We are about 140 days into 2022. If you’ve been spending these days hunkering down at your desk designing away, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve missed some big news and interesting interviews with your favorite Onshapers. 

Don’t worry. I’ve collected some of the most recent interviews and podcasts with Onshape leadership so you can get the latest on what’s what and who’s who. 

Manufacturing in 2022 and Beyond

It’s prime time for a transformation in the manufacturing industry, Onshape Co-founder John McEleney writes in Electronic Design.

After two years of a pandemic, the move to remote work became unavoidable, launching a massive shift in the tools workers use to do their jobs. Companies avoiding digital change are now embracing it at rates not seen before – and this will only increase as the benefits of emerging technology become more apparent, he writes. 

Plus, coupled with the supply chain crisis, businesses are seeking new solutions to become more resilient in the face of disruption. Some of these solutions will include the cloud, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and AI.

Agile Methodology & Hardware

Onshape Executive Vice President and General Manager Jon Hirschtick says today’s technology is allowing hardware development teams to embrace the agile methodology.

In the Business Reporter article, Hirschtick talks about the three concepts that product developers can implement now to become more agile, such as fast iterations, encouraging change and a renewed focus on quality.

The key is to use tools that will empower workers to adopt practices from the agile methodology. 

Onshape Render Studio and NVIDIA

Greg Brown, Head of Product Management at Onshape, and Paul Arden, Software Development Vice President at PTC, presented at the March 24 NVIDIA GTC conference.

Onshape, a PTC business, released Render Studio Beta, which allows users to create photorealistic images of their designs from anywhere, at any time, on any device. By tapping into the power of NVIDIA Iray, Onshape users can see their CAD models as they imagine them in reality.

“Compelling visuals are absolutely essential to inspire, to help define, to assess convince, to communicate with key stakeholders investors and ultimately sell a product,” Brown said, making it imperative for product development teams to access rendering tools.

You can watch this session on-demand on the NVIDIA site with a free account.

The Move from Physical to Digital

Onshape Co-founder John McEleney also joined the Innovator’s Insider podcast with hosts Michael “the Professor” LaFleche and Richard “the User Group Guy” Doyle.

They discussed how the engineering world is adopting new tools to transform work processes. McEleney shares his thoughts on what changes are in store for the future as more organizations move to digital solutions. 

“Now people want to access and ubiquity of applications so they want to be able to log in anywhere anytime to be able to get access to things and be able to actually take action whether it's to approve whether to inform or whether it’s to share and collaborate,” he says.

Tune in the watch the full episode.