.

Just as there were huge opportunities to serve prospectors (shovels, picks, denim jeans, etc.) during the California Gold Rush, oil rigs are in constant need of replacement parts and the professionals to service them.

We recently took a roadtrip to Alice, Texas, to spend a day with Onshape customer Dixie Iron Works, which manufactures and services quality oilfield equipment, including valves, fittings, well service pumps and other flow control equipment.

Employing 350 people worldwide, Dixie Iron Works is business that is 85 years old and counting. How does a business survive and thrive for that long? By not resting on its past accomplishments and by always striving for new ways to get ahead.

Dixie Iron Works-Onshape-1.jpg

Watch this video to see why Dixie’s design and manufacturing team are happy they switched to modern CAD – and never want to go back to using old file-based technology.

Oh, and meet their cute canine mascot, too!

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