When it comes to managing computer-aided design (CAD), product data management (PDM), and product lifecycle management (PLM) software, the risk of delays and errors lurks along the product design process – all the way from design to manufacturing. 

In the webinar, “Transform Design and Lifecycle Management with Cloud-Connected CAD, PDM, and PLM,” Onshape Pre-Sales Technical Services Director Michael LaFleche and Product Management Vice President Graham Birch go over the benefits of the Onshape-Arena Connection and how connecting CAD, PDM, and PLM systems helps mitigate risks along the product development line. The goal? Reducing complexities, errors, and hassles by utilizing true cloud-native technology.

Downfalls of Installed CAD, PDM, PLM Software

Before delving into the specifics of the Onshape-Arena Connection, it's essential to understand the challenges that many businesses face when it comes to product design and management. 

Historically, CAD, PDM, and PLM software are file-based and rely on servers to store design information, leading to inefficiencies and complications in the design and production process.

Here are some of the issues that the Onshape-Arena Connection aims to address:

  • Siloed Information: Traditional systems store data separately, making it challenging to keep track of changes and collaborate effectively.

  • Complex Workflows: Manual data transfers, multiple software platforms, and disconnected teams lead to lengthy approval processes and slower time-to-market.

  • Risk of Errors: The risk of manual data entry errors, incorrect versions, and information loss is high.

"Siloed systems have been a bottleneck in product design and development for years. The Onshape-Arena Connection aims to break down those barriers," said LaFleche.

The challenges of file-based tools in collaborative workflows. 

Who Benefits from the Onshape-Arena Connection?

The Onshape-Arena Connection is ideal for those who've experienced the tiresome grind of managing servers and desktop software and those who've grown weary of wrestling with VPN configurations just to access essential files. It caters to the needs of engineers, product developers, manufacturers, and other stakeholders.

Cross-functional teams with non-CAD users can also benefit from the Connection – from sales to suppliers – ensuring everyone is on the same page at the same time. Share designs, collaborate on changes, and work off the latest information. The streamlined workflow guarantees that no idea or feedback is lost in transit.

Real Cloud-Native CAD, PDM, and PLM

The Onshape-Arena Connection harnesses the power of the cloud, offering global teams a unified platform to collaborate efficiently. Data is accessible from anywhere worldwide, allowing teams to work seamlessly, irrespective of geographic location.

"With our cloud-first approach, we've simplified collaboration and removed geographical constraints. Onshape and Arena operate on the cloud, where the power lies," said Birch.

Lost files and CAD system crashes: Battling data loss in the workplace. 

Easy Sync Between CAD, PDM, PLM

Managing complex designs and synchronizing design data between PDM and PLM systems is often a tedious task – ask any CAD manager. The Onshape-Arena Connection simplifies this process, making it quick and efficient. Changes in a design automatically trigger change orders in Arena, saving valuable time and reducing the margin for error.

The magic button, which synchronizes Onshape data to Arena PLM, may be simple, but it's incredibly effective. By pushing a single button, you can sync your designs, Bill of Materials, and part numbers between Onshape and Arena PLM. Gone are the days of manual data input or the risk of version mismatches.

"Instant data syncing is a game-changer. Imagine no longer having to worry about data versioning or inaccuracies. With this integration, we've eliminated that headache," added LaFleche.

Onshape and Arena PLM: Revolutionizing CAD and supply chain collaboration.

Enables Agile for Hardware Development

The Onshape-Arena Connection empowers agile hardware development through streamlined processes, fostering rapid iterations, seamless collaboration, and robust traceability. This connection simplifies complex interactions between CAD, PDM, and PLM systems, offering several key advantages.

1. Rapid Iterations: Agile hardware development relies on the fast pace of sprints – designing, building, testing, rinse, repeat – for rapid iterations. The Onshape-Arena Connection speeds up design updates and data transfer, enabling teams to quickly adapt to changing information and continually refine designs, which is at the heart of agile design cycles.

2. Seamless Collaboration: Agile practices emphasize cross-functional collaboration and real-time communication. By integrating CAD, PDM, and PLM, this connection enhances collaborative efforts. It removes barriers, facilitating efficient teamwork.

3. Robust Traceability: Agile development mandates comprehensive visibility into design changes. The Onshape-Arena Connection meticulously tracks and documents all revisions, ensuring a detailed history of alterations. This transparency supports compliance, auditing, and well-informed decision-making.

Cloud-native CAD, PDM, and PLM: Accelerating product development and enabling collaboration.

“Future of Product Design and Development is Here”

As engineers and product developers aim to streamline processes and reduce complexities, the collaboration between CAD, PDM, and PLM comes as a breath of fresh air. It provides a real-world solution that allows teams to focus on what they do best – creating exceptional products that drive innovation and change the world.

The benefits of the Onshape-Arena Connection are substantial and include faster time-to-market, reduced errors, streamlined collaboration, a unified solution, and comprehensive product lifecycle support. For businesses looking to enhance their product development processes and stay competitive, this integration represents a game-changing solution worthy of exploration.

"The future of product design and development is here, and it's cloud-based, seamless, and streamlined," Birch said.

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