According to a report by Global Workplace Analytics, 56 percent of the U.S. population holds a job that is at least partially compatible with remote work. Those employers now have added accessibility to a distributed workforce 24/7.

We decided to ask the Onshape ecosystem a related question: What’s your number one priority while working from home?

Nearly 53 percent of survey respondents said their top priority while working from home is setting boundaries between work and life, while more than 41 percent said staying connected virtually with family, friends, and co-workers was important to them. Only about six percent said being empathetic to co-workers and customers during the stay-at-home era was a priority.

If you recall, in our last poll, we learned that evaluating prototypes and access to equipment were the top challenges engineers faced when working from home. And as engineers and designers continue to deliver critical products and meet aggressive deadlines while working remotely, the burden of setting boundaries between work and home life has become an increasing priority over the past few months.

Life during a pandemic amplifies values. This is true of people and organizations alike. In a recent fireside chat with PTC Executive Vice President Jon Hirschtick and Formlabs’ CEO Max Lobovsky, we discussed how cloud-based platforms and distributed 3D printers present a unique opportunity to contribute to innovation for good. Life-saving products such as respirators, ventilators, PPE, and 3D-printed COVID-19 swabs that would have normally taken years to develop were created in just weeks.

Not only has product development and innovation accelerated over the past few months, but also the way people design, build, and work has fundamentally changed as a result of technology and platforms. David Katzman, Onshape’s head of Customer Experience and Strategy at PTC, recently explored these themes in a discussion with CXOTalk.

“People have always been distributed around the globe, around different parts in different offices. Because there are no boundaries, I could be anywhere right now having this exact same conversation with you,” Katzman noted. “It makes it far easier, far more likely for me to bring newer voices and experiences into the conversation.”

How is your company encouraging your team to establish healthy boundaries between work and life? Send us a tweet @onshape to let us know what healthy habits you have implemented.