Onshape Changelog

1.170 - released 2023-09-22

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  1. New ‘Hold line’ alignment option for Flange feature
  2. New horizontal resizing for all feature dialogs and vertical scrollbars for smaller screens
  3. New ‘Scope’ option for sheet metal flat pattern export (export all flat patterns)
  4. New face/curve sectional curvature deviation in Measure tool
  5. Support measuring edges cut by section views
  6. Support Light user general task creation from within a document
  7. Support gussets between Frames and non-Frame parts
  8. Support column reorder for documents page list view
  9. Support diameter and radial dimensions to circular centermark arc segments in Drawings
  10. Support adjustable height folder/project section of the documents page list view
  11. Add ‘tolerance’ column to the Inspection panel in Drawings
  12. Improved alert UI styling for info, warning, error, and success message bubbles
  13. Improved type ahead behavior in documents page list view filters
  14. Enterprise: New Onshape release management sync Arena
  15. Enterprise: Improved workflow management in Release management
  16. Enterprise: Improve Arena sync slider Arena connector
  17. Fixed link to webhook documentation from Glassworks
  18. Fixed truncation of long numerical values within GD&T dialog
  19. Fixed cmd+shift+z keyboard shortcut on Macs
  20. Fixed an issue preventing inactive company owners from exporting and making documents public
  21. Fixed an issue preventing search keyword from highlighting in the ‘Select a document’ dialog
  22. Fixed an issue that can return unexpected results when searching for specific part names
  23. Fixed an issue that can degrade performance when users have a large number of notifications
  24. Fixed an issue that can prevent “Disable imported appearances” context menu from disabling imported appearance
  25. Fixed an issue that can unexpectedly alter specific auxiliary views when cropping the view
  26. Fixed an issue with list view filters unexpectedly resetting when navigating between folders
  27. Fixed an issue with Zebra stripes not appearing when part is transparent
  28. Fixed an issue with ordinate dimensions not accounting for view scale of grouped sketches
  29. Fixed an issue to maintain drawing table header column width and height more consistently
  30. Fixed an issue preventing selection of replicated parts for section view plane in Assemblies
  31. Fixed an issue causing assembly section view of composite parts created from parts with the same appearance to appear as one part
  32. Fixed a specific issue that can cause part computed properties to fail after viewing top level assembly BOM
  33. Fixed a specific issue that can cause duplicate selections when picking vertices for 3D fit spline
  34. Fixed an underlying issue that can cause specific assembly to fail to load intermittently
  35. FIxed an underlying issue that can cause broken external references to versions in Assemblies
  36. Fixed an underlying issue that can cause support codes when applying shaded views in a drawing
  37. Fixed an underlying issue that can cause dimensions and centermarks view to lose reference
  38. Fixed an underlying issue that can prevent releasing parts when release contains both parent and derived parts

1.169 - released 2023-09-01

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  1. New Documents page list view
  2. New automatic center mark patterns in Drawings
  3. New symbol dropdown in callout dialog in Drawings
  4. New PKG as a unit of measure (UOM)
  5. New ‘Change to expression’ for boolean and strings in Part Studios (sketch text)
  6. New “Mid plane” option for Thicken and Thin Extrude features
  7. Improved alignment control for Frame feature (angle reference)
  8. Improved error messaging when a feature input box contains a unit mismatch
  9. Improved crop view (performance and alignment with detail view behavior)
  10. Improved threaded feature to include a thread transition beyond the full thread length area
  11. Support draft in rib tool
  12. Support adding ‘Category’ as a BOM column
  13. Support reassigning a task after creation
  14. Support selecting the origin from the feature list when creating mate connector in a Part Studio
  15. Support viewing properties in view only mode for non-geometric items
  16. Support copy/paste in a workspace from a Part Studio to an Assembly
  17. Support print from Publications for view only users
  18. Support adding information to the left, right, and top of GDT frames in Drawings
  19. Support face color recognition in Appearances panel for import geometry
  20. Support suppression of mate connectors in an assembly
  21. Hide inferences from hidden sketches when sketch is hidden while tool is selected
  22. Move analytical tools from View cube menu to Analysis tools (lower right)
  23. Add separate Drawings section to General tasks (used to be under Applications)
  24. Enterprise: Add team filter to Action Items dashboards
  25. REST API: Comprehensive update to endpoint summary and descriptions in Glassworks
  26. Render Studio: Improved performance on scene initialization
  27. Documentation: Reorganized subscription pages
  28. Documentation: Update the Video example for the Sketch Line tool
  29. Documentation: Update the Video example for the Sketch Midpoint tool
  30. Documentation: Update the Video example for the Sketch Normal tool
  31. Documentation: Update Render Studio depth of field documentation to include more details
  32. Fixed display of images in drawings inserted into Publication for free and anonymous users
  33. Fixed an issue that can cause “Limit Frame ends” option to generate frames with inaccurate lengths
  34. Fixed instability with missing feature references in a specific document
  35. Fixed unexpected distortion in geometry created by fillet in a specific model
  36. Fixed an issue with “Show mates mode” when hovering over a sketch
  37. Fixed an issue with fillet edge overflow in a specific model
  38. Fixed an issue with revolve failing for a specific model
  39. Fixed an issue with loft creating part geometric errors in a specific model
  40. Fixed an issue with extrude remove failing without draft in a specific document
  41. Fixed an issue with extrude failing when created by a specific projected curve
  42. Fixed an issue with sweep generating a false self-intersecting geometry in a specific model
  43. Fixed an issue with move face failing when selecting more than one face in a specific document
  44. Fixed an issue with countersink hole set to certain diameter sizes in a specific document
  45. Fixed an issue with regeneration time accuracy for a specific document
  46. Fixed an issue that can cause drawing edges to appear incorrectly in specific drawings
  47. Fixed an issue that can prevent specific top level assemblies from loading
  48. Fixed an issue that can cause unexpected frame generation when adding/removing selections
  49. Fixed display of drawing inspection item tools for narrow browser widths

1.168 - released 2023-08-11

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  1. New permission setting for companies to control editing of Standard content metadata (PRO)
  2. New "Hide all explode lines" and "Hide explode lines" options in Exploded views
  3. Support defining curve pattern by distance between entities along curve
  4. Support creation of centermarks on cylindrical geometry on off-axis views in Drawings
  5. Support renaming display states
  6. Support hide/show of faulty parts in drawing view creation
  7. Set default drawing view generation to hide faulty parts from HLR
  8. Add ability to set default rotation behavior in preferences
  9. Release Mgt: Save a release candidate draft
  10. Enterprise: Unpublish custom workflows
  11. Enterprise: Add option to require category mapping for syncing to Arena
  12. Enterprise: Add option to upload 3D thumbnails to Arena
  13. Enterprise: Add total modeling time in Team Activity Dashboard
  14. Enterprise: Add PCB and Render Studios to modeling time reports
  15. Render Studio: Updated appearances to use Nvidia vMaterials 2.2.1 (additions and fixes)
  16. Render Studio: Support f/32 and f/64 depth of field
  17. Fixed permission for editing Standard content metadata for Free and Standard users
  18. Fixed an issue that can cause drawing revision table cell alignment to change upon releasing
  19. Fixed an issue preventing users from releasing parts with long numeric part names
  20. Fixed an issue to not update a document’s “modified by” record when removing a user from company
  21. Fixed an issue with using feature mirror on an extrude with a starting offset
  22. Fixed an issue to show “Part number uniqueness” option when using manual entry for part number generation
  23. Fixed an issue with publications when inserted drawing mismatches the revisioned assembly reference
  24. Fixed an issue that can cause inconsistent mitered flange geometry depending on the sheet metal thicken direction
  25. Fixed an underlying issue that can cause inconsistent sheet metal bend geometry
  26. Fixed a specific issue that can cause surface to disappear when using mutual trim with merge off
  27. Fixed sheet metal message to not overlap “Finish sheet metal model” feature dialog

1.167 - released 2023-07-21

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  1. New custom shortcut key mappings (existing shortcuts)
  2. Add names to insert dialog for released parts/assemblies
  3. Support creating a centerline using one cylindrical silhouette edge in Drawings
  4. Support company export rules for publications and documents to non-company users
  5. Support inspection item number re-use (with warning) in Drawings
  6. Support “Open linked document” from BOM row
  7. Support compression option for glTF export
  8. Support preprocessing options for STEP export
  9. Support endpoint extension adjustment for offset sketch splines
  10. Removed App-specific document permission functionality from settings and share dialog
  11. Improved in-context editing performance when referencing many context entities
  12. REST API: Update description and summary for endpoints
  13. Enterprise: Display filters used for read-only dashboards
  14. Enterprise: Add Analytics info panel for documents page
  15. Documentation: Update the Horizontal sketch tool video
  16. Documentation: Update the vertical sketch tool video example
  17. Revised tooltip for folders in documents list to contain folder name
  18. Fixed an issue where overridden subassembly computed properties are not overridden for the top level assembly
  19. Fixed an issue where loft on a mirrored part fails with a specific profile order
  20. Fixed an issue with standard content insertion when assigned different materials
  21. Fixed an issue that can cause dimension line to extend beyond detail view boundary
  22. Fixed an issue that can cause auxiliary view on another sheet to flip when dragging view reference indicator
  23. Fixed an issue that can cause top level assembly to show an inaccurate fixed state for part in a subassembly
  24. Fixed an issue that can cause expected region in the performance panel to indicate incorrect region for certain locations
  25. Fixed an issue that can prevent users from being added into a specific Enterprise via SSO
  26. Fixed an underlying issue that can cause inconsistent results for a specific boundary surface
  27. Fixed an underlying issue that can cause specific frames to fail when inserting into an assembly
  28. Fixed a specific issue that can cause errors when using section view on an assembly
  29. Fixed a specific issue with moving documents in the documents list

1.166 - released 2023-06-29

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  1. New Inspection panel with CSV export option in Drawings
  2. New Custom element libraries (Frame profiles)
  3. New Isocline tool (curve and split line support)
  4. New edge dihedral analysis tool
  5. New assembly aggregated list properties (first/last in list)
  6. New Where used for Feature Studios
  7. Support dimensioning to auxiliary view style (single arrow) in Drawings
  8. Support projection views of section view with cuts from the parent in Drawings
  9. Support copy/paste a portion of a DWG from Kudo to an Onshape drawing
  10. Allow adjusting the location of auxiliary view arrow indicator within a drawing
  11. Improved behavior of excluded parts from multiple broken-out-section views in Drawings
  12. Improved regeneration of views with faulty parts (parts with import errors)
  13. Enterprise: Add 'Publications Referring to Doc' in existing Document dashboard in Analytics
  14. Enterprise: Improve the performance of 'Team Activity' dashboard in Analytics
  15. Edu-Enterprise: Add search to ‘Select a document’ dialog for classes
  16. Documentation: Added line-to-tangent arc shortcut (SHIFT+A) to shortcut page
  17. Documentation: Updated Arena sync documentation to include standard content and items
  18. Fixed an issue where points remained when deleting a 3 point circle in a sketch
  19. Fixed an issue with apps failing to register after purchase
  20. Fixed an issue that shows incorrect team membership for a specific user in analytics
  21. Fixed an issue causing dismissed expired trial banners to reappear in documents list
  22. Fixed an issue causing cut list feature to fail when adding frame composites in a specific document
  23. Fixed an issue that can cause custom release workflows to fail when modifying custom list type properties
  24. Fixed an issue that can cause missing parts when changing display states in a specific drawing
  25. Fixed an issue with section hatch not appearing in exported PDF for specific drawings
  26. Fixed an underlying issue causing incorrect shaded view for a specific drawing
  27. Fixed an underlying issue that can cause failed instances when releasing assembly
  28. Fixed a specific issue that can cause revision callouts to fail after copying drawing and replacing reference
  29. Fixed a specific issue that can leave orphaned reference points in drawings when replacing references

1.165 - released 2023-06-12

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  1. New Trim curve feature
  2. New “Termination” conditions for Hole feature
  3. New “Join adjacent surfaces” option in import dialog
  4. Add additional fonts for sketch text tool
  5. Support using variables for sketch pattern count
  6. Support metadata properties for standard content and items
  7. Support standard content and item part number generation
  8. Support syncing standard content and items to Arena
  9. Support adjusting horizontal leader length for linear, radial, and diameter dimensions
  10. Improved visibility for long regeneration time warning in the performance panel
  11. Improved search results when sorting and searching for public documents
  12. Improved folder and document ownership transfer behavior when downgrading from company subscription to individual subscription
  13. Improved “Getting started with Onshape” section in documents list for Professional trial and added section for Free users
  14. Enterprise: Improved location data within Analytics dashboards
  15. Render Studio: Allow using specific Part tessellation from Part Studio appearance panel
  16. Render Studio: Add additional materials to the appearances library
  17. PCB Studio: Allow Onshape support to view company component mappings for investigation when document is shared with support
  18. Help documentation: Add ability to copy link for subsections of help pages
  19. Fixed a performance issue that can occur when using “Limit frame ends” option
  20. Fixed a performance issue causing abnormal load times for a specific Assembly and Drawing
  21. Fixed a performance issue with release management and BOM workflows when using computed properties
  22. Fixed an issue that can prevent selection and translation of subassemblies in exploded view
  23. Fixed an issue that can prevent users from signing in to Enterprise using SSO
  24. Fixed an issue that can prevent document thumbnails from generating in a timely manner
  25. Fixed an issue that can cause release dialog to mislabel items as containing changes to its properties since it’s last revision
  26. Fixed an issue with aggregated properties when used with custom categories
  27. Fixed an issue with specific counterbore holes tapped through multiple parts but not through all
  28. Fixed an issue with selective merge from another branch when used with a deleted tab
  29. Fixed an issue with extrude remove on a specific sheet metal part
  30. Fixed an issue where drawing detail view can show a different hatch color than the parent view
  31. Fixed an underlying issue that can prevent publication tabs from loading
  32. Fixed an underlying issue that can cause drawing callouts to fail

1.164 - released 2023-05-19

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  1. New thread class designation for the hole feature
  2. New FeatureStudio shortcuts in keyboard shortcut map
  3. New auxiliary view direction definition type for ‘In line’ with edge in Drawings
  4. Support semicircle (180 degrees) inference/snap for 3 point arc in Sketch
  5. Support quad point inference/snap for elliptical arcs in Sketch
  6. Support renaming a folder from within folder breadcrumb (Documents page)
  7. Improve section view error messaging to include cutting line name (non-manifold)
  8. Simulation: Automatically suppress newly created loads for non-active simulations
  9. Help documentation: Add ‘Setting up your machine for Onshape’ section
  10. Help documentation: Fixed draft parting line video example to show face split
  11. PCB Studio: Support ‘Other outline’ entities in IDF 3.0 exports
  12. Enterprise: Improved modeling time calculation in reports
  13. Edu-Enterprise: Improved assignment, submission and student dashboard performance
  14. Edu-Enterprise: Remove automatic folder creation behavior for assignments
  15. Fixed an issue with legacy duplicate list property values preventing edits to the property
  16. Fixed display of pitch for ISO drawing hole callouts that use comma as the decimal separator
  17. Fixed a specific issue that can cause drawing chamfer note to appear in the wrong location
  18. Fixed a specific issue that can cause section view to show incorrect shaded view
  19. Fixed a specific issue causing incorrect section view hatching on a specific drawing
  20. Fixed a specific issue with ruled surface that can cause line edges to be shown as spline
  21. Fixed an issue causing specific drawings to timeout on load
  22. Fixed an issue with adding students to a class if they were previously educators
  23. Fixed an issue to remember “Not revision managed” option when moving tab out of document
  24. Fixed an issue that can cause hidden edges to flicker when using Safari
  25. Fixed an issue with Simulation “Show connections” option on M1 Macs
  26. Fixed an issue with syncing to Arena when removing required tag from property
  27. Fixed an issue causing “All upper case in Drawings” BOM option to sync properties to Arena as uppercase

1.163 - released 2023-04-28

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  1. New ‘Exclude from cut’ option for section, aligned and broken-out section views in Drawings
  2. New property display option in the assembly instance lists (part number, revision and state)
  3. Support the use of commas as decimal separators in number entry dialogs
  4. Support adjustment of section lines inside associated view reference
  5. Add MIN and MAX tolerance type to dimensions and hole callouts in Drawings
  6. Support ISO auxiliary view styles in Drawings
  7. Support multiple tab export to apply export rules inside of a zip file
  8. Updated ‘Move to’ dialog to be listed in alphabetical order
  9. Improved measure tool to show relevant measurements for circular and elliptical edges created by loft/boundary surface
  10. Improved drawings dimension tool to better detect circular and elliptical edges created by loft/boundary surface
  11. Improved drawings load time when opened in a publication
  12. FeatureScript: Fixed Part Studio reference parameter to read configuration data (part name)
  13. Edu-Enterprise: Analytics - improve class dashboard performance
  14. PCB Studio: Update existing assemblies with changes to components or board design
  15. Render Studio: Add fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D print approximation appearance
  16. REST API: Update documentation for Documents endpoint
  17. REST API: Update Releasepackage endpoint to include 'type' to understand action (ie. Approve vs Reject)
  18. Fixed an issue to include mass units when copying or exporting BOM table with mass column
  19. Fixed an issue that can cause Variable Studios to become unresponsive when adding new variables
  20. Fixed an issue preventing creation of variables on-the-fly for a specific document
  21. Fixed an issue preventing drawing exports on a specific document
  22. Fixed an issue preventing large imported DWG files from opening
  23. Fixed an issue with specific drawings repeatedly reloading until user refreshes browser
  24. Fixed an issue with BOM ordering when subassembly is set to “Show assembly only”
  25. Fixed an issue with Mass computed property showing up as “No value” in specific workflows
  26. Fixed an issue with Usersnap screen capture on Firefox browsers
  27. Fixed an issue when working with sketch intersection tool while in context
  28. Fixed an issue to maintain equal constraints when using sketch transform tool
  29. Fixed an issue that can cause unintended updates to specific drawings when loading
  30. Fixed a specific issue that can cause support codes when reloading idled documents
  31. Various fixes for specific modeling workflows and geometry defects

1.162 - released 2023-04-12

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  1. New Face blend feature
  2. New Thin option in Extrude feature
  3. New options for Helix feature (Cylinder/Cone, Axis or Circle) definitions
  4. New keyboard shortcut for Revolve (SHIFT + w)
  5. New keyboard shortcut for Hide/show sketches (SHIFT + h)
  6. New keyboard shortcut for sketch point (SHIFT + s)
  7. New sketch shortcut from line to tangent arc (hover over endpoint to toggle or SHIFT + a)
  8. Support attachment of surface finish symbols to GD&T frames in Drawings
  9. Support inspection items by row or parameter for callouts in Drawings
  10. Support compatibility mode for curves and surfaces in IGES export
  11. Improved sub-assembly manipulation performance
  12. Improve list value creation in custom properties (Pro/Enterprise)
  13. FeatureScript: Improve approximate spline fitting
  14. REST API: New assembly modify endpoint for bulk deletion and suppression
  15. Enterprise: Added “Last updated” timestamp next to clock icon in Analytics
  16. Edu-Enterprise: Ability to clone a class
  17. Edu-Enterprise: Make default role “Student” when adding new members
  18. Edu-Enterprise: Always display “Return to Main” link for when opening submitted assignment
  19. Edu-Enterprise: Add Submission Dashboard (without embed) in Analytics
  20. Add Professional trial option for Standard accounts
  21. Help documentation: Updated video for Simulation topic
  22. Help documentation: Updated sketched dimensions workflow
  23. Help documentation: Updated SolidWorks assembly “Pack and Go” section
  24. Fixed an issue where SSO sign in option instead shows a password field after session timeout
  25. Fixed an issue where dragging a mate list folder to the end of the tree behaved unexpectedly
  26. Fixed an issue where assemblies may load slower than expected when reopening a document
  27. Fixed an issue where double clicking to end sketch line segment can occasionally create another line
  28. Fixed an issue that can cause incorrect computed mass for sub-assembly
  29. Fixed an issue that can cause an incorrect assembly named position to be shown in drawings
  30. Fixed an issue that can cause drawing to show incorrect shaded view when cropped
  31. Fixed an issue that can cause obsoleted items to show up as released in advanced search
  32. Fixed an issue that can prevent reordering a list type custom property
  33. Fixed an issue that can prevent saving a list type custom property
  34. Fixed an issue that can prevent out-of-date context icon from appearing in specific assemblies
  35. Fixed an issue for drawing exports to use Onshape display language instead of device language
  36. Fixed an issue with folders unpacking tabs when copying a publication
  37. Fixed an issue with exporting a specific drawing as PDF
  38. Fixed an issue preventing a specific top level assembly drawings from loading
  39. Fixed an underlying issue where a specific company owner is not shown all documents
  40. Fixed an issue to show Enterprise logo when viewing publications via anonymous link

1.161 - released 2023-03-20

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  1. New Elliptical arc tool in Sketches
  2. Support zero and negative values in Hole feature limit tolerances
  3. Support reordering and state of list value custom properties (Pro/Enterprise)
  4. Enterprise: Improve the ‘User activity’ tile in ‘User dashboard’ with dynamic charts
  5. Edu-Enterprise: New report dashboard for student submissions
  6. Edu-Enterprise: Display details for the selected submission document in the details panel
  7. Edu-Enterprise: Add zero-state screen for analytics when an assignment has not been started
  8. REST API: New endpoint for BOM and Revision templates (‘/api/tabletemplates’)
  9. REST API: Support POST ‘/api/webhooks’ parameter ‘isTransient = true’ to specify auto cleanup after a set number of days
  10. PCB Studio: Refactor client-side code to update versions without clearing browser cache
  11. Help documentation: Improve visibility with separate styling for nested bulleted lists
  12. Fixed an instability when working with sheet metal
  13. Fixed an unexpected extrude remove when working with sheet metal on a specific document
  14. Fixed an issue that can obscure angle dimensions in graphics for sheet metal flat view
  15. Fixed an issue with copying Assembly tab to clipboard and pasting with the proper reference
  16. Fixed an issue where in-context notification would not display for users in multiple regions
  17. Fixed an issue that can prevent users from viewing properties of parts with many configuration parameters
  18. Fixed an issue with drawing watermarks when “Not revision managed” is toggled through the copied workspace
  19. Fixed a specific issue with searching for custom properties as a criteria
  20. Fixed a specific issue that can cause extended loading times when switching tabs between large Assemblies
  21. Fixed an underlying issue that can prevent releasing drawing tabs if it contains released reference and parted out
  22. Fixed an underlying issue that can prevent users from switching to a revisioned reference
  23. Fixed an underlying issue that can prevent users from merging specific workspaces
  24. Fixed an underlying issue that can boundary surface on a specific document
  25. Fixed a typo in the API response for Assembly gear and linear relations

1.160 - released 2023-02-27

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  1. New upper/lower limit columns for hole callouts in inspection list exports
  2. Support extension of a trimmed ellipse
  3. Support flag note size adjustment in Drawings
  4. Support displaying implicit connections in Loft when using ‘Match connections’
  5. PCB Studio: Support cancellation of sync and translation to/from Onshape
  6. Increase the maximum custom sheet width in Drawings
  7. FeatureScript: Update `qTangentConnectedFaces()` to support an angleTolerance
  8. FeatureScript: Add context menu to Update and Open linked document
  9. FeatureScript: Improve global profiler to skip loading data in documents not involved
  10. FeatureScript: Improve titles in FeatureScript documentation
  11. FeatureScript: `println()` equals `println(“”)`
  12. Dev portal: Add changelog for all REST API changes
  13. REST API: Support configuration param for `partstudios/d/:did/:wvm/:wvmid/e/:eid/features`
  14. Edu-Enterprise: Support “Unpublish” of classes for educators
  15. Edu-Enterprise: Open submission document (version) in a new browser tab
  16. Edu-Enterprise: Reduce automated emails for students and educators for Classes/Assignments
  17. Edu-Enterprise: Support the creation of submission documents into folders/projects
  18. Improved sketch selection behavior while using section view
  19. Fixed display of horizontally underlined diameter and radius dimensions in ISO drawings
  20. Fixed importing geometry when part name contains Chinese characters
  21. Fixed measuring parallel planes when one plane is in context
  22. Fixed replacing references in drawings when Part Studio name contains a caret
  23. Fixed an issue where in-context notifications do not appear for assemblies in external documents
  24. Fixed an issue with aggregated properties when used with custom categories
  25. Fixed an issue with cut list count when frames are created by mirroring
  26. Fixed an issue that can prevent users from opening assemblies if reference document is deleted
  27. Fixed an issue that can prevent drawings from loading after idling in a document
  28. Fixed an underlying issue that can prevent adding configuration rows
  29. Fixed a specific issue that can cause drawing properties to not appear in the title block

1.159 - released 2023-02-03

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  1. New Boundary surface feature
  2. New Extrude direction and starting offset options
  3. New mates list folders in Assemblies
  4. New Hatch region tool in Drawings
  5. New FeatureScript profiler that works across multiple documents
  6. Add surface control point grid to Curve/surface analysis
  7. Add upper/lower limit columns for dimensions and chamfer notes in inspection list exports
  8. Show local variables at the top of autocomplete menu
  9. Support modifying hatch from Drawings style panel
  10. Support measuring angles with curves and faces
  11. Support export of items to CSV in company settings
  12. Support creating general tasks from within a document
  13. Support copy of a publication
  14. Simulation: Support moving panel columns left/right
  15. Enterprise: Fix modeling time aggregation issues in reports
  16. Enterprise: Add user modeling time dashboard to reports
  17. Edu-Enterprise: Improve confirmation message when removing a member of a class
  18. Edu-Enterprise: Make ‘Classes’ and ‘Unpublished classes’ sections collapsible
  19. FeatureScript: Add context menu in Feature Studios for common actions
  20. FeatureScript: Make autocomplete aware of ‘->’ parameter for chaining queries together
  21. FeatureScript: Add tolerance utility functions ‘tolerantGreatThan’ and ‘tolerantEqualsZero’
  22. FeatureScript: Open linked document for FeatureScript import
  23. Update .woff fonts to be .woff2
  24. Help documentation: Update curve pattern video to include feature patterns
  25. Fixed filtering for ‘Last opened by me’ tiles when user belongs to multiple companies
  26. Fixed an issue that can cause missing search results when tab is renamed
  27. Fixed an issue that can cause user to sign out when search fails
  28. Fixed an issue with mapping ‘value with units’ type property to an Arena ‘text’ property
  29. Fixed an issue with dragging assembly instance to the bottom of instance list
  30. Fixed an issue with explode lines not inheriting all previous custom selections
  31. Fixed an issue preventing draft analysis to be used on closed composites
  32. Fixed an issue preventing a transformed mate connector from being hidden
  33. Fixed an issue that can cause section view to show cylinder as surfaces
  34. Fixed an issue that can cause sheet metal extrude cuts to extend in the opposite direction
  35. Fixed an issue that can cause group to fail even after suppressing failed instance in Assembly
  36. Fixed an issue with updating drawings from the create version dialog when used on large documents
  37. Fixed an issue with inconsistent selection when using ‘select other’ with the ‘sketch extend’ tool

1.158 - released 2023-01-11

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  1. New mutual trim feature
  2. New gusset feature
  3. New Publications thumbnails (auto and custom set)
  4. New in-context tools to hide/show instances and restore context view state in Part Studios
  5. New precision and tolerance support in the hole feature and corresponding Drawings support
  6. New latency detection with suggestions to improve
  7. New Enterprise Publications dashboard
  8. Render Studio: Onshape materials map using appearance color for appearances
  9. Support creating measured variable from the measure dialog
  10. Support sketch images in Assemblies
  11. Support duplicating exploded views in Assemblies
  12. Support showing dimension lines for diameter or radial dimensions in Drawings
  13. Support using categories in advanced search from the Documents page
  14. Support displaying proper configuration when opening linked document inside Publications
  15. REST API: Add ‘patterns’section to assembly definition response
  16. REST API: New example values in Glassworks API documentation
  17. FeatureScript: New ‘container.fs’ module containing many utilities
  18. Edu-Enterprise: Add class description to the details panel
  19. Edu-Enterprise: Add information panels for classrooms and assignments
  20. Edu-Enterprise: Add support for Simulation
  21. Edu-Enterprise: Support panel height adjustment for assignment activity and details
  22. Improved cosmetic threads display for external threads in Drawings
  23. Improved loading when drawing contains view with many edges
  24. Improved searching for document name to not be order dependent
  25. Fixed an issue with missing properties when using mass properties API
  26. Fixed an issue with importing items using CSV
  27. Fixed an issue to prevent searching with inactive properties
  28. Fixed an issue with computed mass when updating material library to different units
  29. Fixed an issue with aggregated mass when the Onshape Part category is removed
  30. Fixed an issue that can cause release candidate fields to reorder when applying changes
  31. Fixed display of drawing center marks to use centerline style

1.157 - released 2022-12-12

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  1. New assembly computed properties with aggregation options (Mass)
  2. New Curvature analysis - color map rendering mode
  3. New End cap feature for Frames
  4. Improved Bridging curve options for starting point and curvature matching
  5. Improved format painter options for content and dimensions in Drawings
  6. Add manipulators to the Flange tool for partial flange
  7. FeatureScript: Add option to support MaxNumberOfPicks for array parameters
  8. Enterprise: Add where-used data into Analytics
  9. Edu-Enterprise: New classrooms and assignments
  10. Support texture (uv) information in glTF exports
  11. Updated Comments panel icon notifications
  12. Improved spinner feedback on implicit mate connectors in assemblies
  13. Add spinner feedback after hitting the “Final” button in feature dialogs
  14. Improved large assembly performance in Drawing
  15. Render Studio: Moved clipping settings to view menu
  16. Render Studio: Improve dialog action buttons and edit fields for consistency with Onshape
  17. Render Studio: Move Tone-mapping settings to view menu and simplify
  18. Fixed root cause that can prevent users from opening exploded view
  19. Fixed root cause that can prevent users from dragging instances in Assembly
  20. Fixed an underlying issue that can prevent Variable Studio variables from being used in a Part Studio
  21. Fixed an issue allowing the creation of unstable bezier curves that cannot be deleted
  22. Fixed an issue that caused annotations to appear broken in Publications
  23. Fixed an issue that caused move face to make flat pattern sheet metal to become unflattened
  24. Fixed an issue that caused hole feature to miss generating holes when multiple parts are selected for the scope
  25. Fixed a specific issue where external threads did not extend the entire length in a drawing view
  26. Fixed a specific issue that caused Assembly mass computation to vary due to latency

1.156 - released 2022-11-21

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  1. New ownership-based Documents page (remove My Onshape)
  2. New asymmetric fillet support for fillet feature
  3. New partial edge fillet support for fillet feature
  4. New style panel for flag notes in Drawings
  5. Add manual reconnect option when Onshape times out
  6. Add sheet number column to the inspection item export in Drawings
  7. Support per entity adjustment of center marks in Drawings (drag)
  8. Improved pan/zoom performance for larger datasets in Drawings
  9. Avoid simultaneously showing auto center marks and manual center marks in Drawings
  10. Enterprise Edu: Add “Switch to Onshape account” to go to cad.onshape.com
  11. Enterprise: Add global permission for create tasks
  12. Support re-entering 3D section view dialog to edit cutting plane
  13. Prepopulate named position, display state, and explode in new drawing creation
  14. Replaced import/export dialog buttons from Ok to Import/Export
  15. Change hole feature measure depth to use highest intersection point
  16. Updated View-only toolbar icons and tooltips
  17. Added status messages to Onshape spinner (working spinner)
  18. Fixed an issue with flag notes separating from line if line ends with a period
  19. Fixed an issue with Japanese characters displaying incorrectly in drawings
  20. Fixed an issue that can cause configured Assembly mates to not show properly in drawing
  21. Fixed an issue that can cause BOM template edits to update BOM in versioned drawings
  22. Fixed an issue that can cause revision description to become unresolved
  23. Fixed an issue preventing deletion of a specific Variable Studio
  24. Fixed an issue that causes “Not found” messages when working with specific drawings
  25. Fixed a specific issue with hole callouts not displaying correct depth for tapered pipe taps
  26. Fixed a specific issue with exporting large drawings to DWG
  27. Fixed a specific issue that can cause selective merge to fail
  28. Fixed a specific issue preventing insertion of hole table
  29. Fixed underlying issue that can cause assembly to throw continuous support codes

1.155 - released 2022-11-01

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  1. New external thread annotation feature with Drawings support
  2. New Simulation in Assemblies (starting with Professional this release)
  3. Support custom frame profile alignment points
  4. Support tangent face controls for Loft/Fill
  5. PCB Studio: Support editing reference designators
  6. Improved fillet error feedback with attempted geometry preview in graphics
  7. Added option for locking dimension jog to 45 degrees in Drawing properties
  8. Added option for users to comment and export on Drawing and blob tabs in publications
  9. Added horizontal grip for adjusting bent leader lines to note, GD&T, surface finish, and callouts
  10. Refined “working” spinner to be more visible and removed when unnecessary
  11. Allow multiple users to simultaneously view Drawings in publications
  12. Prevent the creation of circular references in Drawing section views
  13. Enterprise: Arena connection global permissions (sync permission)
  14. Enterprise: Analytics to include modeling time per version/release
  15. REST API: Support Parasolid binary (x_b) exports
  16. Fixed definition for VOLUME_BOUNDS in FeatureScript Standard Library (std)
  17. Fixed share dialog issue when personal message is too long (added validation)
  18. Fixed an issue that can cause “Filter is invalid” message to appear when opening Drawings
  19. Fixed an issue that can cause dimensions to fail when modifying section cut line
  20. Fixed a specific issue that can intermittently prevent saving custom properties
  21. Fixed a specific issue causing subassembly mates to break and throw support codes

1.154 - released 2022-10-10

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  1. New publications (sharing container for tabs)
  2. New Simulation in Assemblies (Enterprise to start, Pro at a later date)
  3. Support automatic reconnect if Onshape disconnects
  4. Support tangent propagation option to tangent mate
  5. Support face splits with 3d curves in the split feature
  6. Support drill angle control in the hole feature
  7. Support conjugate angles in the smart dimension tool in Drawings
  8. Support import of wire bodies (curves) for GLTF
  9. Updated support widget
  10. Update references to new pricing plan throughout the product
  11. Update mate connector at origin to have a descriptive selection in dialogs
  12. REST API: Add face color, hidden state and type of composite to body details endpoint
  13. Continuation work to support ADA guidelines (screen reader support)
  14. Render Studio: New stylized (non-photorealistic) rendering mode
  15. Render Studio: Move backplate settings to view menu and simplify
  16. Render Studio: Simplify environment dome and virtual ground settings
  17. Improved auto advance behavior within dialog for drop curve and variable fillet features
  18. Fixed a UI alignment issue when working with flag notes in German
  19. Fixed an issue with duplicate characters when typing in Korean with Noto Sans Korean font
  20. Fixed an issue that causes flag note to separate in drawings
  21. Fixed an issue that prevents exporting a specific drawing to PDF
  22. Fixed an issue that prevents inputting three decimal places for double type properties
  23. Fixed a specific issue that can cause support codes when using intersection curve with planes
  24. Fixed an outdated link in the Onshape developer documentation

1.153 - released 2022-09-19

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  1. New rigidity indicator in Assemblies
  2. New “Curve to face” option for Projected curve feature
  3. Support for editing suppressed mates in Assemblies
  4. Support moving GD&T and surface finishes to format layers in Drawings
  5. Support adding a jog to dimension extension lines in Drawings
  6. Update symbols in hole callouts and chamfer to use new ASME font
  7. Improve edit behavior in hole feature for hole depth, tap depth and thread clearance
  8. Improve tab manager selection behavior
  9. Added undo option in message bubble after a merge
  10. Added last edited by user and date tooltip in selective merge dialog
  11. Added where used icon to context menu
  12. Added axis indicators in graphics for measure variable
  13. Fixed an issue causing false errors in hole feature
  14. Fixed an issue causing drawings to crash when copying a specific view
  15. Fixed an issue causing dimension panel icon to hide while zooming in drawing
  16. Fixed an issue with certain drawing dimensions placed on centermark separating from view
  17. Fixed an issue with flag notes separating from text with long lists
  18. Fixed an issue with folders not appearing in project until navigating from project
  19. Fixed a performance issue when editing detail view label in drawings
  20. Fixed a Chinese translation error while viewing versioned drawings
  21. Fixed “View export rules” link in export dialog to link to export rules page
  22. Fixed UI alignment when viewing with high resolution Macbook displays
  23. Fixed issues with cloud integrations page after searching for files

1.152 - released 2022-08-30

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  1. New intersection curve feature
  2. New PCB Studio (Pro and Enterprise plans)
  3. New Arena integration support (Enterprise only)
  4. New Advanced Render Studio plan (high resolution exports)
  5. New measured option for variable feature
  6. New assembly mate limits indicator in assembly tree
  7. Release Mgt: Support display names for release and obsoletion packages in release dialog
  8. Support nested feature list folders
  9. Support creating detailed views with any closed region in Drawings
  10. Support overriding cell value for BOM table in drawings
  11. Support short-lived tokens for Dropbox integration
  12. Enable extended lines for centermarks by default in Onshape-default drawing templates
  13. REST API: Support more parameters to filter the partstudio endpoint
  14. Improve assembly view update performance in Drawings
  15. Improve 4 view drawing creation to respect active assembly display state
  16. Enterprise: Adjusted time scale for charts in project dashboards
  17. Enterprise: Added more fields to the user list analytic results
  18. Enterprise: Support project search
  19. Enterprise: Improved usage time calculation
  20. Fixed an issue where released composite parts do not show release indicator in assembly tree
  21. Fixed an issue where detail view dimensions can shift after updating drawing
  22. Fixed an issue with flag note alignment when certain bulleted lists
  23. Fixed an issue with named position views in drawings when copying document
  24. Fixed a specific performance issue that can cause derive to regenerate slower
  25. Fixed a specific issue when working with computed mass property and structured BOM
  26. Fixed a specific issue when working with fill on the circular edge of a cylinder
  27. Fixed a specific issue that can cause mismatching hole table tags in drawings
  28. Fixed a specific issue that can cause Arena sync to fail for double type properties

1.151 - released 2022-08-05

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  1. New Bézier curve (control point spline) sketch tool
  2. New selective workspace merge (selected tabs)
  3. New flag notes in Drawings
  4. New Arena Integration (Enterprise only)
  5. New format painter for entities in Drawings
  6. New ASME 14.5 and non-true type fonts for dim panel and GD&T dialogs in Drawings
  7. New partial flange option in sheet metal flange feature
  8. New clamped end conditions in ruled surface feature
  9. Improve interactive performance on incremental changes in large assemblies
  10. Improved Part Studio feature generation performance
  11. Support sorting by a column in BOM (double-click header)
  12. Support ‘Keep tools’ option in Boolean union feature
  13. Support center symmetric pattern in Assemblies
  14. Support diameter dimension style in Drawings
  15. Support deleting standalone points with the trim tool in sketches
  16. Support versions of BOM
  17. Added Recaptcha V3 for signups
  18. Added error indicator at the top of the feature list header
  19. Fixed an error when trying to apply named position in a copied workspace
  20. Fixed an issue causing PDF tabs to not load in Safari
  21. Fixed an issue causing a Featurescript error in Part Studio when deleting Variable Studio
  22. Fixed a specific issue with inconsistent section hatching in Drawings
  23. Fixed a specific issue causing mass properties to appear blank
  24. Fixed issues with usability for SpaceMouse in Drawings

1.150 - released 2022-07-19

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  1. New icons in context menus for common commands
  2. New tangent edge display controls in Assemblies
  3. Enterprise: New action item and comments dashboard
  4. Support wall thickness dimension on two concentric arcs
  5. Support column sorting when searching on the documents page (Modified date, Name, etc.)
  6. Support adding dimensions and annotations to manual centermarks in Drawings
  7. Improved copy paste of components in Assemblies to update mate names
  8. Improved performance panel notification for browser/webgl/region mismatch
  9. Improved warning display for missing edges in chamfers
  10. Improved custom property required field behavior to allow empty initial value
  11. Enterprise: Support ‘Date added’ column to the user list export
  12. Enterprise: Fix issue with teams lists not paginating
  13. Enterprise: Improved sign in page visibility and layout
  14. App extensions: Support highlight behavior for saved selections of model elements
  15. Applications: Standardize browse component for folder navigation
  16. Improved single sign on behaviors for users having existing accounts with 2FA
  17. Improved help documentation around how overrides work in the variable table
  18. Improved error messaging when enabling Release management while required properties are not enabled
  19. Allow performance panel issues to be shown when viewing anonymous links
  20. Fixed an issue that can cause hidden instances to show when dragging in large assemblies
  21. Fixed an issue with measure tool displaying circle center point dimension instead of diameter when language is set to French
  22. Fixed an issue where changes to composite part can evade change detection when creating a release
  23. Fixed an issue to allow detail view properties to set detail view leader label
  24. Fixed an issue where callouts do not update after replacing the frame composite part in Drawings
  25. Fixed an issue where GD&T leader line is not set to the same color as GD&T
  26. Fixed a specific alignment issue with GD&T when attached to diameter dimension
  27. Various bug fixes for Variable Studios
  28. Various bug fixes for Named positions panel

1.149 - released 2022-06-27

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  1. New pipe thread standards for Hole feature
  2. New Variable Studios for global variable behaviors
  3. New Named position panel with mate controls
  4. New Adjust linestyle option for edges in Drawings
  5. Support 3MF import
  6. Support pipe tap callouts in Drawings
  7. Support named positions in Drawings
  8. Support advanced search using owner and creator on the documents page
  9. Support adding leader to detail view name
  10. Support merging Frame segments that are tangent or collinear
  11. Improve auto centerline support for circles and arcs with controls for extension
  12. Support style panel for hole callouts, datums, weld symbols and bend notes
  13. Support moving detail view label and adding leaders in Drawings
  14. Improve viewing an assembly in a version to show revision icons when reference is released
  15. Add changelog to the What’s New section of the help documentation
  16. Enterprise: Add new analytics dashboard Enterprise health and impact
  17. Render Studio: Replace reveal full tree context menu with nested component view
  18. Render Studio: Add camera position and rotation options to the view menu
  19. Fixed compatibility issues with using 3MF files exported from Onshape
  20. Fixed display of jogged ISO ordinate dimension lines
  21. Fixed inconsistent coloring between drawing leader and annotation for specific colors
  22. Fixed a crash when users open view properties while placing detail view
  23. Fixed an issue with enabling view scale for multiple drawing views
  24. Fixed an issue where drawing note can lose color assignment when switching fonts
  25. Fixed an issue where region callouts on section view can fail when changing view scale
  26. Fixed an issue where resized region callouts does export to DWG in the correct size
  27. Fixed an issue where follow mode does not immediately align graphics view to leader
  28. Fixed an issue preventing users from changing arrowhead style for ISO diameter dimensions
  29. Fixed a specific issue with model correctness when importing Rhino files into Onshape

1.148 - released 2022-06-03

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  1. New continuous sketch trim support (click-hold drag)
  2. New sub-assembly BOM behavior options (all, assembly only, components only)
  3. New advanced search support for Feature Studios (type)
  4. Support callouts and surface finish symbols in Drawing style panel
  5. Support per-entity adjustment of centermark lengths
  6. Support duplication of drawing views (Alt key + drag)
  7. Support changing the configuration of a cutlist table in Drawings
  8. Improve aligned section view to remove line at the center of the cut view
  9. Support copy workspace without opening copy
  10. Render Studio: Move options and camera settings to toolbar icons
  11. Render Studio: Support transforming multiple instances at once with transform widget
  12. Fixed an issue that can cause Enterprise sign in page to continuously refresh
  13. Fixed an issue with placing aligned dimensions using smart dimension tool
  14. Fixed an issue that causes revision history tab to disappear when searching for drawings
  15. Fixed an issue that causes custom properties assigned to custom categories to not appear for advanced search
  16. Fixed a specific issue when moving components around in an assembly
  17. Fixed a specific stability issue when shelling lofted parts
  18. Fixed a specific issue that prevents sheet metal from being unfolded
  19. Fixed a specific issue that prevents frames from computing end angle when using a custom profile
  20. Fixed a specific issue that causes drawings to continuously throw errors
  21. Fixed a general stability issue when working with loft

1.147 - released 2022-05-16

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  1. New export in 3MF format
  2. New hide/show options for parts/assembly occurrences in drawing views
  3. Support region callouts in Drawings
  4. Support deleting annotations in markup for comments
  5. Support AP242 STEP export
  6. Support glTF/GLB import
  7. Add ‘Make public’ option back to Free users who own private documents
  8. Improved DXF/DWG error messages when importing into a sketch
  9. Enterprise: New global permission for granting transfer documents out of Enterprise
  10. REST API: Support global tree node endpoint for impacting recently opened filter
  11. Applications: Support filter blob tabs in openSelectionDialog by file extension (client messaging)
  12. Render Studio: Updated documentation for parameters displayed in the Scene graph
  13. Render Studio: Support select by appearance
  14. Render Studio: Support copy/paste of appearances
  15. Render Studio: Support selection of exploded assembly view within a scene
  16. Render Studio: Support per section capping color
  17. Render Studio: Support MDL module functions for scene data lookup
  18. Render Studio: Support appearance modifiers to existing appearance
  19. Fixed an issue with special characters in Tag profile showing up as symbols in cut list table
  20. Fixed a performance issue for drawings that use automatic centerlines
  21. Fixed a scaling issue where section hatches may not be shown in detail view
  22. Fixed a consistency issue with graph colors for the Modeling activity dashboard
  23. Fixed a specific stability issue with derived causing failed Part Studios
  24. Fixed a specific workflow that can cause overwriting of released part numbers
  25. Fixed a specific issue where old custom feature references can cause missing parts in Assembly

1.146 - released 2022-04-25

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  1. New mixed modeling support (mesh and solids)
  2. New cross highlight and tooltips on Assembly context and in-context references
  3. New out-of-date indicator for in-context instances
  4. Expand replicate feature to support parts/subassemblies with multiple external mates
  5. Improved hatch pattern editing with icon previews
  6. Support note and GD&T overrides in style panel in Drawings
  7. Support reference updates in Drawings sheet panel
  8. Support split/unsplit of cutlist tables in Drawings
  9. Support projected views of auxiliary views
  10. Revised automatic spacing for section hatches in Drawings detail view
  11. REST API: Support API versioning
  12. REST API: Return ‘nodeId’ when adding or updating an AppElement
  13. Updated red error color for better overall contrast ratio
  14. Render Studio: Support for exploded assembly views
  15. Render Studio: Improve additive selection in the scene graph to apply per section only
  16. Fixed potential performance issue when working with Assembly pattern
  17. Fixed a consistency issue for analytics legends between certain graphs
  18. Fixed an issue with hole callouts showing leading zero when set to display fractional values
  19. Fixed an issue preventing debugging cloned release using custom workflow
  20. Fixed an issue with missing hatch for section view on specific Drawings
  21. Fixed an issue with missing lines for visible edges in specific Drawings
  22. Fixed an issue with missing views when exporting a specific Drawing to PDF
  23. Fixed an issue with missing parts from crop view in Drawings
  24. Fixed an issue with offsetting lofted face in specific document
  25. Fixed an issue with abnormal edges generated by fillet in specific document
  26. Fixed an issue preventing moving part in a specific Assembly
  27. Fixed a specific issue with split feature preventing export from version
  28. Fixed a specific issue with tapped hole indicator not showing up in Drawings

1.145 - released 2022-04-05

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  1. New break extension lines for intersecting dimensions in Drawings
  2. Support cut list table properties and styles in Drawings
  3. Support row and column size management for tables in Drawings
  4. Support per hole callout override for setting precision and tolerance
  5. Support individual arrowhead style override for dimensions in Drawings
  6. Added support for smooth corners in the Fillet tool
  7. Added support for edge overflow option to select edges to keep in Fillet tool
  8. Improved Documents page breadcrumbs to support deeply nested folders
  9. Updated help documentation page to default to search field when opened
  10. Updated help documentation with filter information to all Enterprise report pages
  11. Updated help documentation to differentiate between sheet vs sheet references properties
  12. REST API: Fixed issue where assembly feature errors were missing
  13. FeatureScript: Support table parameter groups and conditional visibility
  14. FeatureScript: Allow "revision" to be used in computed properties
  15. Enterprise: Updated report dashboards with new UI
  16. Render Studio: New triad manipulator (ALT + SHIFT + click)
  17. Render Studio: Improve search to use multiple words and boolean operators (or, +)
  18. Render Studio: Add new Iray 2021.1.0 attributes
  19. Fixed an issue with advanced searching list type custom properties
  20. Fixed an issue with Cut list not combining circular patterned parts into one row
  21. Fixed an issue with Cut list table translation when working in Simplified Chinese
  22. Fixed a performance issue when dragging dimensions in drawings
  23. Fixed an issue that causes performance degradation when using computed properties
  24. Fixed an issue where note size preview does not match actual note
  25. Fixed an issue where callout border can overlap text when set to “Tight fit”
  26. Fixed underlying issue that can prevent BOM from loading
  27. Fixed a specific issue that prevented users from resetting passwords
  28. Fixed a specific issue that caused hatches to disappear from Drawings

1.144 - released 2022-03-14

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  1. New automatic centerlines and centermarks in Drawings
  2. New Style panel in Drawings
  3. New unhide shortcut while hovered (SHIFT + Y)
  4. Support the hide/show of individual extension lines for dimensions in Drawings (style panel)
  5. Support quantity type (units) in custom properties for unit display
  6. Support pinning view references in Drawings
  7. Support automatic trimming of extension lines in detail views in Drawings
  8. Add dissolve to replicate features in Assemblies
  9. Improved cross hatching for assembly and part section views in Drawings
  10. FeatureScript: Expose loftTopology in opLoft for stability improvements
  11. Enterprise: Improve consistency of all labels, titles and filters
  12. Render Studio: Support transforming Assemblies
  13. Render Studio: Support collapse instance and item together in scene graph
  14. Render Studio: Disable fields not supported by type selection in Add custom attribute dialog
  15. Fixed an issue where clicking in feature dialog didn’t allow rename
  16. Fixed an issue where changing angle projection makes incorrect changes to projected views
  17. Fixed a specific issue where viewing an in-context reference caused support codes
  18. Fixed a specific issue where unit of measure in BOM tables were not populating in Drawings
  19. Fixed an issue where sheet metal parts were missing in the insert dialog after failed features

1.143 - released 2022-02-18

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  1. New frame functionality (frames, custlists, trim and tag profile tools)
  2. New 3D section scope (partial section)
  3. Support reorder and visibility of columns in custom tables
  4. Support visibility toggle for inspection items in Drawings
  5. Support inspection items to be added to title blocks in Drawings
  6. Support copy/paste of Drawing views
  7. Support descriptions for variables
  8. Support multi-tab export from the Tab manager (same tab type)
  9. Added view options for direction arrow and label on auxiliary views in Drawings
  10. Added ISO ordinate dimensions style in Drawings
  11. FeatureScript: New evApproximateBSplineSurface to approximate any face as b spline
  12. Added loop/chain connected edges to selection context menu (for open faces)
  13. Added option to hide edges in curvature visualization
  14. Added numeric controls for U and V lines in face curvature combs
  15. Enterprise: Add last sign in date/time on user page (sortable)
  16. Add shortcut key for zoom to window in Render Studios
  17. Add confirmation when deleting a scene in Render Studios
  18. Improved performance when saving a scene in Render Studios
  19. Allow boolean subtract with zero distance offset
  20. Fixed an issue with searching for documents when using “type:” query
  21. Fixed an issue with closing Make transparent dialog using ESC key multiple times
  22. Fixed an issue that causes curves to change color when creating a closed composite
  23. Fixed an issue with naming Assembly folders that ends with underscore symbol
  24. Fixed an issue with autofocusing BOM row when selecting an instance from Assembly tree
  25. Fixed an issue that can prevent high quality render mode from overriding the existing tessellation
  26. Fixed an issue that prevents downloading exports when language is set to Japanese
  27. Fixed an underlying issue that can cause missing parts for specific documents
  28. Fixed a specific issue that can prevent working with in-context Part Studios
  29. Fixed a specific issue that can cause drawing updates to take longer than expected when changing BOM
  30. Fixed an issue with revision table not using the selected date format when created from template
  31. Fixed an issue with broken symbols when pasting a copied note with GD&T symbols
  32. Fixed an issue with auto sizing drawing table columns and rows
  33. Fixed a specific issue that can cause Min/Max dimension to lose associativity on refresh

1.142 - released 2022-01-31

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  1. New Render Studios (beta) for Professional and Enterprise plans
  2. New bridging curve method with optional control point manipulators
  3. Added dot style leader head for dimensions in Drawings
  4. Added color picker to note dialog in Drawings
  5. FeatureScript: New evBSplineApproximation for b spline evaluation
  6. Enterprise: Filter Project Dashboard by Project Role in Reports
  7. Improved Split/Boolean regeneration issues
  8. Improved DXF import of splines
  9. Improved large assembly performance (tree building logic)
  10. Support selection through transparency (improved logic)
  11. Improved import of STL and OBJ files
  12. Improved selected face visualization (improved face distinction)
  13. Improved stability when working with Shell on Lofted part
  14. Improved number of returned search results from 20 to 100
  15. Improved sorting of search results based on match
  16. Revised copy document URL icon to prevent confusion
  17. Fixed an issue with exporting COLLADA helix wires as a line
  18. Fixed an issue with create selection “Loop/chain connection” option not working with edges
  19. Fixed an issue with opening the correct released configuration when opening search result in new tab
  20. Fixed an issue where an aligned section view can not show one of the parts
  21. Fixed an issue with analytics report not finding documents shared with support
  22. Fixed a specific issue with Face pattern failing when used on sheet metal part
  23. Fixed a specific issue where sketch becomes misaligned when working with flat pattern extrude
  24. Fixed a specific issue with max/min dimension not working with flattened arc
  25. Fixed a specific issue where changing drawings unit precision can affect text height of subsequent dimensions
  26. Fixed a performance issue when dragging a drawing dimension the first time

1.141 - released 2022-01-12

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  1. New version history search
  2. New computed mass and computed custom properties (ie. area, volume, etc)
  3. New in-context editing transparency slider
  4. New face curvature combs display
  5. New high quality rendering mode (view cube menu)
  6. New Select context menu for quick access to ‘create selection’ type results
  7. Support on-the-fly edge points in variable radius fillet
  8. Support cell padding controls in the Property panel in Drawings
  9. Improved tessellation quality for curves
  10. Improved radial dimension placement on edges not technically arcs in Drawings
  11. Improved split feature to include optional side to keep
  12. Updated ‘Assign material’ to ‘Edit material’ when material is applied
  13. Updated document transfer to show ‘Enterprise’ as an option instead of just company
  14. Added option for Isolate to ‘Hide transparent parts’
  15. Added stripe count and flip options to Curvature visualization render mode (view cube menu)
  16. Added App Store purchase notifications and emails for Partner developers
  17. Support selection of parts and curves to scroll and cross highlight feature in feature list
  18. Support for FQDN as ‘companyName’ attribute value in SAML responses (SSO)
  19. Enterprise: Add team creator to team automatically
  20. Enterprise: Update Help documentation to include details for downloading data from reports
  21. Revised company defined export rules to override user defined export rules for company documents
  22. Fixed an issue with missing mass properties if an instance does not have material
  23. Fixed an issue with missing angle measurement between planar faces and planes
  24. Fixed an issue with not being able to RMB on Onshape logo while in a document
  25. Fixed an issue with Enterprise users getting redirected when navigating to non Enterprise session
  26. Fixed an issue with failed callouts when versioning out of date drawings
  27. Fixed a specific issue with drawing views showing visible edges as hidden edges
  28. Fixed a specific issue with ordinate dimension when placed on virtual sharp of broken view
  29. Fixed a specific issue with not being able to load reference manager
  30. Fixed a specific issue with delete face deleting surrounding faces
  31. Various fixes to Italian translation

1.140 - released 2021-12-15

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  1. New Show dependencies tool (parent/child relationship)
  2. New Aligned rectangle sketch tool
  3. New sketch scale manipulator in Transform sketch entities
  4. New BOM template selection in when inserting in Drawings
  5. New behavior for “n” shortcut - allow “n” to invert between normal views
  6. New measure dialog with options to change units and filter type
  7. New folder link in the header of an open document to navigate to its folder
  8. Remember last opened location for Assembly insert dialog
  9. Added iso curves to Loft
  10. Added option to “Keep tools” to Thicken feature
  11. Added selection to annotations in Markup for deletion
  12. Added max distance for more types of entities within measure
  13. Added option to remove underline from overridden dimension text in drawing properties
  14. Added option to expand/collapse all notifications
  15. Revised extended tooltip text
  16. Expanded hatch types in Drawings
  17. Improved zoom and pan performance in Drawings
  18. Improved tessellation quality of sketches with smaller number of entities
  19. Improved tessellation using selection of parts in a large assembly
  20. Improved curvature visualization dialog (stay open, shortcut Shift c, remember last)
  21. Improved open boundary edge display
  22. Improved missing selection warning to show on the feature icon
  23. Reduced tessellation refinement of hidden occurrences in Assemblies to improve performance
  24. Support multiple active assembly filters
  25. Expand support for remember previous option/value to a variety of common features
  26. REST API: Add mass properties for assemblies
  27. Improved the Custom SSO Sign-in documentation
  28. Improved copy to clipboard for sections and headings in help documentation
  29. Fixed an issue with COLLADA exports rendering surfaces from only one side
  30. Fixed an issue with tangent edges option not remembering when copying link to document
  31. Fixed an issue where graphics performance is reduced for Safari browsers

1.139 - released 2021-11-15

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  1. New General tasks in Action Items
  2. New aligned section view in Drawings
  3. New rendering option for tangent edges in Part Studios (phantom or hidden)
  4. Improved fillet measurement control by radius or width
  5. Added line style pitch (spacing) for center, hidden, and phantom tangent lines in Drawings
  6. Release Mgt: Add transition actions for custom workflows to update properties
  7. Enterprise: Added new audit event for changing Enterprise administrator global permission
  8. Enterprise: Improved user management via CSV (download user list option)
  9. REST API: Relax casing search in Glassworks (Swagger client)
  10. REST API: BOM and Metadata API endpoint responses now matched
  11. Fixed an issue projecting silhouette edges while in context
  12. Fixed an issue where users can accidentally dimension against a plane while in sketch
  13. Fixed an issue with not being able to export drawing when filename starts with a period
  14. Fixed a specific issue where curvature combs created by ruled surface are not smooth
  15. Fixed a specific issue with auxiliary view shifting when editing parent view
  16. Fixed a specific issue where certain text inputs in drawing view label field can hide view label
  17. Fixed a specific issue where shaded view can leak outside detail view circle in exported SVG
  18. Fixed a performance issue with placing drawing annotations for certain server regions
  19. Fixed stability issues for specific assemblies

1.138 - released 2021-10-25

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  1. New Where used search (Professional)
  2. New inspection symbols and inspection list export in Drawings
  3. Support open arrowhead style in Drawings
  4. Improved hole feature performance
  5. Improved open times for Drawings
  6. Improved open times for Assemblies (tree structure local caching)
  7. REST API: Support basic authentication for API keys
  8. REST API: Updated webhook documentation
  9. FeatureScript: Add colors to debug cSys
  10. Enterprise: Include shared with Onshape support data in Analytics
  11. Updated Education Enterprise plan with preset Educator team used for default global permissions
  12. Upgraded translation services for various formats
  13. Renamed “​​Create new subassembly” to avoid confusion with “Move to new subassembly”
  14. Revised minimum drawing custom sheet size from 4x4 inches to 1x1 inch
  15. Improved accuracy of interference detection for specific models
  16. Improved optimization of file size for glTF exports
  17. Allow use of foreshortened diameter dimension on section views
  18. Fixed display of drawings sheet scale for certain views from decimals to integers
  19. Fixed an issue with duplicating sheet on a specific drawing
  20. Various fixes to assembly folders
  21. Various fixes to the zero state screen

1.137 - released 2021-10-01

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  1. New foreshortened linear diameter dimensions in Drawings
  2. New zero state screen on My Onshape with helpful resources for Professional trial users
  3. New copy link button (configuration, render mode, orientation and right panel state)
  4. Support STEP 242 export
  5. Option to hide grey background behind drawing properties
  6. Option to hide empty field designators (---) in Property panel in Drawings
  7. Support add/remove/reorder columns in revision tables in Drawings
  8. Support add/remove/reorder columns for BOM templates
  9. Enterprise: Support deprovisioning users in bulk (csv)
  10. Release Mgt: Support automatic part number assignment matching (one reference) if enabled
  11. Enterprise/Pro: Support webhook signatures for improved security on outbound traffic
  12. Allow properties dialog description textbox to be resized
  13. Fixed an error with replicated parts in release packages
  14. Fixed an issue to prevent clearing revision descriptions from drawings that are not part of a release
  15. Fixed an issue with drawing callouts failing for replicated parts
  16. Fixed an issue with equal sign disappearing from drawing table cell
  17. Fixed an issue with bend notes overlapping when rotating or scaling flat pattern view
  18. Fixed an issue with mass override when working with multiple subassembly levels
  19. Fixed a specific issue with being able to select invalid imprints when dimensioning sketch
  20. Fixed a specific issue with in context updates breaking models
  21. Fixed a specific issue where replacing composite part with assembly can prevent it from loading
  22. Fixed a specific issue that can prevent revision obsoletion
  23. Fixed a specific issue with domain provisioning of users with Google SSO
  24. Fixed a specific issue where drawing callouts can cut off the last character
  25. Fixed a specific issue where chamfer dimension color does not respect drawing properties
  26. Fixed issue where FREE users were able to create public documents in shared company owned folder
  27. Fixed an issue where hiding an assembly folder in a display state did not hide components in a Drawing view

1.136 - released 2021-09-14

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  1. New Assembly instance folders
  2. New Ruled surface feature
  3. New resizable center marks in Drawings properties panel (construction geometry)
  4. New Enterprise analytics: Audit trail report for user actions
  5. Support fasten mate replicate for slots (using center points)
  6. Support conjugate angle dimensioning in Drawings
  7. Support Spanish in help documentation
  8. Support labels during Document creation
  9. Support Item management for assigned non-administrators (PRO)
  10. Support expanded the bounds for countersink hole angles
  11. FeatureScript: Optimize evaluation of expression trees (ie. ValueWithUnits)
  12. Release mgt: Allow administrators to mark current revision re-releasable (override)
  13. Support for tooltips in Part Studio parts list
  14. Updated location of hide/show bend lines in drawings subcontext menu
  15. Enterprise: Analytics for document copy information to the IP Tracking dashboard
  16. Enterprise: Analytics events for SSO configuration and 2FA changes
  17. Enterprise: Analytics project filter added to release dashboards
  18. Updated help documentation to list export rules
  19. Revised feature dialog slider and final UI tooltips
  20. Fixed Fillet and Draft Italian translations
  21. Fixed issue allowing guest users to access Enterprise applications
  22. Fixed an issue with connections from South Africa not using the appropriate server region
  23. Fixed an issue with drawing reference property inserted instead of part reference property
  24. Fixed an issue with certain symbols in revision table disappearing when released
  25. Fixed an issue with sketch insert unable to be used with a specific configured Part Studio
  26. Fixed a specific issue where a projected circle appear flipped in drawing section view
  27. Fixed a FeatureScript issue with using plateErrorString.fs throwing support codes
  28. Fixed an underlying issue with not being able to move a specific tab to another document
  29. Fixed a rounding issue when opening a configuration using switch to configuration
  30. Fixed an issue where loft surface bleeds past the profile using end conditions and guides

1.135 - released 2021-08-20

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  1. New parametric Replicate
  2. New export to PVZ format
  3. Cleanup context menus in Drawings
  4. Cleanup context menus on the Documents page
  5. Option to define “Up direction” for sheet metal parts in the flat view
  6. Support for filtering errored features in feature list search
  7. Support conical surface selection for 3D section views
  8. Support split for 3D curves with surfaces
  9. Support for ball mate limits
  10. Support Italian localization
  11. Support exporting curves in COLLADA file format
  12. Support dimensioning arc/circular silhouette edges in Drawings
  13. Convert circular entities into circles/arcs in Drawings
  14. Improved plane selection while dimensioning sketch lines
  15. Enterprise: Analytics report for failed sign ins
  16. Enterprise: Allow administrators to override users documentation names (display name)
  17. REST API: Webhook events for Enterprise SSO configuration changes
  18. Help documentation: Add static headers while scrolling
  19. Help documentation: Add a subcategorization in the Glossary for alphabetical selection
  20. Removed 3 line limit from drawing callouts dialog
  21. Fixed an issue where sketch conics appear to shift while dragging an offset conic
  22. Fixed an issue when placing a point dimension in Drawing highlights multiple edges
  23. Fixed a specific issue where drawings can become unresponsive after adding annotation
  24. Fixed a specific compatibility issue for exported SVG drawings used with EazyDraw

1.134 - released 2021-07-30

  1. New property for user’s initials in Drawings
  2. Support custom FeatureScript suggestions in command search
  3. Remember last value for circular radius Fillet and and equal distance Chamfer
  4. Add hidden/suppressed states into feature tooltips
  5. Add option to sketches to disable imprinting (underlying faces)
  6. Support for hyperlinks in comments
  7. Support to modify name in create drawing dialog
  8. Release mgt: Support up to 10 digits in part number prefix
  9. Release mgt: Recognize revision property for initial release
  10. Support for JT (non-customizable) export
  11. Update ‘Make a copy” link into a button for Public documents
  12. Enterprise: Owners prohibited to add light users to app purchases/licenses
  13. Enterprise: Improved UI for Users, Teams, and Aliases pages
  14. Support print and PDF in any page of the help documentation
  15. Support next links for paging through the help documentation
  16. Revised keyboard shortcut pages and behaviors in help documentation
  17. REST API: Support comment events (add, update, delete) for the web-hook endpoint
  18. FeatureScript: Add opFlipOrientation (ie. used to flip up/down orientation for sheet metal)
  19. Spanish translation fixes
  20. Fixed issues with sketch DXF import imprinting
  21. Revision table maintains description when discarding release
  22. Fixed a drawing issue where context menu can overlap with toolbar
  23. Fixed a specific drawing issue where certain images cannot be dragged
  24. Fixed a specific drawing issue where certain visible edges are hidden

1.133 - released 2021-07-13

  1. New change detection in Release management (Pro/Enterprise)
  2. New analytics home page (Enterprise)
  3. Improve import into multiple documents (each sub assembly and parts group together)
  4. Added warning for release packages if they contain obsolete references
  5. Support ALT + ENTER to add a new line in Drawings table cell
  6. Attach or group notes to views in Drawings
  7. Add copy link option next to topics and subtopics in the Help documentation
  8. Change cursor to hand icon for help documentation links
  9. Update autocomplete for variables context aware (new variable name prepopulated)
  10. Added new videos to Help documentation
  11. FeatureScript: Improved map iteration syntax
  12. FeatureScript: Support for predicates as conditions in if-statements in preconditions
  13. Mark account related glossary terms with an “Account” context
  14. Support open and copy link actions in the share and versions tabs on the documents page
  15. Improve BOM loading performance for top level assemblies
  16. Fixed follow up Spanish localization issues
  17. Fixed not being able to consistently select faces or edges while using in context reference in a sketch
  18. Fixed an issue where custom features and tables can get stuck on loading
  19. Fixed a specific drawing issue where lines do not get rendered
  20. Fixed an issue where drawings can become unresponsive when placing dimension
  21. Fixed title block translation when creating language specific custom templates

1.132 - released 2021-06-21

  1. New cross-hatch editing for section views in Drawings
  2. New video and image captions, glossary legends/keys and styling to help documentation
  3. Add ping time and connection region to Performance advisor panel
  4. Support Spanish localization
  5. Support additional combination of views (i.e. section->section->detail)
  6. Support moving a document tab folder to a new document
  7. Enterprise: New analytics intellectual property (IP) tracking dashboard
  8. Enterprise: Team activity dashboard with drill downs to count statistics
  9. Enterprise: Provide destination document link in the audit trail report
  10. Support for symmetric through all end condition in Extrude
  11. Support access to Learning center from SSO enabled enterprises
  12. Allow opening Where used results in a new tab by clicking on MMB
  13. Fixed an issue where searching for items may not be narrowing enough results
  14. Fixed an issue where Activity feed does not show new activity within Enterprise
  15. Fixed an issue where switching to the correct configuration fails due to conversion to meters
  16. Fixed a specific issue where display state is not updating in a large Assembly
  17. Fixed a specific DXF/DWG file not importing all edges into sketch
  18. Fixed an underlying issue that can trigger support codes when working in Part Studios
  19. Fixed an issue where failed virtual sharps cannot be selected for deletion
  20. Fixed an issue where Drawings is unresponsive after dragging a view with annotations attached
  21. Various fixes where grouped annotation positions can shift on drag
  22. Various fixes for help documentation glossary

1.131 - released 2021-06-01

  1. New show/hide individual segments in a drawing view
  2. New single sign on (SSO) provider option for custom SAML 2.0 integrations (Enterprise)
  3. FeatureScript: Support custom feature tooltip images
  4. REST API: Add synchronous glTF/gLB endpoint for assemblies
  5. Support for changing a document’s folder from within the open document
  6. Support cut angle option to angular section views in Drawings
  7. Support section views on auxiliary views in Drawings
  8. Support grouping of callouts with datums, welds, and surface finish in Drawings
  9. Improved document open performance
  10. Refactored display data caching to improve large assembly open performance
  11. Revised and redesigned help documentation for desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  12. Added closed captions and transcripts on all new videos in the help documentation
  13. Enforce 10 character password requirement on creation
  14. Hide next revision row in drawing revision table when viewing pending revisions
  15. Fixed issue to maintain view render mode in Part Studios and Assemblies when switching between tabs
  16. Fixed an issue where edit share permission defaults change when switching to view only
  17. Fixed a specific issue with broken lines when importing DWG/DXF into sketch
  18. Fixed a specific issue with mate not showing error when mate connector cannot be resolved
  19. Fixed a specific issue with not being able to update edit in context reference
  20. Fixed a specific issue where saving part properties can take longer than expected
  21. Fixed a specific issue with surface finish leader shifting when exporting PDF drawings
  22. Fixed a specific issue with note removing numeric text when editing

1.130 - released 2021-05-07

  1. New Full round fillet
  2. New single sign on (SSO) provider Classlink (Enterprise)
  3. New aliases for grouping users and teams for release management (Enterprise)
  4. Improved ‘Open link in new tab’ and ‘Copy link to clipboard’ for Documents page detail panel
  5. Add Drawing properties default setting for view simplification
  6. Refresh existing and add new videos to the help documentation
  7. Support all common date formats in Drawings
  8. Support export rules for DXF/DWG export of sheet metal flat patterns
  9. Support export rules to use the sheet reference from Drawings (Pro/Enterprise)
  10. Support show/hide sketches for detail view in Drawings
  11. Support auto diameter symbol when dimensioning cylindrical section view silhouettes in Drawings
  12. Support email notification of expiring EDU Standard accounts
  13. Support a renewal option for expired EDU Standard accounts
  14. Fix 'Delete' action position in context menu to avoid accidental deletion
  15. Improve performance of detail views of sections in Drawings
  16. Fixed sign in failure when double clicking verify 2FA button
  17. Fixed an issue with searching in assembly filters with uppercase letters
  18. Fixed a specific issue with failing to find revisions when changing subassembly to revision
  19. Fixed a specific issue with missing parts when exporting assembly
  20. Fixed an issue with changing configuration of drawing reference from version
  21. Fixed an issue with being able to create a drawing from DXF/DWG when enforcing use of an Enterprise drawing template
  22. Fixed a specific issue with missing edges in exploded view drawing
  23. Fixed a specific issue where hatch regions were not appearing in section views

1.129 - released 2021-04-19

  1. New company-wide export rules
  2. New dissolve sub assembly option
  3. New wall thickness dimension type in Drawings
  4. Ability to create an auxiliary view from a section view in Drawings
  5. Ability to create a section view from a view with a broken out section in Drawings
  6. Add view labels to any view in Drawings
  7. Add auto diameter symbol when dimensioning cylindrical silhouettes in Drawings
  8. Update Drawing revision table ‘Description’ to ‘Revision description’ company property
  9. Support pasting copied table into variable table
  10. FeatureScript: new tolerant sort (tolerantSort)
  11. Added Onshape to the Azure AD application gallery and updated help documentation
  12. Added HaveIBeenPwned password check on new password creation and reset
  13. Improved performance panel usability
  14. Improved Start sheet metal feature dialog
  15. Changed font for measure text to improve readability
  16. Various cleanup of Help documentation
  17. Fixed a security issue with signing into dev portal with 2 factor authentication
  18. Fixed naming of certain drawing Weld symbols
  19. Added padding between Weld symbol text
  20. Fixed a display issue in drawing insert dialog for named views containing unicode characters
  21. Fixed an issue with grouping callouts to GD&T attached with hole callout in Drawings
  22. Fixed an issue where configuration name containing ‘&’ displayed incorrectly in Drawings view properties dialog

1.128 - released 2021-03-29

  1. New variable tables
  2. New export of Drawings as SVG, JPEG, or PNG
  3. Improve section and detail view naming in Drawing sheets panel
  4. Allow setting tolerance type when selecting both linear and angular dimensions
  5. Support export of custom sheets in Drawings
  6. Support localization on parameter descriptions in standard features
  7. REST API: Support face color for export of glTF/gLB
  8. REST API: Add document API endpoint for comments
  9. Improved Assembly open times and reduced browser memory usage
  10. Updated documentation for single sign-on (SSO) with PingOne Identity
  11. Show EDU Standard account expiry notifications in Onshape
  12. Improved sketch pattern help topic
  13. Pinned version graph arrow and headers to the top when scrolling down the version graph
  14. Fixed an issue where renaming a sketch with numbers exits the rename field
  15. Fixed an issue where Chrome address suggestions can show up for GD&T field
  16. Fixed a specific issue with missing edges when importing DXF into sketch
  17. Fixed a consistency issue with using boolean on sheet metal parts
  18. Fixed a template specific issue with placing center marks and virtual sharps
  19. Fixed a specific issue where smart dimension picks the incorrect edge
  20. Fixed a specific composite part view insertion issue in Drawings
  21. Fixed a specific issue with BOM insertion in drawings
  22. Fixed an issue with being able to resize tables in the title block layer

1.127 - released 2021-03-08

  1. New Performance panel for diagnosing documents
  2. New BOM templates
  3. New ‘ValueWithUnits metadata’ value type
  4. Ability to change the date format for Approved date in revision tables in Drawings
  5. Expand grouping of callouts with notes, bend notes, hole tags and GD&T
  6. Support for face colors in glTF/gLB export via API
  7. Improve selection and annotation performance in Drawings
  8. Support specified projection angle in Drawing templates
  9. Improved documentation on Azure Active Directory SSO integration
  10. Enterprise: Hide guest users in the Enterprise Education version
  11. Enterprise/Company support for external grants for purchased applications
  12. REST API: Add translation option dtkPeriodicFacesPolicy=3 for CATIA parts
  13. Allow box select to post-select points from imported DXF/DWG for sketch constraints
  14. Allow selecting broken out section depth point from views with broken out section
  15. Fixed an issue where a configured instance tooltip may show the incorrect config
  16. Fixed a specific error when merging workspaces
  17. Fixed an issue with using certain types of edges for loft connections
  18. Fixed stability issue with FeatureScript attributes
  19. Fixed various workflow issues with signing up for an Education account
  20. Fixed a specific issue where Activity feed does not load
  21. Fixed a specific issue where a drawing view only allows one broken out section
  22. Fixed a specific issue where section view does reference the revision
  23. Fixed a tolerance issue to be more lenient when defining parallel lines in drawings
  24. Fixed an issue with auto-sizing table columns

1.126 - released 2021-02-12

  1. New configure Assembly name for configuration properties
  2. New prefix and suffix options for export using metadata fields
  3. New selective ‘Move to document…’ options
  4. New Enterprise setting for default home page
  5. New duplicate sheet option in the Drawings sheet panel
  6. Expanded where the ‘2nd fillet’ option for weld symbols can be applied in Drawings
  7. Added Enterprise Edu specific documentation to the help
  8. Added support for Educational users to delete their account
  9. Release mgt: Ability to remove a top level item in a non-terminal state of a release package
  10. Release mgt: Prevent use of an already skipped revision in release management
  11. Update the view, BOM and image properties dialogs to the new styling in Drawings
  12. Allow bend notes to be placed on either side of a break view in Drawings
  13. Improve the diameter dimension tool in Drawings to apply to silhouette edges (side view)
  14. REST API: Add GLTF and GLB accepts option to the tessellation APIs
  15. Fixed issue for existing Free users unable to upgrade to Educational accounts
  16. Fixed errors when using ISO Hex socket head cap screws and ISO Hex nuts standard content
  17. Fixed an issue where creating a release from properties dialog of a configured part inserts the wrong configuration
  18. Fixed a specific issue with inserting sub-assembly throwing support codes
  19. Fixed a specific issue with abnormal assembly solve time performance
  20. Fixed a specific issue where certain angle measurements may change with order of selection
  21. Fixed a specific Enterprise analytics permissions issue
  22. Allow signing up with an email containing an apostrophe
  23. Removed enforcement of Onshape 2FA for SSO sign in on Mobile

1.125 - released 2021-01-25

  1. New match connections control for Loft
  2. New Assembly instance filter
  3. Support for multi-select RMB options ‘Unshare with me’, ‘Move to’, and ‘Send to trash’
  4. Support opening up referenced configuration from ’Switch to..’ and ‘Open link documents’
  5. Update automatic view simplification to use ratio of Part settings
  6. REST API: Add ‘good/better/best’ quality query parameters to tessellation endpoint
  7. Updated payment pages
  8. Improve redirect behavior when navigating to Enterprise documents while not signed in
  9. Fixed display of activity trend dashboard to be more accurate
  10. Fixed an issue where Action items can take longer to load
  11. Fixed an issue where named feature script attributes do not persist when deriving
  12. Fixed a specific issue where sketch plane alignment can be unstable
  13. Fixed an issue where Explode starting position does not update in Drawing
  14. Fixed an issue with current sheet export not exporting the current sheet in versions
  15. Fixed an issue with Table text size not respecting template
  16. Fixed a specific issue where autofit does not correctly size table
  17. Fixed a specific issue where sheet reference does not update on changing configuration
  18. Fixed being able to set drawing note order layer
  19. Fixed an issue with drawing screenshots when submitting tickets to support
  20. Fixed visibility issues related to application extensions
  21. Various fixes for French translation
  22. Various fixes for Where used for Enterprise

1.124 - released 2021-01-05

  1. New French localization option
  2. New team dashboard for Enterprise EDU plans
  3. Ability to add information to GD&T frames that is not inside the frame in Drawings
  4. Improve markup screenshot image quality when zoomed in
  5. Improve Dev-portal UI to clarify app extensions functionality
  6. Added ownership transfer warning when dragging folders in the documents page
  7. Improve performance for glTF and OBJ exports
  8. Fixed a specific issue with missing parts on updating context
  9. Fixed a specific issue with unexpected geometry when using circular fillet
  10. Fixed a specific issue with standard content changing on editing its part number
  11. Fixed a specific rotation issue with Brave browser
  12. Fixed incorrect display of where used result for nested configured assembly
  13. Fixed an issue with signing up for Education account
  14. Fixed issue with setting view simplification threshold when inserting drawing view
  15. Fixed an issue with drawing templates not preserving visibility layer order
  16. Fixed an issue with duplicate drawing reference in sheets panel after replacing reference
  17. Fixed an issue with splitting base part updating the wrong section of section view
  18. Fixed an issue with sheets panel auto scrolling when opening drawing properties
  19. Fixed a specific issue with keyboard shortcuts switching drawing sheets
  20. Fixed a specific issue with not being able to group GD&T with dimension

1.123 - released 2020-12-10

  1. New Japanese localization option
  2. New Onshape logo added
  3. Added location for ‘Restore previous’ entries in the document history panel
  4. Support transparency in PDF exports
  5. Support creating variables within new sketches and features
  6. Support certification exam testing for Enterprises using SSO
  7. Support for importing Rhino 7
  8. Improved markup image quality
  9. Enterprise: Add sort/filter to both user and team member lists
  10. Improve consistency of reference for views, BOM properties and sheets panel in Drawings
  11. Fixed intermittent FeatureScript autocorrect behavior
  12. Fixed issue with exporting the wrong part configuration on high latency connection
  13. Fixed incorrect variable tooltip when switching between configurations
  14. Fixed issue with finding revisions when part configuration is removed before release
  15. Fixed a specific issue where regen time is polling the wrong configuration
  16. Fixed a specific issue where broken sketch constraints are hidden until shown
  17. Fixed a specific issue with failing to move tab out of document
  18. Fixed a specific issue where SSO user cannot insert image
  19. Fixed a specific issue where Standard content description fails to update in BOM
  20. Fixed a specific issue where applying category through part properties does not always save
  21. Fixed release management issue for companies that default “Not revision managed” to true
  22. Fixed an issue where imported composite part fails to accept overridden mass
  23. Fixed a specific issue with not able to show sketch in Part Studio drawing view
  24. Fixed an issue with drawing precision not matching the assigned property value
  25. Fixed an issue with inconsistent callout copy behavior
  26. Fixed DXF/DWG export compatibility with PADS PCB
  27. Fixed issue with missing lines on importing DXF into sketch

1.122 - released 2020-11-18

  1. New markup tool in comments
  2. New option for section of section view to cut base view’s geometry in Drawings
  3. Added explode line appearances into the properties panel in Drawings
  4. Added Onshape app to the OneLogin app catalog
  5. REST API: Add release package action/transition based webhooks
  6. REST API: Enforce OAuth endpoint rate limiting
  7. Enterprise: Display number of licenses left to admins
  8. Improved interactivity performance when working in a Feature Studio
  9. Show pending revisions for revision table when viewing versions
  10. Remove addLocationDetails from the getAssemblyDefinition API call
  11. Fixed a specific issue where sketch erroneously reports a missing constraint reference
  12. Fixed a specific issue where parts show up as “missing items” in feature dialog
  13. Fixed a specific issue with failing to activate explode view
  14. Fixed a specific issue with failing to load complex assembly in Chrome
  15. Fixed a specific issue with creating in context reference for complex assembly
  16. Fixed an issue where collaborators are shown in public documents
  17. Fixed an issue where hole table miscounting blind vs blind in last holes
  18. Fixed an issue where drawing view angle projection can get mismatched
  19. Fixed an issue where revision table data is not maintained when moving tab out of document
  20. Fixed an issue with not being able to remove comments when parting out tab
  21. Fixed multi selection for parts in release dialog when editing properties
  22. Fixed an issue with changing categories for multiple parts in release dialog
  23. Fixed an issue with search throwing error for queries that show few results
  24. Fixed an issue with note bullet points increasing in size when changing font
  25. Fixed hiding explode lines for parts that are hidden by view simplification
  26. Fixed an issue with stuck uploads when updating OBJ/MTL zip files

1.121 - released 2020-10-27

  1. New Where used search and panel
  2. New Setup walkthrough - finalize your profile modal
  3. New reference/link properties in image properties dialog
  4. New OBJ export option
  5. New automatic view simplification for larger views in Drawings
  6. Added example of mate selection order for pin slot mate in help documentation
  7. Added ISO weld symbol Single-bevel butt with broad root face
  8. Add delete and mark as read hover icons to notification panel
  9. Improved hole feature help documentation
  10. Improved chamfer help documentation
  11. Enterprise: SSO whitelist domain support
  12. Enterprise: User dashboard for modeling time per project per day
  13. Enterprise: Hide light users from EDU enterprise plans
  14. Improve add application (+ menu)
  15. FeatureScript: Add named attributes (attributeName)
  16. Unify fillet propagation behavior
  17. Added a link to parted out document when moving tab to new document
  18. Added option to show/hide sketch points for assembly views
  19. Allow signing up with .school domains
  20. Fixed an issue with exporting certain GD&T symbols in Drawings
  21. Fixed a specific issue with an incorrect part number shown in sheets panel
  22. Fixed a specific issue with an incorrect part number shown in revision history
  23. Fixed issue with displaying different configuration thumbnail in release dialog
  24. Fixed issue with displaying double type property in drawings
  25. Fixed issue with incorrect shaded view for exploded view in Drawings
  26. Fixed issue with 3 point angular dimension moving after repositioning grip point
  27. Fixed issue with old assembly drawing views showing solid explode lines
  28. Fixed issue with hiding explode lines if corresponding instances are hidden in assembly
  29. Fixed issue with showing URL instead of username when exporting enterprise audit trail
  30. Fixed support code in notifications when releasing duplicate part number
  31. Fixed display of “Copy workspace” option for public documents in documents list
  32. Fixed a specific issue with extrude remove not working with flattened sheet metal

1.120 - released 2020-10-07

  1. New Explode line support in Assemblies and Drawings
  2. New callout grouping with callouts in Drawings
  3. Support Assembly sketches in Drawings
  4. Support dimensions and constraints to spline handles
  5. Support rotation to offset option in mates
  6. Support for PDF export without overridden dimension underline in Drawings
  7. Add slight offset to overlapping inserted components into Assemblies
  8. Export sub assembly occurrence as glTF
  9. Rename 'All Company Users' to 'All enterprise users'
  10. Support category and configuration as parameters to part number generator uniqueness
  11. Add option 'Allow edge overflow’ to Fillet (disabled keeps neighboring surfaces)
  12. Fixed quick switcher UI
  13. Fixed an issue where dashed or center lines does not appear in PDF export
  14. Fixed an issue where crop view changes the color of the shaded view
  15. Fixed an issue with inconsistent move face behavior for split sheet metal part
  16. Fixed an issue with flat pattern sketch moving when extruding across bends
  17. Fixed contour icon orientation for weld symbol dialog
  18. Fixed an issue where drawing occasionally does not maintain focus when copying document

1.119 - released 2020-09-15

  1. New section view of a section view in Drawings
  2. New fit spline option for edges (single curve creation)
  3. Support automatic mate suppression for parts and assemblies that are suppressed
  4. Support hover to view read only mate details tooltip in Assemblies
  5. Improve copy workspace/version to maintain same tab when copying to new document
  6. Enterprise: Support for public document access
  7. Enterprise: Global permission for document and folder creation in My Onshape
  8. Support for version and workspace category metadata fields (expansion)
  9. Improve follow mode to show open dialogs while editing in Part Studio
  10. REST API: Add rollback bar to EvalFeatureScript endpoint
  11. Update Parasolid to support version 33
  12. Fixed an issue with incorrect BOM for configured assembly
  13. Fixed issue with populating app extension on high latency
  14. Fixed a specific issue where split fails
  15. Fixed a specific issue with hole table failing unless using named view
  16. Fixed a specific issue with failing to delete feature
  17. Fixed a specific issue where edges of part show as “Missing item”
  18. Fixed a specific issue with part instability when adding features

1.118 - released 2020-08-25

  1. New App extension support in partner applications
  2. New custom revision suffix option for Drawing revision tables
  3. New granular hole callout controls in Dimension panel
  4. Improved search and filter section in tab manager header
  5. Support for editing column headers and titles in Drawing revision tables
  6. Support display of configuration details on hover of a reference in Drawings sheets panel
  7. Added support for continuous rotation (loop) when animating revolue mate
  8. Change delete face default to “leave open” when the target is a surface
  9. Support for AutoCAD 2018 for DWG, DXF and DWT exports
  10. Always show Revision history context menu option for parts in Part Studios and Assemblies
  11. Updated comment panel icons
  12. Improved selection highlighting for mates in assemblies
  13. Added hole callout dual units display location option in Drawings
  14. Updated App Store post subscription animation
  15. Show STEP version information in export dialogs (ie. AP214)
  16. Release mgt: Support re-release of a part number (option)
  17. Release mgt: Option to show warnings if open tasks exist
  18. Release mgt: Allow creator to modify approver list after submission in custom workflows
  19. Enterprise: Share analytics dashboards
  20. Enterprise: Added default user-centric dashboards
  21. FeatureScript: Support multiple colors for debug
  22. FeatureScript: Access to opCreateCurvesOnFace in STD
  23. FeatureScript: Added FeatureScript syntax (->) to set the first argument of a function call
  24. REST API: PartStudio GET support for sketch constraints in features endpoint
  25. Fixed OAuth permission scopes with some endpoints
  26. Fixed issue with outdated mass properties dialog showing in view-only mode
  27. Fixed failure when performing partial sheet metal cuts across bends
  28. Fixed issue with improper display of tooltip with use of quotation in name
  29. Fixed display of overlapping geometry when parts are transparent
  30. Fixed issue with invalid error when editing derived of part with # in part number
  31. Fixed default setting for “Y-Axis Up” when exporting and reimporting
  32. Fixed display of configuration variable uses when variable is used with inferred mate connectors
  33. Fixed issue with part number propagation for configured and deleted assemblies
  34. Fixed issue with retaining overridden mass for composite parts on inserting into assembly
  35. Fixed issue with animating sub assemblies from top level assembly
  36. Fixed issue with tapped hole indication changing on refresh for ISO templates
  37. Fixed issue with DXF/DWG exports containing references in tables
  38. Fixed an issue with improper zoom to fit behavior for drawings
  39. Fixed an issue with radial dimension failing on broken view
  40. Fixed an issue with creating drawings using a specific custom template
  41. Fixed an issue with resizing BOM table to the minimum width
  42. Fixed an issue with detail view not updating when changing configuration of view

1.117 - released 2020-07-31

  1. New display of center of mass while in Mass properties
  2. New mass override options in Mass properties
  3. New custom material property (density)
  4. New edit component properties from the Assembly directly
  5. New in-line document rename on the Documents page (context menu)
  6. New Education Enterprise plan
  7. New hide components of the same type from Parts list accordion headers
  8. Added section view option to context menu
  9. Improve rename of variables to propagate to referenced features and configurations
  10. Support implicit mate connectors in the Split feature
  11. FeatureScript: Support for custom feature descriptions
  12. FeatureScript: Support for defined parameter tooltips
  13. Release Mgt: Added options for part number propagation workspace(s) when releasing from a version
  14. Fixed an issue where “Not revision managed” note shows up as “not owned by company” in release dialog
  15. Fixed an issue with not being able to hide thickened parts
  16. Fixed issues with split feature preventing hiding or deleting part or surface
  17. Fixed an issue with tooltip not displaying full name in share dialog
  18. Fixed an issue with composite part missing mass properties
  19. Fixed an issue with display decimals affecting draft analysis values
  20. Fixed issue with duplicate leader when using ALT key to copy drawing annotations
  21. Fixed issue with drawing template location jumping
  22. Fixed issue with drawing suffix spacing for detail views
  23. Fixed an issue with drawing freezing after placing broken view
  24. Fixed an issue with face appearance causing performance degradation in regeneration
  25. Fixed an issue where drawings history shows thumbnail event
  26. Enabled “Show part intersection” for composite part views
  27. Fixed an issue with face color on split sheet metal faces
  28. Fixed behavior to open a consistent tab when using “Open workspace” from documents list

1.116 - released 2020-07-15

  1. New assign face colors to features and surfaces
  2. New “flip normal” orientation option for plane feature
  3. New categories for custom properties
  4. New dedicated measure and mass properties dialogs
  5. Support implicit mate connector as the neutral plane for draft analysis
  6. Added “Permissions Overview” and “Direct Permissions” dashboards in Enterprise
  7. Improve browser memory usage to aid in large assembly loading
  8. REST API: Specify starting elements to create document endpoint
  9. Sort company user list and team user list consistently in company settings
  10. Fixed issue with missing face colors on automatic updates
  11. Fixed an issue with custom property showing with default value in drawings
  12. Fixed an issue with incorrect shaded color in drawings
  13. Fixed an issue with instance list disappearing on drag in assembly
  14. Added display name to company properties page
  15. Fixed default alignment of group callouts for ISO drawings
  16. Fixed various Onshape API documentation issues
  17. Fixed an issue with face color applying to adjacent faces of sheet metal parts
  18. Fixed an issue with “show mates” mode showing origin mates on hovering over item
  19. Fixed an issue with events from removed users in analytics

1.115 - released 2020-06-24

  1. New reference information in sheets panel in Drawings
  2. New modifier key for view cube rotation (SHIFT + Arrow Key = 5 degrees / Arrow Key = 15 degrees)
  3. New ISO 2338 parallel pins in Standard content
  4. New 'Show mates mode' in Assemblies
  5. New show mates RMB option for sub assemblies
  6. New Performance tip in-app messages with recommended practices
  7. Support sketch points in Drawings
  8. Support projected views of section views in Drawings
  9. Support for both positive and negative angles in Draft analysis
  10. Support multiple EULAs for commercial and edu accounts
  11. Enterprise: Improve report performance for project dashboard
  12. Enterprise: Rename global permission 'Access analytics' to 'Analytics administrator'
  13. Improve large assembly load performance and capacity
  14. Move Dev portal help to github pages
  15. Fixed an issue with Crop view throwing internal error
  16. Fixed an issue with inserting BOM into drawing
  17. Allow Tangential plane modifier for True position tolerances in GD&T
  18. Allow adding default Onshape properties as required in custom workflows
  19. Fixed an issue with shaded drawing view not displaying correct color
  20. Fixed issue with Face color for sheet metal patterns

1.114 - released 2020-06-03

  1. New face color support and appearance panel
  2. New hole table panel in Part Studios
  3. New FeatureScript custom tables panel
  4. New keyboard shortcut for isolate (SHIFT + I)
  5. New normal to nearest when no selection is made when using normal to shortcut (N)
  6. New Enterprise: Save Analytics dashboard with filter
  7. Allow delete face to delete body when all faces are removed
  8. Auto show hidden bodies (part, curve, sketch) during feature edit that uses them
  9. REST API: Project endpoints
  10. Enterprise: Support for import of users via CSV file for company admins
  11. Improve metadata retrieval times
  12. Release mgt: Add to release warning if object is already in a pending release package
  13. Added Custom table samples area in insert dialog for Add custom table
  14. Removed option to create Part Studio drawings from context menu
  15. Fixed issue with GD&T not properly aligning to edge extension lines
  16. Fixed issue with broken view lines extending past geometry
  17. Fixed an issue with shell not offsetting from geometry with a uniform thickness
  18. Fixed a geometry specific issue with part disappearing from graphics on zoom
  19. Fixed an issue with inserting exploded view into drawing not showing view
  20. Fixed an issue with interference detection timing out
  21. Fixed an issue with angular section view preventing drawing export
  22. Fixed a specific issue with releasing package throwing “Bad Message 431”
  23. Fixed issue with hole callout placement adjusting on ISO templates
  24. Fixed issue with make transparent shortcut not activating with mate dialog open

1.113 - released 2020-05-11

  1. New action-based cad.new url for creating new documents on cad.onshape.com
  2. New in-place document rename (click to edit)
  3. New hide all construction entities hotkey (Shift + P)
  4. New convert radial/diameter dimension toggle in Drawings
  5. Enterprise: OneLogin added to SSO
  6. Support view alignment with parent for broken views in Drawings
  7. Admin option in Release mgt. to warn/prevent assembly release with pending reference updates
  8. Update metadata without a refresh of Drawings
  9. Support multiple leaders for hole callouts in Drawings
  10. Ability to group callouts to dimensions in Drawings
  11. Update chamfer dimension style to use dimension panel
  12. Support curves in Drawing views
  13. Added named position update in Assemblies
  14. REST API: output GLTF files for an element (tab)
  15. Improved hole feature performance
  16. Fixed issue with duplicating drawing tab not updating "Drawn by" and "Drawn date"
  17. Fixed issue with callout snapping to center of note
  18. Fixed issue with using keyboard arrow keys in table cell
  19. Fixed an issue with flat pattern showing error on release dialog
  20. Fixed an issue with incorrect shading on detail view
  21. Fixed an issue with variable fillet failing on edge
  22. Fixed issue with standard content smart insertion for Enterprises
  23. Fixed issue with release dialog showing outdated reference warning when suppressed or pinned
  24. Fixed issue with Make transparent shortcut when mate dialog is open
  25. Fixed issue with sketch inferencing on isolated or transparent parts
  26. Fixed an issue with Make transparent closing on committing certain features
  27. Fixed an issue with surface view being inserted with Part Studio view in drawings
  28. Fixed issue with displaying Chinese characters in drawing note
  29. Fixed issue with typing invalid inputs for change configuration in drawings

1.112 - released 2020-04-17

  1. New “Make transparent” feature for Part Studios and Assemblies
  2. Add change configuration option to the sheets panel in Drawings
  3. Add version icons to the release dialog for versioned references
  4. Enterprise: Allow mixed mode authentication (SSO and username/password) by Admin
  5. Support multi-document import for large part counts without assemblies
  6. Updated icons in help documentation under “Updating references” topic
  7. Improved performance during and after for large imports
  8. Improved responsiveness during exploded view creation
  9. Fixed the duplicate forum id error when updating the user profile
  10. Fixed Compare from tagging a change when only units had changed
  11. Fixed the display of Drawing callouts after a quotation mark (“)
  12. Fixed an issue with hole tables in Drawings not updating after a configuration changes
  13. Fixed the display of break lines showing inconsistently in Drawings
  14. Fixed the revision table display of rejected releases in Drawings
  15. Fixed display issue in Follow mode while using Explode steps
  16. Fixed an issue where BOM would show ‘Unable to retrieve Bill of Materials’ error

1.111 - released 2020-03-31

  1. New Isolate tool in Part Studios
  2. New Enterprise user/team list alias for release management workflows (via API only)
  3. Support cross highlighting in BOM when selections are made in the instance list
  4. Support switching existing Drawings projection angle (1st/3rd)
  5. Support creating release candidates from existing versions in the current document
  6. Adjust UI to default to Parts when inserting drawing views
  7. Add additional options when removing users from a Professional company
  8. REST API: Support ownership transfer for teams
  9. Add a link to the Onshape privacy policy from the sign in screen
  10. Fixed issue with displaying composite parts on inserting from external document via in context
  11. Fixed display of revision table and callouts in pending revisions
  12. Fixed an issue with fixed table corners moving on update drawings
  13. Fixed an issue with mismatched exploded view in drawings
  14. Fixed an issue with PDF exports not displaying GD&T leader
  15. Fixed an issue where Assembly does not update recursively
  16. Fixed placement of scrollbar and hide/show icon in parts/instance list
  17. Fixed an issue where performance may be degraded when collaborating
  18. Fixed thumbnail issue when exporting PDF to Google Drive
  19. Fixed an issue where drawing may generate too many requests
  20. Fixed an issue where drawing dimension may jump on opening
  21. Fixed an issue with drawing views model edges
  22. Fixed display of revision details for revision managed files when searching
  23. Fixed an issue when extra faces are generated from pattern
  24. Fixed faulty extrude for certain sketches coincident to hole
  25. Fixed an issue with shell not offsetting with constant thickness
  26. Fixed an issue where extrude fails after placing fillet
  27. Fixed an issue where hole feature orphaned by split feature
  28. Fixed an issue where thickened faces may appear with unexpected edges
  29. Fixed an issue where failed chamfer may cause poor modeling performance

1.110 - released 2020-03-09

  1. Support auto-size table (double click side grips) in Drawings
  2. Support follow mode in exploded views
  3. Support reference replacement for all views in Drawings
  4. REST API: Add support for exploded views
  5. Update help documentation for Drawing and sheet reference properties
  6. Update recursive linked document update icons to use version icons, not link icons
  7. Update all product icons for proper background fil
  8. Remove grip points on text for callout and datum symbols in Drawings
  9. Improved interference detection when there are body errors
  10. Disable projected view on inserting isometric and named views
  11. Focus on draft entities when editing draft feature
  12. Fixed insert dialog scrolling in Safari 13
  13. Fixed an issue where sketch creation can take longer than expected

1.109 - released 2020-02-17

  1. New Exploded views in Assemblies
  2. Support shaded views in section, crop and broken out section views
  3. Support for inferencing edges and vertices in same sketch plane
  4. Begin rollout of Assembly recursive reference update
  5. Enterprise: Custom workflows can override top level release management settings
  6. Improve large Release management package performance
  7. Updated Part Studio topic in help documentation
  8. Improved sign up workflow for account activation and first use
  9. Support custom feature icons for regeneration time panel
  10. Fixed ordinate dimension moving when view moved
  11. Fixed stuck measure lines on graphics area
  12. Allow creating drawings of released part flat pattern
  13. Fixed broken out section placement when using with break view
  14. Fixed difficulty in editing "Not set" cells in configuration properties
  15. Fixed issue with hidden lines showing up in drawings
  16. Fixed issue with shaded view appearing behind sheet
  17. Fixed an issue with interference detection not showing intersection

1.108 - released 2020-01-29

  1. New Smart revision table Drawings
  2. New in-place rename for feature, part and assembly lists
  3. New shaft keys in Standard content
  4. REST API: New Drawings endpoints for create 4 view, get view geometry and view definition
  5. Improved assembly interference detection performance
  6. Improved assembly section view creation in Drawings
  7. Improved configuration performance for workspace references
  8. Improved regeneration performance for variables and imports
  9. Improved BOM loading and editing performance
  10. Added Onshape logo for support employee collaboration cues
  11. Fixed issue with replace on Drawing BOM from sheets panel
  12. Update release package clone process to be more performant
  13. Fixed issue with standard content BOM not matching insert dialog
  14. Fixed issue with failing to edit part property of a component in the BOM
  15. Fixed issue with projected view not showing shaded images
  16. Fixed issue with not being able to scroll in parts list at a certain height
  17. Fixed issue with document tabs moving on selection
  18. Fixed issue with Assembly tree not showing the full list on Safari
  19. Fixed issue with GD&T justification when attached to certain dimensions
  20. Fixed issue with Chrome autofill suggestions in share dialog

1.107 - released 2020-01-07

  1. New OneDrive cloud storage support
  2. New measure tool in Drawings
  3. New composite part filter in the insert dialogs
  4. New edge extension leader type for GD&T symbols in Drawings
  5. New Maximum/Minimum dimension tool in Drawings
  6. Release Mgt: Export options from revision history
  7. Support export of subassembly from instance context menu in Assemblies
  8. Support double click table grips to edit table in Drawings
  9. Added a separate tessellation quality icon to Assembly instance list
  10. Enterprise: Improve load times on Analytics
  11. Release Mgt: fixed issue with copied documents and drawing references
  12. Release Mgt: decouple workflow notifications and transition events
  13. Fixed issue with not being able to add custom feature
  14. Fixed issue with exporting assembly instances when viewing anonymously
  15. Fixed misalignment of release dialog when resizing dialog and zooming browser
  16. Fixed display of line breaks in release note on Action items page
  17. Fixed display of hole table indicators for certain templates
  18. Fixed connection issue with Enterprise domains
  19. Fixed issue with loading certain DWG files
  20. Fixed issue with stuck out of date button in drawings
  21. Fixed issue with split BOM losing it’s anchor point on refresh

1.106 - released 2019-12-03

  1. New Knit surfaces by edges using Boolean
  2. New subtract parts from surfaces using Boolean
  3. New properties panel in the vertical tab bar on the Documents page
  4. New revision history in the document detail panel on the Documents page
  5. New Enterprise global permission to control access to the App store
  6. New ability to create jogged leaders in Drawings
  7. Add support for replace component for assemblies, surfaces and sketches
  8. Add BOM tables to the sheets panel in Drawings
  9. Add top level Assembly node to the instance list
  10. Improved performance on feature and instance list edits
  11. Improved note associativity stability switching between parts and assemblies in Drawings
  12. Update error icons in Assembly instance list
  13. Fixed viewing support tickets from Enterprise SSO
  14. Fixed issue with datum size in released drawings

1.105 - released 2019-11-12

  1. New Composite parts (import option and feature)
  2. New Advanced search in all insert dialogs
  3. Added support for bounding box and zoom to fit for Interference detection
  4. Added support for breaks of sections views in Drawings
  5. Added support for changing view orientation of Drawing views
  6. Support for rearranging all icons in the toolbars
  7. Refactor feature and assembly lists as splitter panels
  8. Support collapsable configuration tables
  9. Improve feedback while releasing large packages by using transitional states
  10. Improve comment performance (large threaded replies)
  11. Upgraded assembly solver for improved stability
  12. Improved BOM loading performance
  13. Clear workspace revision property if Release management is enabled
  14. Composite part options added to Delete feature
  15. Added support for assigning datum size in Drawings
  16. Added import option ‘Orient imported models with Y Axis Up’ when splitting into multiple documents
  17. Added trusted source security measures for websocket connections
  18. Fixed issue with Drawing dimensions changing after export to PDF
  19. Fixed issue with similar holes being tagged incorrectly
  20. Fixed issue related to moving text callouts to a format layer in Drawings
  21. Fixed issue related to detail views not showing all edges in Drawings
  22. Fixed issue related to incorrect view labels in the Drawings sheets panel
  23. Fixed issue with zero thickness interferences not showing in Interference detection

1.104 - released 2019-10-17

  1. New Interference detection
  2. New Enterprise admin option to setup custom feature toolbar
  3. Added automatic dialog advance on single selection fields
  4. Added angular tolerance precision to Drawing property panel
  5. Persist cloud service account on subsequent imports
  6. Improved Loft surfaces when using end conditions
  7. Updated documentation on recommended hardware for Onshape
  8. Added option to show cut geometry only for section views in Drawings
  9. Added FeatureScript functions to create B-spline surfaces
  10. Add Document labels back to Documents page
  11. Allow empty callouts in Drawings
  12. Fixed issue with cross cursor interactivity performance on macOS in Drawings
  13. Fixed issue with Enterprise activities not reporting Export as link
  14. Fixed issue with blind holes partially breaking through showing THRU in Drawings
  15. Fixed issue with Return to Main showing when viewing history from another workspace
  16. Fixed issue with icons in a release candidate dialog from displaying incorrectly
  17. Fixed issue with unfolding sheet metal parts with bent inner loops

1.103 - released 2019-10-01

  1. New glTF export option
  2. New search result details including part number, revision/version and state
  3. Improved UI for details panel when searching for non-document entities
  4. Added cross highlighting and preview to hole tables in Drawings
  5. FeatureScript: Ability to name faces and have it export with Parasolid model
  6. Support attachment of GD&T annotations to dimension extension lines in Drawings
  7. Added new performance tip help articles
  8. Added icon for Switch to... in context menu
  9. Enterprise: Improve analytics dashboard filtered view performance
  10. Integrated feedback (Was this helpful?) option in the help
  11. Improved usability of the Primer section of the help
  12. Fixed issue with navigating Onshape after authenticating with our Learning center
  13. Improved stability of mirrored bends and joint in sheet metal
  14. Improved workflow for exporting annotations to templates in Drawings
  15. Improved large assembly load time and interaction performance
  16. Fixed issue with Standard content not showing in crop view in Drawings
  17. Fixed issue with copy element API endpoint not returning a response
  18. Fixed issue with table properties not reflecting changes
  19. Fixed issue with dimensions showing up incorrectly when a symbol was added in the textbox

1.102 - released 2019-09-11

  1. New Hole tables in Drawings
  2. New Sort by reference view in the Sheets panel in Drawings
  3. New replace view reference in Drawings
  4. New O-rings in Standard content
  5. New FeatureScript update dialog for external references
  6. New reset for part metadata in properties dialog
  7. New clone option for rejected release packages for ease up update and resubmit
  8. New Enterprise support for Microsoft Azure and ADFS single sign on (SSO)
  9. Enterprise: Auto-transition release when approvers are optional and not specified
  10. REST API: Added webhook events for release management
  11. REST API: Added webhook event for document version creation
  12. Support for unit selection of mesh imports
  13. Added notification when importing from a tab
  14. Increased part number length to be 10 digits
  15. Improved sketch input selection for Hole feature
  16. improved sketch table performance
  17. Help: Added a topic on public/private documents when changing plans
  18. Help: Added estimated time of completion for Primer topics
  19. Help: List of available Standard content
  20. Fixed issue with assembly mate errors on suppressed mates
  21. Fixed large icon issue when opening a release package from an email link
  22. Fixed issue related to crop view not showing all parts in Drawings
  23. Fixed issue related to floating sub assemblies to be fixed in place

1.101 - released 2019-08-20

  1. New Wrap feature (cylinders)
  2. New Laminar edge display graphics mode (open edges of surfaces)
  3. New sub assembly error indicator for nested error discovery
  4. New Enterprise: User option to set start page to Analytics, Documents or Activity
  5. New Enterprise: Support list type workflow properties in release management
  6. New FeatureScript: Create query for results of opPattern by InstanceName
  7. New Release Mgt: Option to not display watermarks for drawings not revision managed
  8. Added warning when deleting a tab that is referenced by other tabs
  9. Support for feature patterns of 1 instance
  10. Support for GD&T attachment to hole callouts
  11. Support pasting rows to configuration tables
  12. Added primaryParameterId to fields which require it
  13. Update various feature dialogs to allow selection reorder
  14. Addressed multiple general assembly performance issues
  15. Fixed an issue related to intermittent Drawing exports not working

1.100 - released 2019-07-30

  1. New export option to email a link with password and expiration options
  2. New icons in the context menu for options that have toolbar icons
  3. New Release mgt: Support adding items to a release from other documents
  4. New Release mgt: Allow refresh of admin level release conditions in a release candidate
  5. New Enterprise : Ability to have multiple workflows active in a company for selection at release
  6. New Enterprise: Compute modeling time for release packages in Analytics
  7. FeatureScript: Support buttons (ie. flip) aligned next to a query selection not below
  8. Added additional option to the vertical tab bar for Versions and history on the Documents page
  9. Allow sketch selection to pick vertices in addition to faces and edges
  10. Improved sketch projection behavior to be more tolerant with dependent constraints
  11. Improved sketch creation and edit performance
  12. Improved measure efficiency in assemblies
  13. Improved assembly performance by reducing server calls of mate connectors and instances
  14. Improved robustness when moving large numbers of references
  15. Improved view simplification performance in Drawings
  16. Updated delete part documentation in the help
  17. Fixed issue with GD&T added to ordinate dimensions not auto spacing
  18. Fixed issue with GD&T not moving with reposition preview
  19. Fixed issue with cylindrical section view picking the wrong plane
  20. Fixed issue with release management dialog row alignment
  21. Fixed issue where comments had incorrect 'Created by' username

1.99 - released 2019-07-08

  1. New Move boundary tool
  2. New inflection point and minimum radius of curvature options in Show curvature tool
  3. New Enterprise access controls for cloud storage options for administrators
  4. New Enterprise single sign on controls to disable Onshape sign in
  5. Support table collapsing for configuration and sheet metal bend tables
  6. Add workspace (branch) deletion controls to the Delete permanently global permission
  7. REST API: Assembly BOM API support for items
  8. Improved Onshape table loading and scrolling performance for large datasets
  9. Support custom icons for custom features
  10. Support custom features with Search tools interface
  11. Show part thumbnails when using search
  12. Upgrade legacy Part Studios with import features to use CAD Import reference parameters
  13. Sync all existing Drawing references to use latest microversion on insert
  14. Improve ISO behavior for geometric tolerance attachment to dimensions in Drawings
  15. Improve non-centric arc measurements to show center to center distance
  16. Fixed issue with Grammarly browser extension showing double text in comment box
  17. Fixed issue with linear patterned hole feature in sheet metal
  18. Fixed issue with section views of spherical geometry in Drawings
  19. Fixed issue with sheet metal blending bends and adding material in the flat pattern
  20. Fixed issue with configuration variables used in derived sketches not showing as used

1.98 - released 2019-06-18

  1. New linked document tools for multilevel update and control (disabled due to performance concerns)
  2. New Action items for comment tasks and release actions
  3. New Properties panel update from a template in Drawings
  4. New image export
  5. New Curvature constraint for sketches for splines
  6. New simplification option in view properties in Drawings
  7. New option to infer Mate connectors at apex of cones
  8. New display name for user defined custom properties
  9. Improved hole callouts to support per part callouts (multiple part merge scope)
  10. Support selection of cylinders for section view plane along axis
  11. Support cross highlight of configuration variables in the table with the graphics area
  12. Ability to insert sketches on section views in Drawings
  13. Ability to show/hide sketches on crop and broken out section views in Drawings
  14. Release mgt: Allow prefix to be optional in part numbering
  15. Improved annotation performance for edge selection and highlight in Drawings
  16. Added Onshape primer for new users in help
  17. Added message and notification for Drawings export to inform the action is queued
  18. Sort toolbar custom features alphabetically
  19. Enterprise: Improve performance of analytics
  20. FeatureScript: Added autocomplete for map fields
  21. FeatureScript: Support for go to local definitions (ctrl/cmd + click)
  22. Move transfer ownership from the share dialog to a right click menu on the Documents page
  23. Fixed issue with sub assembly metadata changes not showing updates in Drawings

1.97 - released 2019-05-28

  1. New Item support in Bills of Materials
  2. New custom workflows in Release management
  3. New version and history graph in the vertical toolbar
  4. New fixed corner option on tables in Drawings
  5. New vertical toolbar in Enterprise
  6. Support for commas in custom property lists
  7. Support for leaderless callouts in Drawings
  8. Support for multiple leaders for callouts in Drawings
  9. FeatureScript: Support for auto-suggestion on definition parameters and variables
  10. FeatureScript: Support for grouping parameters
  11. Fixed search performance issue related to Material libraries
  12. Improve graphics interactivity performance
  13. Improve large assembly HLR graphics performance
  14. Improve dropdown menu performance in configuration tables
  15. Fixed issue with parting out many tabs references were not properly repaired
  16. Improved efficiency of various infrastructure components
  17. Fixed chrome autofill issue on rename UI
  18. Fixed issues related to chamfer dimensions in Drawings
  19. Fixed issue with copy workspace of a public document when in an Enterprise
  20. Fixed issues related to dimensions moving in Drawings

1.96 - released 2019-05-03

  1. New split BOM in Drawings
  2. New vertical toolbar on the documents page
  3. New view quality render options in Drawing view properties
  4. Release mgt: Support project roles in Enterprise for approvers and observers
  5. Release mgt: Support adding comments on past releases/obsoletions
  6. Enterprise: Added option to fetch full comments in Activity feed when truncated
  7. REST API: Part Studio compare endpoint
  8. Added wildcard search to the help documentation
  9. Improved table cell resize behavior in Drawings
  10. Support for jog point manipulation for ordinate dimensions in Drawings
  11. Improved general Drawing performance related to API access
  12. Improved release dialog performance for larger data sets
  13. Fixed issue with ordinate dimensions group move when on the opposite side from 0
  14. Fixed issue with assembly origin hide state persisting
  15. Fixed issue with View-only toolbar blocking view in follow mode
  16. Fixed issue with Chrome autofill showing up on rename in Part Studios
  17. Fixed issue with updating Zip tab in Onshape from Windows operating systems

1.95 - released 2019-04-15

  1. New Sheet metal hem tool
  2. New Update import feature with new geometry (re-import)
  3. New FeatureScript: Operation to imprint shadows (opSplitBySelfShadow)
  4. New Enterprise: Option to allow custom property edits only via the API
  5. New Enterprise: Ability to block duplicate documents based on a regular expression
  6. Support prefix on chamfer callout in Drawings
  7. Support industry synonyms to search in the help documentation
  8. Improved comment tagging and image options
  9. Add double click width/height to resize table in Drawings
  10. Improved drag/update behavior for curvature combs for curves
  11. Improved Drawing performance for linked documents
  12. Improved search to show all properties if no scope specified
  13. Improved search results to support partial matches
  14. Fixed performance with REST API related to release management
  15. Improved HLR performance on helical models
  16. Improved copy workspace action when current location has insufficient permissions
  17. Add Edit section context menu for section views in Drawings
  18. Fixed ordinate dimensions to ignore arrow head length properties
  19. Fixed issue with inserting images into Drawings
  20. Fixed issue with units for OBJ imports
  21. Fixed internal error message in the Enterprise activity feed
  22. Fixed download name to match the renamed file tab name

1.94 - released 2019-03-22

  1. New Toolbar command search
  2. New Advanced search with custom properties
  3. New change format options in Drawings
  4. New chamfer callout tool in Drawings
  5. Support partial boundaries in both surface Loft and Fill tools
  6. Improved mesh import translation
  7. New FeatureScript evaluation evRaycast (intersection between a ray and an entity)
  8. New FeatureScript operation opSplitByIsocline (imprint/split steep/gradual faces)
  9. Improve assembly drag performance
  10. Improve assembly section cut performance in Drawings
  11. Show curvature combs in sketches during drag
  12. Improved dynamic drag of ordinate dimensions adjustment behavior
  13. Fixed drag of non-zero ordinates to adjust to avoid overlap
  14. Improved Document copy logic when inside a folder or project (permissions)
  15. Fixed issue with adding materials to configured parts
  16. Fixed issue with select other shortcut on Italian keyboards
  17. Fixed display of FeatureScript search and notices in public documents
  18. Fixed issue with Part Studio face export (DXF/DWG) not setting DIMALTF correctly for eDrawings
  19. Fixed issue with zip file translation with Spanish characters
  20. Fixed issue with Assembly configuration tables not saving column widths

1.93 - released 2019-03-01

  1. New Search support for cloud storage integrations
  2. New inferred Mate connectors for Dialogs (no need to explicitly create)
  3. New PEM FH studs and pins added to Standard Content
  4. New PEM FH holes added to Hole feature
  5. New per-user view of configurations
  6. FeatureScript: Import JSON data
  7. FeatureScript: ALLOWS_VERTEX QueryFilterCompound
  8. FeatureScript: New functions to get mass properties
  9. Support filtering for folders with Feature list filtering
  10. Allow reorder of selections in array parameters (when order matters)
  11. Ability to measure to the Assembly origin
  12. Improve jog and un-jog ordinate dimensions in Drawings
  13. Release mgt: Disable delete notification on PENDING release packages for approvers
  14. Release mgt: Notify all parties on a release package comment
  15. Support for more than two selections for measure in Assemblies
  16. REST API: Webhook subscriptions for a company
  17. Improved broken-out section view generation on large assemblies
  18. Improved stability of configured assembly patterns
  19. Changed PDF icon to be monochromatic

1.92 - released 2019-02-11

  1. New Assembly configurations
  2. New variable auto-complete in Part Studios
  3. New Enterprise single sign-on support for Google SSO
  4. New multi-leader support for GD&T, weld and surface symbols in Drawings
  5. Added support for snap & alignment mode to callouts in Drawings
  6. Enterprise: Added release management delegation information in reports
  7. Support for using Mate connectors for mirror planes
  8. Added support for section depth and view type controls to section views in Drawings
  9. Added icons for cloud storage filter results on the documents page
  10. Fixed issue with section cut line changing after adding a broken out section view in Drawings
  11. General consistency improvements when ESC and ENTER are used for active dialogs
  12. Improved server management of modeling service (infrastructure performance)
  13. Added names from Rhino imports
  14. Fixed normals of periodic faces in ACIS exports
  15. Fixed browser autofill from populating BOM fields
  16. Improved performance of documents with multiple linked documents
  17. Fixed callout formats included in DWT export
  18. Improved stability of Drawing centerline references after break view
  19. Added tooltip of configuration in release package dialog
  20. Fixed issue with Drawings printing dash symbols in the linked properties
  21. Fixed dimension dialog cancelling issue when hitting Tab then Enter
  22. Updated 3Dconnexion driver support
  23. Import support for SolidWorks 2019, ACIS 2018.1, SolidEdge 2019, UG NX12.0.2.9

1.91 - released 2019-01-18

  1. New Google drive and Dropbox integration (Import/Export)
  2. New View-only mode and toolbar
  3. New PEM fasteners in Standard Content
  4. New PEM standard in hole feature
  5. New snap & alignment mode during annotations drag and placement in Drawings
  6. Nested reference view in sheets panel in Drawings
  7. Fixed association issue with depth selection for broken-out section views
  8. Fixed association issue with snap point selections for broken-out section views
  9. Added resizable Document details panel
  10. Optimized performance on graphics shader load times
  11. Fixed releasing previously rejected linked items
  12. Fixed Drawings callouts of released items in deleted workspace
  13. Improved company admins able to delete any comment
  14. Tab metadata changes show in the Document history

1.90 - released 2018-12-19

  1. New Comment tasks
  2. New Crop view in Drawings
  3. New Broken-out section view in Drawings
  4. Display state indicated in Drawings view properties
  5. Enterprise: Adjust activity feed list
  6. Enterprise: Added created by column to release audit
  7. Improve color support for Rhino import
  8. Fixed feature list drag behavior into a collapsed folder (top or bottom)
  9. Fixed PDF export of shaded views from Drawings in versions
  10. List values in custom properties now permit spaces
  11. Fixed issue with various boolean behaviors not correctly merging bodies
  12. Fixed issue with thicken working only in one direction
  13. Fixed various sketch imprint issues

1.89 - released 2018-12-3

  1. New Feature list folders
  2. New Display state support in Drawings
  3. New Mate connector system display
  4. Improved table interaction in Drawings
  5. Added display state selection upon view insert in Drawings
  6. Improved hide ‘---’ from Drawing title blocks while exporting to PDF and printing
  7. Enterprise: Option to prevent Guest users from creating release packages
  8. Enterprise: Allow Guest users to create and approve drawings (permissions changes)
  9. Improved layout and information for file tabs
  10. New import of Rhino 6 files
  11. Fixed perpendicular snapping of drawing centerlines
  12. Fixed typecheck autocomplete using snippets in Feature Studio
  13. Removed autoscrolling assembly tree when double clicking mate features in graphics

1.88 - released 2018-11-9

  1. New Replace part tool in Assemblies (with replace all instances option)
  2. New Enterprise permission to restrict Release candidate creation
  3. New proactive warning if low power graphics card is being used
  4. New Drawing callout alignment options (horizontal / vertical)
  5. Added scale selection to the insert view dialog for Drawings
  6. Added switching Part Studio reference during Derive feature edit
  7. Dual dimension drop down menu added to Drawings
  8. Expanded version graph navigation for any document from the version reference selection
  9. Improved Use tool performance in sketches
  10. Added Drawing properties for bend notes, hole callouts under Annotations
  11. Enterprise: Improved performance of reports
  12. Automatic update of all drawings that are out of date on new version creation
  13. Automatic update of a Drawing when reference is changed (from parting out)
  14. Fixed export of face/sketch to DWG/DXF to respect setting to splines (from SP and I curves)
  15. Fixed inferencing in Drawings
  16. Fixed issue with mate connectors in arbitrary space from IGES imports
  17. Fixed issue with admin override dialog when Do not allow creator as approver is enforced
  18. Fixed issue with Assembly performance and large Mate connector quantities
  19. Fixed issue when saving a version reverts the linked property text from the sheet reference

1.87 - released 2018-10-20

  1. New Assembly display states
  2. New Release mgt: Custom list-type revision scheme
  3. New FeatureScript: Ability to set custom properties
  4. New Appstore: Option for annual billing options
  5. New Enterprise: Analytics folder filter for project dashboard
  6. New Drawing dimension styles for arrows, tics and slashes (AEC standards)
  7. User can share a document with a company team they are not a member of
  8. Improved import dialog with images
  9. Highlight associated edge when Drawing notes are selected/highlighted
  10. Notify user when creating a version if drawings needs an update
  11. Enterprise: Global permission to allow anonymous link sharing
  12. Export permissions added to anonymous link sharing
  13. Drawing properties panel controls for view labels
  14. Show custom property Id in company settings for FeatureScript reference
  15. Update url format on Documents page
  16. Added video banner to videos about the Learning center
  17. Admins of companies can now see all company owned teams

1.86 - released 2018-09-28

  1. New DIN standard in the Hole feature
  2. New Release mgt: Approval delegation
  3. New thumbnail previews for DWG, DXF and DWT tabs
  4. New REST API: Export Drawings to DXF, DWG and PDF
  5. New Drawings property section for centermarks, sketches, and sketched geometry
  6. New incremental tessellation loading in Part Studios (similar to Assemblies)
  7. Enterprise: New Export event for audit trail report
  8. Expanded Drawing property options for views
  9. Improve Drawing section view performance of assemblies
  10. Export drawings to DWG sets DIM_SCALE_FACTOR to match current sheet scale
  11. Added Drawings layer for virtual sharps (addressing association issues)
  12. Decreased grip size of elements in Drawings
  13. Show all associated annotation grip points in blue
  14. Standard content component names include size
  15. Standard content default descriptions have name, size, material and finish
  16. Improve stability for add feature REST API
  17. Improve FeatureScript display of rounded values
  18. Fixed note text display in some custom templates
  19. Fixed callouts from BOM using multiple configurations
  20. Fixed issue with Release mgt for companies with 2FA enabled
  21. Fixed parting out Assembly that references deleted tab
  22. Removed arrow in configured instance tooltip to clarify for display only
  23. Fixed derived part doesn’t carry parent’s hidden state
  24. Added ability to import into folder from tab manager
  25. Fixed issue with appearance editor to set color by selecting an existing part

1.85 - released 2018-09-07

  1. New Drawings callout balloon shapes
  2. New closed captioning on various core training courses
  3. FeatureScript: Auto-complete on local variables and functions
  4. Improved grip shapes in Drawings based on actions (drag/resize, move, flip, etc)
  5. Improved compatibility check page to detect if browser is out-of-date
  6. Version created after import completes from the Documents page
  7. Release mgt: Show revision label on Parts list when viewing a version
  8. Enterprise: New Getting started in the help for light users
  9. Enterprise: Hide Company settings from guest users
  10. Fixed export issue with SolidWorks showing as an educational file
  11. Standard Content: ISO/ANSI/DIN dowel pins
  12. Standard Content: ANSI/DIN retaining rings
  13. Fixed grip point alignment issue on arrow tips

1.84 - released 2018-08-20

  1. New progressive refinement of graphics quality in Assemblies
  2. New user notification preferences
  3. New FeatureScript reference parameters
  4. Release mgt: View release history for obsolete items
  5. Release mgt: Approval can be done by view-only users
  6. New Drawings export option for DXF/DWG/DWT for zero Z height
  7. New Drawings export option to export splines instead of polylines
  8. New Drawings export option to remove bend and tangent lines (DXF)
  9. New Drawings property setting for annotation arrowhead size
  10. New Drawings tables properties panel tab
  11. New create sketch on a Mate connector
  12. Standard content: DIN and NAS standards
  13. Shift + N renames Drawing views and sheets
  14. Deselect selected edge during dimension and annotation creation
  15. Improved Drawings view generation and associativity
  16. Improved in-context interface to avoid unnecessary context creation
  17. Improved sketch fillet behavior
  18. Improved sheet metal performance (cuts)
  19. Updated Drawings appearance dialogue framework
  20. Added preliminary support for Microsoft Edge
  21. Pending document transfers are now View only for the receiving user
  22. Allow import of parts with faults is on by default
  23. Enterprise: Analytics includes file names and file types in export events
  24. Enterprise: Allow document transfer to external user
  25. Enterprise: Developers can set App visibility for only their Enterprise
  26. Multiple seat App purchases for Companies/Enterprises
  27. Moved teams under Company settings (Professional)
  28. Fixed default highlight of text when Drawing sheet is renamed
  29. Fixed dimension overlap of extension lines in Drawings
  30. Fixed property view issues with long configuration names
  31. Fixed Drawings rename dialog on sheets panel to open with text highlighted
  32. Fixed issue with (ö ü ä) in a PDF name incorrectly displaying in the tab
  33. Fixed issue viewing an anonymous link Drawing with incorrect metadata

1.83 - released 2018-07-27

  1. New Feature List UI performance improvements
  2. New reorder multiple selections in the Feature List
  3. New User Mate connectors as an axis for all features
  4. New Release mgt: Change to revision
  5. New Release mgt: Reference manager support for revisions
  6. Improved performance on document list and project list
  7. Improved BOM metadata update performance
  8. Improve import error feedback to be more clear
  9. Bug fixing for sketch in flat for Sheet metal
  10. General Sheet metal regeneration performance improvements
  11. Added top level search to Onshape help home page with tiles

1.82 - released 2018-07-12

  1. New Drawings property panel
  2. New color settings for Drawings
  3. New line thickness settings for Drawings
  4. New help documentation for all platforms
  5. Ability to reorder mates and mate connectors in Assemblies
  6. Support min/max arc snap dimensioning in Drawings
  7. Support for spline data export into DXF (not as polylines)
  8. Support for CATIA assembly import (catprod files)
  9. Support for Inventor assembly import (zip files)
  10. Improved performance in Drawings
  11. Improved performance
  12. Use local display cache for in-context graphics performance
  13. Release mgt - Set whitelist of release approvers
  14. Release mgt - Set individual parts to non-revision managed
  15. Release mgt - Set custom property other than Part number to use part number generator
  16. Modified signup workflow for GDPR compliance
  17. Enterprise - Provision and manage light users
  18. Enterprise - Copy settings with permissions option for new projects
  19. Standard content - Added DIN bolts and screws

1.81 - released 2018-06-15

  1. New Mate HUD toolbar
  2. New Sheet metal flat pattern view sketching and feature creation
  3. New tessellation override in the Appearance editor
  4. New insert options in the tab manager
  5. Ability to delete multiple tabs from the tab manager
  6. Updated API Explorer app
  7. Improved note drag behavior to maintain cursor position in Drawings
  8. Release mgt - Set release properties on state change
  9. Release mgt - Add teams as approvers for releases
  10. Release mgt - Obsolete previous revisions when new revision is approved
  11. Release mgt - Watermarks export to DXF/DWG in Drawings
  12. Enterprise - Add type ahead for team permissions for Projects (omit drop-list)
  13. Unified help for web and mobile
  14. Improved performance in Sheets panel for large drawings
  15. Improve view scaling changes for ordinate dimension
  16. Improved grip point selection in Drawings
  17. Include flat pattern sketches in DXF/DWG export
  18. Fixed copy/paste to Simultaneous BOM

1.80 - released 2018-05-24

  1. New Enterprise plan with roles, activity, metrics and global controls
  2. New Parting line option in Draft feature
  3. New Sheets panel (re-enabled after performance update)
  4. New multi-level bills of material support in Drawings
  5. New alignment option in Drawings to rotate a view to a horizontal/vertical edge selection
  6. Release mgt: Option to require peer review
  7. Release mgt: Option to require rejection comments
  8. Improved region centers highlighting for mate connectors (slot highlights)
  9. Section view support for surfaces
  10. Added company settings area for all company-centric options
  11. Improved Drawing performance of tables
  12. Enterprise: Global permissions to limit project creation
  13. Enterprise: Permission to block user personal information (full name / email)
  14. Enterprise: Add modeling time to user list
  15. Enterprise: Add modeling time summary tables and reports
  16. Centerline end points can snap to the nearest point on another centerline in Drawings
  17. Improved search for queries with spaces
  18. Fixed tab switching shortcut in Firefox when in Drawings
  19. Fixed issue with images not being able to be moved to any format layer
  20. Fixed keyboard shortcuts and dialog focus (select other)
  21. Fixed DXF export units to match workspace units (was always meters)
  22. Fixed Assembly pattern in second direction (long load times)
  23. Fixed Sheet metal flat pattern properties to the owner part

1.79 - released 2018-05-04

  1. New create Drawing of surfaces
  2. New Release management auto part-numbering in property dialogs and BOM tab
  3. New Release management option to show watermark on non-released drawings
  4. New keyboard shortcut to switch between most recent tabs (ctrl + spacebar)
  5. New Assembly context menu option “Go to item in list” to show expanded location
  6. New Drawing note format options (bullets, numbers, upper and lower case)
  7. Improved Feature pattern performance (Apply per instance off)
  8. Support for multiple leaders on Drawing notes
  9. Support for multiple directions for Assembly linear pattern
  10. Improved Release management tags and display inside the version graph
  11. Improved feature dialog default focus for selection and keyboard in first quantity field
  12. Allow viewing of feature dialogs when in versions and view-only documents
  13. Display configuration name in tooltip in Assemblies
  14. Support Configuration table cross highlighting in feature list
  15. Allow Companies to rename properties and show computed properties used in BOM
  16. Fixed new comment panel from being active when dynamically opens
  17. Fixed feedback to not say submitting screenshot when not enabled
  18. Improve Copy workspace behavior to copy to My Onshape when permissions are not sufficient
  19. Consolidate help menu items
  20. Block feature data from being sent to the client for view only mode without copy permissions

1.78 - released 2018-04-13

  1. New Assembly in-context editing of linked document workflow
  2. New Drawing tree flyout panel (left side tab button)
  3. New Configuration of sketch text (ie. part number engraving)
  4. Support BOM insertion from versions without opening BOM first
  5. Support for multi-selection tab processing in the Tab manager
  6. Allow Name column width adjustment in Configuration tables
  7. FeatureScript rename internal names of configuration inputs
  8. Improved performance on configuration switching
  9. Fixed Datum attachment to GD&T frames
  10. Removed editability of part properties in released configured parts
  11. Fixed release management for users who belong to multiple companies

1.77 - released 2018-03-22

  1. New Release management (Professional only)
  2. New Integrated bill of materials
  3. New Onshape Standard and Professional Plans
  4. New Named views shortcut (Shift-V)
  5. Support for SolidEdge sheet metal .psm file import
  6. Add end conditions to extrude with sheet metal parts
  7. Improved sheet metal performance
  8. Improved large assembly load times
  9. Appstore developers can hide deprecated subscriptions
  10. Fix default search to match advanced search filter -all-
  11. Fix indication of dangling entities in drawings
  12. Replace version/history flyout panel gear icon with context menu
  13. Balloon callouts remember last options per drawing
  14. Support note alignment and flip options in Drawings
  15. New sort and filter material library table
  16. Improved require XSRF token for additional security
  17. Fixed callouts in Drawings for part number and description of Standard content
  18. Fixed viewing company owned custom properties for non-members
  19. Fixed Drawing callout text entry issue with Safari
  20. Fixed cursor offset issue in Drawings on 4K displays
  21. Fixed corner relief issue with round sized option

1.76 - released 2018-03-02

  1. New Configuration table paste support from tabular data
  2. New insert sketches into view support in Drawings
  3. Improved inserted sketches into Drawings support sketch splines
  4. New spline and spline point tools in Drawings
  5. New face patterns for tabs, cuts, and flanges in Sheet metal
  6. Improved Configuration table navigation (enter-below/tab-right)
  7. Extended support to configure custom properties (user created)
  8. Updated Compare to support configured Part Studios
  9. Added References folder under views in Drawing tree
  10. Added create selection button to Face Pattern/Mirror
  11. New arc to arc centerline support in Drawings
  12. Improved Face split accepts part faces and sketch regions
  13. REST API support for Standard Content metadata
  14. Improve selection behavior in Drawings
  15. Improve edge selections during surface lofts
  16. Improve set configuration to export in versions
  17. Improved assembly circular pattern stability

1.75 - released 2018-02-13

  1. New Associative Balloons and Callouts in Drawings
  2. New Non-uniform scaling options for Transform
  3. New Document thumbnail image selection
  4. New Assembly fixed indication icon for instances fixed in a sub assembly
  5. Allow any face or plane to be used as a split entity in Split Part
  6. Allow selection of Sheet metal tangent bend edges to highlight in the bend table
  7. Drag and drop Drawing view to move to another sheet
  8. Improve display of Drawing property dialogs when multiple view are selected
  9. New Adjustable column widths for Configuration tables
  10. Improve Insert dialog options for create or link to a version
  11. Improve thumbnails for configured parts in insert dialogs
  12. Drawing tree cross highlight support for detail view (detail circle in parent view)
  13. Drawing tree cross highlight support for section view (cut line in parent view)
  14. Drawing tree cross highlight support for auxiliary view (projection edge in parent view)
  15. Improve selection points for Drawing circular centerline to include vertices, midpoint, and quadpoints
  16. Hide "Go to Main" link when navigating to a Document version directly
  17. Show dotted bounding box when resizing notes in Drawings
  18. Show DWG icon next to imported DWG sheets in Drawings
  19. Support for SolidWorks 2018 imports
  20. Support for NX 12 imports
  21. REST API support for configurations in translations, stl and mass properties endpoints
  22. New Standard Content for machine screws, self tapping screws, round head bolts, countersunk elevator bolt, askew head bolt, and t-head bolt

1.74 - released 2018-01-18

  1. Support import of SolidEdge files
  2. Update default part color assignment sequence
  3. Configurable items show in Part Studios (Derived)
  4. Cross highlight support for Drawings detail view (detail circle in parent view)
  5. Cross highlight support for Drawings section view (cut line in parent view)
  6. Cross highlight support for Drawings auxiliary view (projection edge in parent view)
  7. Add preview for sketch views in Drawings
  8. Support for Company specified material library settings
  9. Allow FeatureScript custom features to assign part properties
  10. Fix various UI bugs for Configurations
  11. Add support for drag and drop on Documents page for documents/folders/labels
  12. Restore FeatureScript console cross-highlighting
  13. Ability to rotate notes in Drawings
  14. Add foreshortened radius/diameter dimension to Drawings
  15. Upgrade of Onshape cache service for better availability and performance
  16. Fix view scale in decimals when creating drawings with no views and inserting views

1.73 - released 2018-01-02

  1. New Part Studio Configurations
  2. New Standard content (ANSI/ISO Bolts, Nuts and Washers)
  3. New Graebert Kudo Viewer for DXF/DWG tabs
  4. New mini toolbar support in Drawing
  5. Extended support for chain/loop selection of sketch entities
  6. Support for rolled Sheet metal
  7. Pattern support in rolled Sheet metal
  8. Support for sketch import into Drawings
  9. Additive selection support in Drawing tree view
  10. Performance improvements for multi-sheet Drawings
  11. Various bug fixing for Custom materials
  12. Fix Drawing tree active / inactive selection display
  13. Improve Drawings annotation attachment stability
  14. Improved Sheet properties dialog for Drawings
  15. Improved reference links to sheet and view dialogs for Drawings
  16. Fixed keyboard shortcut map for redo to be CTRL Y for all platforms

1.72 - released 2017-12-04

  1. New Quick access header on Documents page
  2. New custom material library support
  3. New Create Selection option for chain / loop selections
  4. New Drawing tree in sheets flyout
  5. New fast loading model preview when opening/switching to tabs
  6. Improve Drawings view scale numeric display
  7. New REST API Create Version endpoint
  8. Fixed highlight dimension references in versions of Drawings
  9. Fixed issue removing symbols when two dimensions are selected
  10. Fix alignment in deviation tolerance dimensions in Drawings
  11. Maintain line thickness handling when zooming in Drawings
  12. Improved performance while editing jogged section view cutting lines
  13. Removed Grip points dimension text (enable movement on entire highlight)
  14. New Learning Center button on the Documents page

1.71 - released 2017-11-09

  1. New copy Assembly and Drawing tabs to existing or other documents
  2. New Part Studio Part List category collapse (like Surfaces, Curves, Meshes)
  3. New options for importing into multiple documents
  4. New Jogged angular section views in Drawings
  5. New Inspection entity for dimensions in Drawings
  6. New attach GD&T symbols onto dimensions in Drawings
  7. Enable edge selection in shaded without edges rendering mode
  8. Add context menu for Drawings properties (in addition to wrench icon)
  9. Add a drawing property for dimension text alignment style (dimension line vs horizontal)
  10. Added Share button and Trash icon to Documents page action bar
  11. Add Normal to start and end conditions to 3D fit spline (like Loft does)
  12. Add curvature continuous option to bridging curve and open 3D fit spline
  13. Improved performance of multiple sheet drawings
  14. Improved line pattern space scaling by zoom level in Drawings
  15. Support for import of SolidEdge 10 assembly zip files
  16. Fixed: New folder is selected and highlighted as the first item on the Documents page

1.70 - released 2017-10-19

  1. New Shared folders in the Documents page
  2. New duplicate option for drawings and assemblies and referenced parts
  3. New shortcut key for Select other
  4. Support for ALT / /Option LMB drag to copy entities in Drawings
  5. Added support for end, mid, and quad snaps in 3 point circular center line tool in Drawings
  6. Improvements to sketch performance for larger sketches
  7. Fixed display of Teams and Shared with me filters for Folders
  8. Ability to hide/show bend lines in Drawings
  9. Support cross-highlighting of entities for annotations in Drawings
  10. New in-app message look and feel
  11. Added guides and edge constraints to Fill feature
  12. Improved performance of graphic display data with client-side caching
  13. Improved shaded view performance in Drawings
  14. HLR refinements to view generation performance in Drawings
  15. Support for part pattern/mirror on Sheet Metal
  16. Added option for Free users to delete account
  17. Improved ordinate dimension drag behavior in Drawings from certain ISO templates
  18. Improved Drawing stability for Drawings created from templates with block information
  19. Improved speed in Assembly Isolate command
  20. Ability to restore while viewing history
  21. Ability to copy the text of the document title
  22. Pressing ESC now cancels broken view rather than commit it

1.69 - released 2017-09-26

  1. New Part Studio regeneration times tool
  2. New Draft analysis tool
  3. New Loft profile array parameter selections
  4. New 2 point construction circle tool in Drawings
  5. New dual dimension support in Drawings
  6. New ordinate dimension group behaviors in Drawings
  7. Support for shaded detail view in Drawings
  8. Improved Drawing performance for large assemblies
  9. Improved associativity for dimensions/annotations in Drawings
  10. Support for prefix /suffix on section and detail view labels
  11. Restore inserted instances in assemblies when accidentally exited
  12. Support for loft guide continuity options
  13. Support transform angles greater than 360 degrees
  14. Added bold indicator on view mode state

1.68 - released 2017-09-08

  1. New Variable radius fillet
  2. New Customizable toolbars
  3. New curvature continuous option in fillet feature
  4. New Sheet metal tab feature
  5. New sized corner and bend relief options in Sheet metal
  6. New phantom tangent edge display in Drawings
  7. Updated Drawing note / note with leader into one tool
  8. Improved Drawing section view performance
  9. Enhanced composite curve selection for select other and in the graphics area
  10. Improve drawing view and annotation display order
  11. Improved Assembly linear pattern performance
  12. Added 64 bit browser check to the Onshape check page
  13. Improved performance check algorithm on Onshape check page
  14. Changed section view shortcut to SHIFT + X
  15. Fixed clearance hole sizes for #10 holes
  16. Fixed Drawing update issue when referenced document was moved

1.67 - released 2017-08-16

  1. New real time chat interactions in Comments
  2. New Variable layout with type tab selections
  3. Improved all surface operations to have a merge scope
  4. Control flange angle by reference direction
  5. New automatic extensions to datums and GD&T in Drawings
  6. Added property field update in Drawings that are in a versions
  7. Added associativity of datums and surface finish symbols to extension lines
  8. Improved associativity of hole callouts and notes with leader text
  9. Added double click to open view properties on view label / scale label
  10. Added open linked document command on images in Drawings
  11. Added the ability to copy & paste Drawing entities (non-view) to another Drawing or sheet
  12. Added grip edit on radial and diameter dimensions
  13. Improved dimension grip editing and preview performance in Drawings
  14. Drawings thumbnails now generate for document versions
  15. Added the ability to copy & paste tables between Drawings or sheet
  16. Professional Onshape accounts now have a Company by default
  17. Reordered tab context menu to avoid accidental deletion
  18. Fixed zoom out issue for Drawings dropdown menus
  19. Changed section shortcut changed to SHIFT + X

1.66 - released 2017-07-25

  1. New Drawing smart dimension tool
  2. New Drawing partial section views
  3. Support for reverse direction in Sketch text
  4. Improved Sheet Metal cuts to bend lines
  5. Highlight referenced entities on Drawing dimension selection
  6. Added export to a tab option for sketches and drawings
  7. Support for seam and spot welds in Drawings
  8. Improved Drawing dimension grip editing
  9. Improved Drawing dimension reference stability to silhouette edges
  10. Support for specifying weld standards for Drawings
  11. Onshape applications can now specify a thumbnail
  12. Add name field to Drawing view properties
  13. Improved selection responsiveness in Drawings
  14. Improved hidden line generation for toroidal silhouettes

1.65 - released 2017-07-06

  1. New surface fill feature
  2. New enclose feature
  3. Support lofts with both guides and end conditions simultaneously
  4. Support follow mode notifications when collaborators are followed and when they are unfollowed
  5. Support section views as part of name views
  6. Support modifying letter used in section view label
  7. Support angular section views in drawings
  8. Support hole feature on active sheet metal parts
  9. Improved hole sizes library for ANSI and ISO standards in hole feature
  10. Improved display of ANSI drill sizes to show decimal equivalent
  11. Improved maximum length of section cutting line
  12. Support moving “Drawing” using the “Move to” command
  13. Fixed line weights for border frame and border zones
  14. Improve hole callout performance in drawings
  15. Improved performance for section view of assemblies in drawings
  16. Improved open times of documents that link to other documents
  17. Improve drawing open time performance
  18. Support seeing drawing properties while looking at versions
  19. Support changing drawing references to versions
  20. Fixed dangling references in drawings selected state
  21. New array parameters in FeatureScript
  22. Support Google captcha added to signup
  23. New copy and paste context menu options added to drawings
  24. Improved weld symbol options for ANSI and ISO standards
  25. Improved stability in modeling, sheet metal, assemblies, and drawings
  26. Fixed import issues

1.64 - released 2017-06-12

  1. New Drawing Weld symbols
  2. New Sheet metal bend notes
  3. Support for dimensioning to hidden lines in Drawings
  4. Support for snap/associate a section cutting line to hidden lines in Drawings
  5. Drawings thumbnail support on the Documents page, Tab manger and tab previews
  6. New horizontal alignment options available for Note with leader in Drawings
  7. 19 additional materials added to the material library
  8. Support for dimensioning / constraining to a plane from feature list when sketching
  9. Added clear selection option in context menu for any selection list
  10. Ability to add 1 into the X direction in a linear sketch pattern
  11. Improved performance for assemblies referencing both workspace and internal versions
  12. Improved Drawing dimension attachment reliability
  13. Improved tolerance issues with curves, lofts and intersection sketches
  14. Improved Default orientation of flat pattern
  15. Improved geometric consistency of imported dxf files into a sketch
  16. Fixed User: Part properties do not update if the part id has a + in the string
  17. Removed Drawing state property from the drawing note insert menu
  18. Fixed Move to document with linked version
  19. Fixed DWG import issue where import had no preview
  20. Fixed alignment for ISO dimensions with limits and a note added as part of the dimension
  21. Fixed Safari issue with App Store purchases not recognizing the active subscription
  22. Fixed Drawing crash showing hidden lines on all the views
  23. Fixed Move face to work on symmetric entities
  24. Fixed import issues IGES
  25. Fixed measure inconsistency on Hole feature diameter
  26. Fixed German translation for tap clearance in the hole feature
  27. Fixed Date/time format in note editor when Onshape language is set to Deutsch
  28. Fixed German translation corrections on the user profile page
  29. Fixed German translation for failed to load document message
  30. Fixed Export to PDF from creating an additional blank sheet
  31. Fixed reliability of focus for any iFrame Onshape app
  32. Fixed Traditional Chinese translation when editing in context
  33. Fixed Alt key code for Latvian symbols in Drawings
  34. Fixed issue missing open menu in the graphics area for subassembly moved to a new document
  35. Fixed issue when moving a tab to a 4th level tab folder does not persist
  36. FIxed Section and Detail views in Drawings from being last in the display order
  37. Fixed fCone topRadius to allow 0 for non-truncated cone
  38. FIxed Safari scroll bar width changing at random on the Documents page
  39. Fixed dimension edit box staying active after selecting a new entity to dimension
  40. Improved stability in modeling, sheet metal, assemblies, and drawings

1.63 - released 2017-05-24

  1. New centerline guide option for loft
  2. New Show curvature tool for sketches
  3. New Drawing property to lock titleblock and border entities
  4. New lock / unlock titleblock and border button in drawing property panel
  5. New custom Drawing sheet size in sheet properties
  6. New named views support Drawing view creation
  7. Improved Drawing note creation performance
  8. Added support for DXF/DWG import of closed splines into a sketch
  9. Improve drawing update to display out of date views while generating new views
  10. Improved section view creation performance in Drawings
  11. Fixed sketch text from touching in some adjacent characters
  12. Fixed Part Studio version properties duplicate display
  13. Insert view of Sheet metal flat pattern default tangent lines display set to off
  14. Add delete frame option to drawing geometric tolerance
  15. Improved large assembly graphics performance
  16. Improve Drawing open times using cached references
  17. Dismiss message Sketch could not be solved after canceling sketch
  18. Persist broken view alignment selection (horizontal / vertical) from last use
  19. New REST API for document sharing now exposed for Partners
  20. New REST API for endpoint for document permissions now exposed to Partners
  21. Fixed printing from hamburger menu for drawing pop up blocker message
  22. Added sheet metal edge filter for selection in fillet and chamfer
  23. Document has been changed banner if edits have happened since last edit
  24. Improve Drawing table move and resize performance
  25. Set default DXF/DWG export option Set z-height to zero and normals to positive
  26. Allow composite tolerance only if the frame above it is True Position, Profile (Line), or Profile (surface)
  27. Fixed Sketch intersection tool icon Firefox
  28. Match reverse scroll wheel zoom setting based on preset
  29. Fixed DWT with image error when creating drawing
  30. Fixed labels drop down expanding on click selection
  31. Add filter option in advanced search for versions or workspaces
  32. Fixed issue with deriving meshes
  33. Increased timeout for restore sketch message to 15 seconds

1.62 - released 2017-05-04

  1. New Composite curve - combine edges, sketches and other curvers into one curve
  2. New 3D Fit Spline - select point to create an open or closed spline
  3. New Composite geometric tolerances in Drawings
  4. New insert DWG/DXF function to Drawings
  5. Support Fillet and Chamfer in Sheet Metal
  6. Fix zoom to fit in Drawings to ignore large arc center points as part of the view extents
  7. Improve top-level and subassembly patterns updates
  8. Fix search within recently opened filter
  9. Support moving Drawing objects to the border frame/zone or title block layers
  10. Export DXF/DWG Sheet metal flat pattern from flatten view in a Part Studio
  11. Improve arc and circle smoothing on zoom for Detail and Broken views
  12. Improve dangling of dimensions in Drawings associated entities are deleted
  13. Improved Feature API support for un-suppression of features
  14. Improve Feature API to allow updating a subset of parameters (per regeneration)
  15. Add deterministic ids in string form for Parasolid exports
  16. New list custom property support
  17. Move Drawing annotations on any linked views when primary view is moved
  18. Improve security on signup with re-captcha
  19. Improve stability for foreign data imports
  20. Prompt for upgrade on out of date documents restored from trash
  21. Metadata API endpoint returns curves (wire bodies) in the response
  22. New REST API for named views
  23. Derived support for all curves in addition to helices
  24. Unify signup from Invite Friends and Document Share to match new user signup
  25. Add Geographical data section to cad.onshape.com/check page
  26. Add new import option to allow faulty mesh
  27. Increase download file size limit to match the 2GB upload limit
  28. Rework Document page filters for my documents and add group teams and labels
  29. Improved import of IGES and STEP with new sew and heal bodies
  30. Improved drawing open times
  31. Improved document page loading times in remote regions
  32. Memory optimizations for in-context graphics
  33. Fixed Mark as read in notifications
  34. Fixed missing upgrade prompt action buttons when branching from an old version

1.61 - released 2017-04-12

  1. New Projected curve - project two sketches into one 3D projected curve
  2. New Bridging curve tool - connect any two curves with a 3D curve
  3. New Offset surface tool - Moved create option out of Move face feature
  4. New Conic sketch tool
  5. New Break view command for Drawings
  6. User metadata property linking in Drawings
  7. Allow import of wire bodies
  8. All surface tools have an Add option to merge results to adjacent surfaces
  9. New Delete face option to Leave open - converts solid into a surface
  10. Text alignment options on vertical linear dimensions in Drawings
  11. Display measured value in preview when creating dimensions in Drawings
  12. Support for minimum leader length for callouts in Drawings
  13. Add all sheet metal features in the shortcut toolbar
  14. Simplify creating a version when inserting a component defined in another document
  15. Reduce local browser memory consumption
  16. Improve drag preview performance in Drawings
  17. New Curves section in Part Studio Parts list
  18. Follow mode support for View-only users
  19. Assembly pattern performance improvements
  20. Remove dimensions attached to centerline/marks and virtual sharps when they are removed
  21. View-only collaborator rollback state will not impact Editing collaborators
  22. Auxiliary and section views inherit view styles from projected parent view
  23. Fix diameter, degree, and plus/minus symbols in notes and callouts to match dimensions
  24. In-context tab switching performance improvements
  25. Minor frame rate improvements to large assemblies
  26. Hole callout creation performance improvement in Drawings

1.60 - released 2017-03-22

  1. Fix planar DWG/DXF export to normalize z direction of circles
  2. Improve tab manager performance for large documents
  3. Hole callouts are faster in Drawings
  4. Show Drawings processing spinner until fully loaded
  5. Insert flat pattern into Drawings, Assemblies and Part Studios
  6. Ability to order BOMs in Drawings
  7. Ability to unlink BOMs to applications in Drawings
  8. Drawing property setting for virtual sharp style
  9. 3Dconnexion support in Drawings
  10. 3Dconnexion support for SpaceMouse Enterprise
  11. Advanced document search
  12. Update to Drawings precision options to match rest of product
  13. Projected view command in Drawings repeats automatically after Insert view
  14. Project Views command in Drawings applies same style as parent view
  15. Improved tab and in-context switching performance
  16. FeatureScript profiler
  17. Compare tool in version graph that allows post-selection
  18. Surface finish symbols for Drawings
  19. Improved Drawing text dragging performance
  20. New Sheet metal bend table REST API
  21. Deleting a view speed is increased
  22. Fix the remove email address behavior in Share dialog
  23. Improve speed getting field data in Drawings
  24. Recalculate view extents for ISO view cube points when section is on
  25. Fix subscription list to show your own account
  26. Fix Workspace modified by to match last microversion modified by date stamp
  27. New Metadata REST API
  28. Support for box select and RMB on parts list to assign materials to all parts
  29. Stability improvements for Split tool
  30. Stability improvements to the Offset tool when the original sketch changes size
  31. Fix the allow faulty parts option when importing a translatable file tab in a document
  32. Fix display issue with special unicode characters on a document tab
  33. Derived part from a version maintain the revision property
  34. Fix blank profile icons while searching for user in share dialog
  35. Fixed lost In-context reference when copying workspace
  36. Fix read-only revision property in workspaces

1.59 - released 2017-03-02

  1. Support for @mentions in Comments
  2. Ability to create an offset/copy of a surface
  3. Virtual sharp points in drawings
  4. Support for inserting part/assembly properties in drawing notes
  5. Sheet metal flatten view defaults to top view
  6. Performance improvements for derived feature
  7. Selecting a joint in the Graphics area will scroll the table list to the selected joint
  8. Ability to reference active sheet metal parts as end conditions for features
  9. Insert BOM table into Drawings from Onshape BOM for Google Sheets and openBoM
  10. New properties dialogs
  11. Sketch and feature precision settings
  12. Prevent the selection of parts in-context that are not modifiable
  13. New Drawings keyboard shortcut to toggle on/off mid points and quad points - SHIFT Q
  14. Move face support for up to surface end condition
  15. Sweep profile follows path in both directions
  16. Drawings open speed performance
  17. Support for cosmetic threads in Drawings
  18. Measurement and mass properties precision settings
  19. Custom properties
  20. Expose bend centerline for all sheet metal flat pattern views
  21. Fixed tooltip for faulty parts in assembly after switching tabs
  22. Preselection support for In-context Sheet metal model
  23. Show email address in sharing and @mention suggestion dropdowns
  24. REST API for Sheet metal bend tables
  25. Fixed API explorer "Tryit" for blob element uploads
  26. Import support for SolidWorks 2017 and CATIA V6 R2016X
  27. Return to document link from Manage account
  28. Fixed checkbox elements in feature dialogs for Firefox
  29. Improved flat pattern collision error highlighting
  30. Add properties to App tabs
  31. Improve angular transform of sketch entities to maintain all dimensions
  32. Fixed face mirror of face linear pattern of holes

1.58 - released 2017-02-08

  1. Sheet metal
  2. Error graphics for loft and sweep upon self intersections
  3. Enter a mate value directly when editing a mate
  4. Unicode character support in SolidWorks Pack & Go files
  5. Show “type” icon for upload tabs without preview thumbnails
  6. Support changing an insertable from a workspace to a version
  7. Improved position mapping for in-context update
  8. FeatureScript profiler - live view of Part Studios while in Feature Studios
  9. Extrude offset from surface/face end condition
  10. Precision settings for dimensions for sketch and features
  11. Fix STL Export with “#” character in the filename
  12. Show parts imported with defects should be shown in the insert dialogs
  13. Parts imported with defects in an assembly show tooltip feedback
  14. Highlight selected edges/points when creating a dimension or centerline in a drawing
  15. Create drawing command defaults to “No views” option
  16. Enable horizontal/vertical inferencing while creating 2 point centerlines
  17. Appropriately map the precision setting of dimensions when switching units
  18. Change the filename of Drawing exports (DWG, DXF, DWT, & PDF)
  19. Rename the "Drawing view" command to "Insert view"
  20. Improve drag-n-drop of views when dimensions are attached to centerlines
  21. Change filename for Sketch DWG/DXF exports
  22. Fixed import of certain NX assemblies that had missing components upon import
  23. Korean language support
  24. Simplified Chinese language support
  25. Part Studio performance improvements

1.57 – released 2017-01-13

  1. In context assembly editing
  2. Named assembly positions
  3. Remove documents from Recently opened filter
  4. Allow import of parts with faults option
  5. NX Import support
  6. Drawing export PDF option to export text in normal or selectable forms
  7. Update to latest linked document option
  8. Add note formatting commands to the table cell edit toolbar
  9. Support PDF export option for selectable or not selectable text
  10. Prompt user upon creation of an out-of-date FeatureScript workspace for upgrade
  11. Add labels in all insert dialogs
  12. Shaded views in Drawings
  13. Annotations and dimensions move when dragging a drawing view
  14. Add text formatting styles to table title and header rows in sample drawing templates
  15. Disable extension arc on radial dimensions if arrowhead tip can lie on referenced arc