August 10, 2022 | 10 AM - 2 PM ET

The Onshape Teaching Symposium is a virtual event bringing together educators who use Onshape in K-12 and higher education to share teaching methods and best practices, discover project and lesson ideas, and see examples of student work.

Who Should Attend

  • Educators looking to find inspiration, ideas, and community.

  • Teachers of any level - middle school, high school, or beyond - looking to begin using Onshape as part of their instruction or level up their existing use of Onshape.

  • Education users, hobbyists, or makers curious how Onshape is being used in education.

What You'll Find

  • You will hear from teacher innovators, Onshape experts, and industry leaders using Onshape to create new products.
  • Teachers from upper elementary to university level will come together to discuss how Onshape can be used in the classroom to unlock creativity, promote inclusion, and enhance collaboration.
  • Interactive breakout rooms will allow you to participate in discussions with educators and Onshape experts on topics such as technical tips and tricks, design thinking, competitions, student projects, and more.

This year's event has concluded.  Thank you to all participants and attendees.  See you next year!



Welcome and Opening Remarks

Jordan Cox, PTC


Insider Insights Keynote: The Democratization of 3D through Education

John McEleney, Onshape

Onshape truly represents a break from the past. For the first time, cloud-native CAD is unlocking the creative potential in young people all over the world and enabling a revolution in STEM education. Hear from former SolidWorks CEO and Onshape co-founder how Onshape is transforming the way students and professionals engage in design.


Panel Discussion: How CAD is Enabling the Next Generation of Designers and Engineers

Philip Taber, Silverside Detectors | Chris Rogers, Tufts | Steve Vasiloff, Saline HS | Rachel Eyles, Ilkley Grammar School, UK

Hear from educators, thought leaders, and industry insiders how the STEM revolution is changing the way schools do education and companies do business. Panelists will discuss how technologies like Onshape are unlocking new teaching methods, supporting the development of critical skills, and enabling new pathways from school to the workforce.


Interactive Breakout Rooms

Technical Tips and Tricks for Teaching with Onshape

Can a 7 Year Old Do CAD?

Onshape for Teams

Onshape in Middle and High School Classrooms

Advanced Applications with Onshape

Do you have a specific interest in secondary school STEM classes, teaching design at the college level, or would you just like to learn more about Onshape? We have a session just for you. These breakout rooms are meant to be interactive, so bring questions or ideas! See the event details section below for more information.


Industry Insights Keynote: Making Products that Make a Difference with Onshape

Ian Gardiner, Avidbots

Based in one of Canada's hotbeds of digital innovation, Avidbots prides itself in fostering a culture of creation and sharing of ideas. Learn more about the role of Onshape in Avidbots' product development process, and the "magic carpet" that the company has created to meet a variety of customer and societal needs.


Closing Remarks

Matt Shields, PTC

Session Details

Panel Discussion

These experts represent a broad range of educational levels and areas of interest and will share their ideas on CAD, education, design, and innovation. We will explore questions such as:

  • What is the role of project-based learning and STEM in the future of education?
  • How can CAD - specifically cloud-native CAD - be used in the classroom beyond drafting?
  • What skills and mindsets are most important for the next generation to develop?
  • How can cloud-native technologies enhance inclusion and equity in education and the workforce?
  • How will education, engineering, and product development be different in the future?

Interactive Breakout Rooms

Technical Tips and Tricks for Teaching with Onshape
Looking to learn more about how to use Onshape?  Do you have specific questions about Onshape and manufacturing or advanced Onshape features like FeatureScript?  Join Certified Onshape Professional Drew Bennett for an interactive session covering Onshape modeling, shortcuts, custom features, and more.
Can a 7 Year Old Do CAD?
Are you interested in bringing CAD to a younger audience?  Come to this session to hear Laurent Naegelen share the innovative and fun projects he has developed for students as young as seven.  No other CAD platform allows for professional-level engineering design while also being accessible to an elementary school student.
Onshape for Teams
Do you mentor or coach a robotics team like VEX and FIRST? Is your Formula SAE team looking to level up its CAD? Join former FIRST mentor and collegiate racing alumni Domenico to explore best practices, advantages, and critical tips for using Onshape in your team's design process.
Onshape in Middle and High School Classrooms
Are you interested in using Onshape in your middle or high school classroom? In this breakout room, McKenzie Brunelle will share her experience using Onshape with schools, including lessons learned and tips for practical implementation. Plus, explore with McKenzie how to use curriculum in the Onshape Learning Center to deliver engaging and innovative STEM lessons.
Advanced Applications with Onshape
Describing Onshape as a revolutionary CAD platform only begins to scratch the surface. In this session, Dr. Matt Mueller will show how Onshape seamlessly enables students to engage in the agile product development and data management practices being adopted by industrial customers.

Featured Speakers