Not receiving your Onshape Activation Email? 

When you sign up for Onshape we immediately send an activation email to you. This email allows you to set your Onshape password and start using our software.

If you do not receive this email then it is likely blocked by your email provider or by your IT group who manages this service.  You will need to contact your IT administrator for help in resolving this issue.

Specifically, Onshape's email information will need to be “whitelisted” by your email system.  We have provided a draft message for you to send to your IT department:


I am contacting you in regards to allowing emails from an online service that I am registering for, Onshape. It appears that our email system is blocking emails from this service, preventing me from activating my account. Can you please whitelist the following information in our systems:

  • Domain:
  • IP Address:

If you have any questions for Onshape, you can contact them here.

Thank You

While we cannot directly solve this problem on our side, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact us if you need anything further.