August 2, 2023 10 AM - 2 PM ET


Following the inaugural event in 2022, the 2023 Onshape Research Symposium will once again bring together engineering researchers who are leveraging Onshape’s cloud-native architecture to drive innovation in their fields. There will be keynote presentations from thought leaders in academia and industry, as well as a student research poster competition with two separate tracks.

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During this 4-hour virtual event:

  • You will hear about the ways that product development teams are using Onshape to embrace the agile methodologies long used by software development teams
  • Thought leaders from academia and industry will share how they’re using data sets from Onshape to gain new insights into how products are designed
  • We will hold a research poster competition with two tracks, Applications and Informatics, to allow you to talk with the students engaged in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Onshape

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Agenda at a glance


Welcome & Opening Remarks

Paul Chastell, PTC


Insider Insights: How Onshape is Made to Accelerate Innovation

Vajrang Parvate, PTC

The architecture behind cloud-native CAD allows data to be significantly more extensible (and secure) than traditional file-based platforms. Onshape’s FeatureScript, REST API, and Enterprise Analytics are enabling researchers to use CAD in new ways, while also allowing Onshape R&D to use a data-driven approach to delivering improvements every 3 weeks.


Agile Product Development: Adjustments for Success in Hardware

Dr. Steve Eppinger, MIT

Now that Agile methods have been fully embraced by software teams, we are starting to see wider adoption of Agile in other realms of engineering. However, due to the complexity of hardware projects, Agile methods require some adjustment to succeed in broader application. This session will focus on what we have learned by studying how Agile works in the context of hardware and complex system development.


Student Poster Session - Applications Session

This session will allow you to speak to students who are using Onshape in innovative ways to design and create cutting edge solutions to complex problems.


Panel Discussion: Informatics in Design

Dr. Tucker Marion, Northeastern University | Dr. Ilya Baran, PTC | Dr. Jonathan Hiller, PTC 

To build the generative AI models capable of passing the bar exam, huge amounts of data had to be gathered and organized in meaningful ways. Cloud-native product design provides access to new types of data that are enabling researchers to develop tools that help optimize how engineering teams work. We will explore the ways that AI is already being used to create products and how informatics will change design in the future.


Highly Customizable, Parametric Designs Increase Access to Safe Water

Dr. Monroe Weber-Shirk, AguaClara/Cornell University

More than 2 billion people don’t have access to safe water on tap. AguaClara's design approach makes it possible to provide water treatment plant designs at low cost so that small cities and towns can more easily access safe water. They use Onshape to computationally create parameter-driven, scalable designs and teach students the physics of water treatment.


Student Poster Competition - Informatics Session

This session will allow you to speak with students who are using data generated in Onshape to gain new insights into product design and engineering processes.


Industry Insights: Part Design in an Agile World

Dr. Wilhelm Johannison, Ocado

Mechanical design is moving into agile, where change is a first class citizen. In this session, we'll explore how can we rethink mechanical design to make change easier, faster and more robust.


Announce Poster Competition Winners

PTC Education


Networking Breakout Sessions

If you’re excited to keep the conversations going, learn how to get started, or ask specific questions about your use cases, please feel free to join us in one the following breakout rooms at the conclusion of the event:
  • FeatureScript
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Agile Product Development
  • Education

Student Poster Competition

This virtual session will follow the form of a traditional academic poster session, during which all attendees can freely move between Zoom breakout rooms and ask questions or have discussions with the presenters.

Based on the great feedback from last year, we have decided to expand the Student Poster Competition this year to include two tracks:

  • Applications - this track is for you if the main contribution of your project is something designed in or created with Onshape
  • Informatics - this track is for you if the main contribution of your project is some new insight gained from analyzing data generated in Onshape

Check out the posters from last year.

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Submission Requirements

  • Students must currently be enrolled at a degree granting university (all 2023 graduates are eligible). Both graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to apply.
  • Students should submit an abstract (maximum 500 words) of their project by June 30th at 5:00pm EDT. Acceptance notices will be sent July 7th.
  • Research projects must use Onshape in some way. Submissions can be for both completed/published research projects or works in progress.

Prizes (all based on attendee polls)

  • Best overall poster – Creality Ender-3 V2 3D printer
  • Applications track runner up - Creality Ender-3 3D printer
  • Informatics track runner up - Creality Ender-3 3D printer
  • All presenters - Onshape/PTC swag pack

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