It’s only been a few weeks into the year but the Onshape team has already been writing, podcasting, planning and gearing up for big changes in 2022.

We know you’re probably busy, too, so here’s a roundup of the top topics the Onshape team has been discussing.

New Year Predictions for Business

What’s in store for 2022? PTC Executive Vice President and Onshape General Manager Jon Hirschtick and Onshape Corporate Strategy Advisor John McEleney share their thoughts on the future. 

2022 will be a year to reimagine the workplace and adopt more agile technologies, like cloud platforms, McEleney writes in a Design News article. Digital-native workers moving into leadership roles will want to adopt technologies that let them work like they always have – from anywhere, at any time, he predicts. McEleney also foresees that companies will embrace new innovative tools that would prevent the supply chain problems we are still experiencing. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will grow and hybrid workplaces will become the norm, he writes.

Hirschtick also predicts a reimagining of the product design process as businesses work to become more agile. 

“It’s become glaringly obvious that product developers need to embrace change and learn how to pivot to new solutions,” Hirschtick writes in a Forbes Tech Council article. To pivot, leaders need to rethink processes and the tools they’ve always relied on.

Agile tools can only take us so far, Hirschtick writes in an Industry Week article. Along with agility, the key business drivers in 2022 will be automation and additive manufacturing. These three As will boost company innovation, flexibility and adaptability, he writes.

User Experience & Customer Support

Calling customer service is notoriously difficult, especially for CAD users. It’s so bad that we identified it as one of the six causes behind product development delays. When a technical issue arises, CAD customers expect a slow response that could take days.

Except for Onshape users. Why? In our blog post, “CAD Users, Are You Frustrated By Inadequate Tech Support?,” we detail how Onshape’s built-in Feedback tool and responsive support team sets us apart.

“What makes Onshape support so special is that we try to continue the conversation … and understand why someone would be purchasing Onshape and what kind of value are they going to get out of the platform,” Onshape’s Global Director of Customer Success Jocelyn Willis said in episode 10 of the Innovator’s Insider podcast.

Hosts Richard Doyle and Michael LaFleche interview Willis, Onshape’s Customer Success Manager Nick Karatzoulidis, User Experience Team Lead Gaby Rochino, and guest Ian Gardiner of Avidbots, an Onshape customer. Together they discuss what makes Onshape support so easy for the user and for the support team. 

Big Numbers & Big Plans for Onshape

Before we left 2021 in the rear-view mirror, we announced that Onshape was called the number one fastest-growing CAD system in the world by To back that up, our internal numbers show we’re growing at seven times the average rate of the CAD market, with already 2 million users signed in and designing in the cloud. 

This growth wouldn’t have been possible without the work from the Onshape team and the communication from our customers, PTC Executive Vice President and Onshape General Manager Jon Hirschtick writes 

“I also appreciate hearing from our customers who complain about something they don't like and point out what’s missing from the platform: They drive us to do better,” he wrote. “Thank you!”

We’ll be talking about these numbers and the plans for the future during the Onshape Live ’22 user conference on March 2 (for the Americas) and March 3 (for Europe). 

The day-long virtual conference will begin with a welcome from PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann, followed by a keynote from Hirschtick, plus five session tracks that appeal to Onshape users from all skill levels. The event will end with a sneak peek look where attendees can hear from the Onshape R&D team on what’s next for upcoming features (demos included).

Missed the event? See what we revealed during the sneak peak.

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