How Can Onshape Help You?

Support for COVID-19 Response Projects

During the coronavirus crisis, there has been a tremendous effort from companies, organizations, and individuals to help the medical community address unexpected shortages and needs. Projects have included designing and manufacturing ventilators, respirators, test kits, masks, face shields and other personal protection equipment (PPE) – with CAD and 3D printing playing a major role.

To support these efforts, PTC is offering free use of its Onshape product development platform for qualifying projects. Onshape’s online CAD, data management and collaboration tools were built for remote teams working in different locations. It’s possible to equip design teams of any size (1-1000 contributors) instantly worldwide on any device.

Free time-limited subscriptions to Onshape will be considered for projects that:

  • Provide a solution contributing to the treatment or research of COVID-19
  • Address a coronavirus-related problem impacting a community
  • Make their product design open-source (public) for the greater good
  • Are not created for profit


In addition, to be determined on a case-by-case basis, PTC may offer project consultation from Onshape professionals (mechanical/software engineers), or funding for materials and supplies. If you are an Onshape user and wish to help, please let us know your skillset, experience and availability, so we can try to match you with the most appropriate project.



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Participating Projects

Onshape is proud to support companies, individuals and open-source projects devoted to solving challenges related to COVID-19. Efforts we are currently supporting include:


Organization: Masks On

MasksOn is a nonprofit organization mobilizing top talent in medicine, technology and academia, to design and build safe, durable, reusable and sanitizable medical protective personal equipment (PPE) for hospitals. The first focus is turning snorkel masks into durable PPE masks using medical-grade filters and 3D printed parts.

Hundreds of the durable masks are now being tested by clinicians at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Mass General, Lahey Clinics, New York-Presbyterian, and Tufts Medical Center, with additional input from Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Rice, Tufts, University of California–Berkeley, University of California–San Francisco, University of Texas–Dallas, and Yale. 


Organization: FIRST®
Project: Robots to the Rescue

FIRST, the global non-profit organization that offers a suite of robotics competitions for students in grades PreK-12, has partnered with PTC for a virtual design competition that challenges teams to design a robot that can solve a current world problem. Examples would include a robot that delivers emergency food and supplies to people living in remote areas, or a robot that cleans up pollution from the water and air.


Organization: CoVent-19 Ventilator Design Challenge
Project: Innovate2Ventilate

The CoVent-19 Challenge is an open innovation 8-week Grand Challenge for engineers, innovators, designers, and makers with a goal of creating rapidly deployable ventilators that we can use to close the gap between those in need and our actual resources in healthcare systems around the world. The CoVent-19 Challenge offers participants an unbeatable platform of resources to streamline the winning design through prototyping, safety and regulatory testing, manufacturing and distribution. Our partners have experience in manufacturing medical devices and navigating world-wide crises.

Onshape is partnering with the CoVent-19 Challenge to offer participating teams free access to Onshape Pro.

Features1-4253f4e064d66c963e368e1bc174b55d (1)

Organization: Meter
Project: Rise Emergency Ventilator

The Rise Emergency Ventilator was designed by Meter from the ground up to be affordable and manufacturable. Hundreds of Rise Emergency Ventilators are being manufactured to address the spike of COVID-19 cases in the US. It is ready for rapid scaling and immediately ready for production by the tens of thousands to address the global demand. Any manufacturing facility that can produce consumer appliances can build Rise Emergency Ventilators.

The Rise Emergency Ventilator was developed in collaboration with a coalition of technology partners and healthcare experts including clinicians at the Massachusetts General Hospital and the MGB Center for COVID Innovation.

The Rise Emergency Ventilator is based on previous research in manual bag resuscitator controls initiated by a member of Meter’s engineering team with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Meter’s team has expertise in hardware design and resuscitator development. Members of the team have manufactured tens of thousands of hardware products at scale. Meter is uniquely positioned to help solve the ventilator shortage problem.


Organization: Rich, Brilliant, Willing
Project: Budmen x RBW Face Shield

Rich Brilliant Willing (RBW) is a decorative LED lighting company using its lean manufacturing and rapid design team to collaborate with smaller, agile digital fabricators to help hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis.

Collaborating with iMakr, RBW has supplied materials to complete the assembly of 1000 face shields that will be shipped to New York-area hospitals including: NY Presbyterian, NYU Langone, Bellevue, Metropolitan Hospital, Milstein Hospital and Brooklyn Hospital Center. An additional 9000 clear shields will be produced in the coming weeks and donated to digital fabricators to help address the shortage of medical protective gear.

Onshape Public Document


Organization: ICTI-UFG: Instituto de Ciencia Tecnología e Innovación at the Francisco Gavidia University, El Salvador
Project: VEMPU

The Francisco Gavidia University, El Salvador, in collaboration with different companies in El Salvador, has developed a prototype that automates the operation of an “AMBU bag”. 

The initial prototype started inside the university facilities, and grew until reaching an industrial design. Throughout the process, the Onshape platform has been of vital importance to collaborate within the team of designers in real time, the intuitive design of Onshape allowed new collaborators to provide their contributions, after a short tutorial in Spanish from the angelsky2012 youtube channel. Currently, the prototype is in the certification stage by the medical community of El Salvador, to go into its mass production phase. 

VEMPU Onshape Public Document
Respirador V2 Onshape Public Document
Respirador Horizontal Onshape Public Document


Organization: hipeerLab
Project: Protofy - OxyGEN

HipeerLab has organized individuals into a laboratory of distributed resources. Their first project is to make and distribute faceshields to healthcare professionals in Florianópolis, Brazil.

Currently part of the team is dedicated to reproducing the OxyGEN IP Project by Protofy, which was designed in Barcelona and made available as an open source project. HipeerLab is adapting the project to their local manufacturing restrictions as well as translating the original files to Onshape to reduce design gridlocks.

Public Onshape Document


Organization: Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University

A professor at Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University who teaches 3D CAD using Onshape is working on projects that are needed to meet the needs of his city's medical field . These include face shields, sealed glasses with a larger field of view, advanced valves for respiratory systems, and reliable replacement for the PEEP valves.

Public Onshape Document (Valve Mask + Filter)
Public Onshape Document (Face Shield + Goggles)


Project: The Parametric COVID Mask Design

This is an easy-to-3D print, Covid Mask. Only 3 parts, all of which fit on a single 150mmx150mm 3D printer bed. There are three variables to easily customize the mask for you or a loved one's face.

Public Onshape Document


Organization: Team 2537 - SpaceRIAders

SpaceRIAders is a FIRST team focusing on manufacturing vinyl face shields for hospitals that need them (specifically St. Agnes hospital and HCGH). Their first design is a reusable 3D printed headband with replaceable vinyl shield. Their second design is fully disposable using foam blocks and velcro straps stapled to the vinyl itself.

Public Onshape Document


Jordan Elevons
Project: Elevons COVID-19 Respirator

Design engineer Jordan Elevons is creating a 3D-printed respirator using cotton pads as a filter. His open-source design is meant to be used as an emergency replacement for N95 masks. Elevons is seeking a medical partner for testing.

Public Onshape Document


Project: Modified 3DVerkstan Face Shield

The original 3DVerkstan Face Shield is useful, easy, and fast to print. Dr. Wilmer Gaona of Colegio Mayrmount Cuernavaca has made some modifications in order to make the design simpler, only using 3 flanges to fit the screen and adding more space for wearing goggles. He is donating to local doctors and nurses in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Public Onshape Document

IMG_8144 (1)

Organization: Madison Junior School, Madison NJ

Mr. Erdreich teaches Onshape to his students across the 6-8 Engineering elective courses at the Madison Junior School. During distance learning, the need for PPE across front line workers risking their lives to keep our communities safe was clear. Using the 15 3D printers in his district's makerspaces, he challenged his students to design PPE, including respirators, face shields, and ear protectors, that could be produced using their 3D printers. This resulted in the creation of the "E_Shield", a fast to print, small build volume, and easy to assemble face shield. 

Public Onshape Document


Organization: Respira Works
Project: The Pandemic Ventilator Project

RespiraWorks was chosen as one of seven finalists out of 200+ entries in the CoVent-19 challenge! They are building a simple and robust open-source library of ventilator designs that anyone in ventilator-deficient communities can source and build locally, either in industrial manufacturing facilities or by hand. The team will provide engineering, technical, and supply chain support to get designs off the screen and into hospitals.  

The Pandemic Ventilator Project is advised by a team of medical practitioners and medical device specialists. Its core engineering team has worked on everything from nuclear power plants to life support systems.

2020-04-02 - blog --  DarrenG - Onshape Wants to Help

Organization: PulmoLogic

PulmoLogic’s team consists of medical device professionals with experience in regulatory, biomedical engineering, and manufacturing who have come together to provide rapidly scalable medical device solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company intends to partner with existing medical device, manufacturing, and clinical firms, where possible, to accelerate its response and multiply its potential impact fighting COVID-19. Their first initiative focuses on developing and producing the ClipVent emergency ventilator.


Organization: KromLabòro Caserta FabLab

Project : KromLabòro task force for COVID 19

KromLabòro Caserta FabLab is one of the most active FabLab in southern Italy. When the pandemic started, it was already developing the first concepts for personal protective equipment that were in short supply in Italy. In collaboration with doctors, engineers, digital fabrication experts, decided to start the production of PPE. KromLabòro FabLab is part of OSMS, the largest community of Makers in the world, born to fight the spread of the virus and help local fabricators and institutions responsibly create and distribute sorely needed protective gear and medical equipment to local communities in crisis.

  1. Open Source Mask COVID19 an open source project for making of an emergency protection mask. The mask can use circular certified filters or in case of emergency homemade filters as specified on the WHO website!  

  2. Prusa Face Shield – KromLabòro Review  

Mask-concept-3d_seed (1)

Organization: 3D-seed
Project: Open-Source Masks

3D-seed is an open-source project aiming to create reusable masks that would require replacing only the two small round N95 filters. These masks would be molded in medical-grade casting silicone.

The goal is to manufacture these masks at various sites to cut down on shipping time to the hospitals.


Organization: Breath Eazy

Team Breathe Eazy is a team participating in The CoVent-19 Ventilator Design Challenge. Their goal is to make a minimum viable ventilator that is affordable and manufacturable for anyone in the world. They plan to strip back the design to as purely mechanical as possible, using pneumatic controls instead of software to deliver oxygen to the patient. Their belief is this will reduce manufacturing complexity and simplify regulatory validation.

Public Onshape Document


Organization: Wings4Farmers

When COVID came, the market in Mali for Wings4Farmers' products stalled. They transitioned to prototyping and making products for fighting COVID.

Onshape has improved their workflow tremendously. WingFramers works with an eager team who initially had absolutely no CAD ability but was able to become CAD-literate within weeks.

They completed the development of a simple but effective ventilator. It can be safely used by minimally trained medical staff. If it malfunctions, it doesn't inflict lung damage as a conventional ventilator. Because Mali does not have access to many resources, it was designed to be made from parts available in most third-world cities.

This is Negative Pressure Ventilator (NPV), which recent research has shown may be safer and more effective than PPVs when used to combat COVID.

Public Onshape Document


Organization: Dukes of Lost City

Team Dukes of Lost City is a team participating in The CoVent-19 Ventilator Design Challenge. Their ventilator uses a bellows for volume and pressure actuated by a stepper motor. The stepper motor is controlled in this unit by a raspberry pi with 7” touchscreen. The PI controls the motor by increasing or decreasing speed for adjustable pressure, increasing or decreasing stroke for adjustable volume and allowing for breathing cycles between 10 and 30 breaths per minute. The PI also controls a 12v air valve in adjustable increments for oxygen volume per breath. It will monitor incoming oxygen pressure and power levels along with battery backup life with alarms to notify of loss of either.


Organization: FALCON

Team FALCON is a team participating in The CoVent-19 Ventilator Design Challenge. Due to rising COVID-19 cases and already existing respiratory disorders such as Asthma and TB, there was a dire requirement for an affordable, compact, portable and efficient Mechanical Ventilator. This project aims to meet these needs with its innovative design and efficiency by creating a simple, compact, portable and efficient two or multi patient mechanical ventilator


Organization: VentCU

VentCU is a radically accessible, affordable, and producible open-source ventilator that can be assembled with no prior experience and no specialized tools. VentCU is constructed with entirely off-the-shelf parts, costs just under $600, provides easily-set ventilation parameters, and included redundant sensing capabilities to ensure smooth and reliable operation.