Onshape for Enterprises

Onshape enables enterprises to realize significant value by reimagining their product development process. With Onshape, enterprise customers improve collaboration, increase innovation, lower total cost of ownership.

Enterprise companies today have always regarded product design as a vital component for long-term success – and today’s business climate has only magnified its importance.

Engineering leaders from companies such as Garrett Motion, Ocado Group and Beta Technologies shared insight on:

  • How companies evaluate cloud native Onshape compared to on-premise legacy CAD systems – and the reasons why they made the switch
  • Best practices for migrating legacy data from previous CAD systems to Onshape
  • Using Onshape’s real-time business analytics to make better decisions about product development
  • How giving non-CAD users in the company early access to product models improves and accelerates the design process
  • How Onshape integrates into other critical business systems and processes, such as ERP and PLM systems

Our Value Drivers

Product Innovation and Faster Time-to-Market

Driving new, best-in-class designs with no bottlenecks in the design process, with a focus on getting customers great products quickly

Improve Operational Efficiency and Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Learn how a cloud-native product development solution can deliver greater monetary savings across your entire organization

Enhance Collaboration and Communication

Many enterprise firms are turning to cloud-based CAD options to enable better team collaboration 

Security in the Cloud

Backed by AWS, Onshape was created specifically to address the security shortcomings of file-based CAD and PDM systems

"The cloud has become the medium of information exchange around the world.

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Onshape's positioning as a SaaS product running in the cloud is well positioned to satisfy those needs.

CIMdata also believes that Onshape's ability to have multiple designers work together and see each other's progress can foster a level of innovation that will richly reward those companies that take advantage."

Case Studies

FHE construction site
FHE Engineers Design Safer Pressure Control Equipment to Protect Oil and Gas Workers
Multinational manufacturing company relies on Onshape’s “Light User” collaboration tools to streamline communication with global suppliers
Onshape Customer Story: Formlabs

See how Formlabs, a designer and manufacturer of 3D printers, has dramatically improved team collaboration and new employee onboarding with Onshape.

Onshape Live '21: Aboard the Onshape Enterprise

Learn how enterprise companies like Garrett Motion, Kichler Lighting and BETA Technologies use Onshape to improve their global product design processes. 

Get your products to market faster, safer, and more efficiently.