August 2, 2023 10 AM - 2 PM ET

The Onshape Research Symposium is a virtual event bringing together engineering researchers who are leveraging Onshape’s cloud-native architecture to drive innovation in their fields.

This year's event has concluded.  Thank you to all participants and attendees.  See you next year!

Session Recordings

Insider Insights: How Onshape is Made to Accelerate Innovation

Vajrang Parvate, PTC

The architecture behind cloud-native CAD allows data to be significantly more extensible (and secure) than traditional file-based platforms. Onshape’s FeatureScript, REST API, and Enterprise Analytics are enabling researchers to use CAD in new ways, while also allowing Onshape R&D to use a data-driven approach to delivering improvements every 3 weeks.

Keynote: Highly Customizable, Parametric Designs Increase Access to Safe Water

Dr. Monroe Weber-Shirk, AguaClara Reach/Ohio State University/New Jersey Institute of Technology

More than 2 billion people don’t have access to safe water on tap. AguaClara's design approach makes it possible to provide water treatment plant designs at low cost so that small cities and towns can more easily access safe water. They use Onshape to computationally create parameter-driven, scalable designs and teach students the physics of water treatment.

Panel Discussion: Informatics in Design

Dr. Tucker Marion, Northeastern University | Dr. Jessica Menold, Penn State University | Dr. Jonathan Hiller, PTC | Alyssa Walker, PTC

To build the generative AI models capable of passing the bar exam, huge amounts of data had to be gathered and organized in meaningful ways. Cloud-native product design provides access to new types of data that are enabling researchers to develop tools that help optimize how engineering teams work. We will explore the ways that AI is already being used to create products and how informatics will change design in the future.

Industry Insights: Part Design in an Agile World

Dr. Wilhelm Johannison, Ocado Technology

Mechanical design is moving into agile, where change is a first class citizen. In this session, we'll explore how can we rethink mechanical design to make change easier, faster and more robust.

Student Poster Competition

The Student Poster Competition is an opportunity to highlight some of the awesome students who are using Onshape to develop innovative solutions and gain valuable insights from its data. There were two tracks and corresponding sessions this year, Applications and Informatics, meant to follow a traditional academic poster session format.


Prieto, S. - Design of a Liquid Diffusion Experiment for Chemical Engineering Education Via CAD Modeling and 3D Printing Technology
Deng, Y. - CAD Challenges App: A Platform for Parametric Modelling Practice and Research in Computer-Aided Design
Smith, N. D. - Product Design & Realization of Custom Display Solution
Kirn, A., Becker, A. - DesignMonitor Web App for the study of product design
Dahal, M. - Using Onshape to design Smart Motors


Celjak, R. - Analysis of Collaborative CAD Modeling Activities Using Machine Learning Methods
Roy, D. - Exploring Collaborative Dynamics for Multi-Objective Design Problem Solving
Lyakishev, A. - Fast Track to Success: Evaluating impact of open-source community membership on FIRST robotics team performance
Ross-Howe, A. - Determining CAD Typologies from Onshape Audit Trails Using Clustering
DaMaren, E. - Evaluating CAD Skill Using Multiple Data Collection Methods
Cheng, K. - Is Cloud the Future of Computer-Aided Design? An Industry Case Study of CAD Collaboration
Velikonja, V. - Exploring the Prevalence and Cause of MFD in Novice Engineering Designers via CAD
Jones, B. - B-rep Matching for Collaboration Across CAD Systems

Featured Speakers