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Drive manufacturing quality and excellence with unified CAD CAM in the cloud.

Introducing: Onshape CAM Studio

Onshape delivers the industry's first cloud-native, unified CAD CAM solution with built-in PDM. Now, CAM strategies are versioned alongside your CAD models, while Onshape’s unique architecture enables fast toolpath calculations, machine simulations, and secure cloud storage. Real-time collaboration helps teams stay in sync, work concurrently, and accelerate their efforts in parallel.

What is CAM?

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is specialized software used to create instructions for automated tools. CAM software helps designers plan, visualize, and simulate their manufacturing processes, improving accuracy and efficiency in operations such as CNC machining.

Key Features

2.5 to 3-Axis Machining

Onshape’s CAM Studio offers high-quality CNC strategies to make just about any part. Whether you’re prototyping, or in full production mode, Onshape offers a complete manufacturing solution.

Release your CAD and CAM data using secure cloud-native technologies for better collaboration with both internal and external manufacturing partners.

Multi-Axis Machining

CAM Studio Advanced allows you to generate accurate and reliable G-Code for advanced machines and methods.

Toolpath calculations and machine simulation leverage the power of cloud compute, making your CAM programming process faster and more interactive.

Machine Verification and Simulation

Prevent machine damage, expedite production times, and reduce machine down time with interactive machine simulation.

CAM Studio takes the full machine kinematics into account when calculating toolpaths so you can verify machining strategies and avoid collisions while optimizing cycle times.

Tools, Machines and Post-processing libraries

CAM Studio supports the most common machine types. Moreover, users can customize their tool libraries, machines, and post-processors to accurately represent their capabilities and equipment.

Agile Collaboration

Onshape's CAM Studio enables seamless and concurrent collaboration on design and manufacturing processes. This ensures rapid advancement of ready-to-produce designs thanks to early identification and resolution of manufacturability issues. Designers can securely share models and swiftly revoke access if suppliers change, ensuring utmost confidentiality and control over intellectual property.

Manufacturing Data Management

Onshape delivers the industry's first cloud-native, unified CAD CAM solution with built-in PDM, where CAM strategies are versioned alongside your CAD models.  Branch and Merge your CAM jobs to explore different approaches without affecting others, just like you would with Onshape’s CAD.
Drive manufacturing quality and excellence with Onshapes CAM Studio.

CAM Studio Advanced

Onshape’s CAM Studio Advanced delivers an extended suite of CAM strategies and machine simulation for higher end CNC machines that offer faster machine production times and more precise machining.  CAM Studio Advanced supports 4 axis, 3+2 axis, 5 axis, advanced mill and turning machines which use more degrees of freedom in their motion.

Turning (lathe)
Mill Turning
Turning Advanced
3+2 axis Positional
5-axis Simultaneous

CAM Studio

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Basic 3-axis

CAM Studio Advanced

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Coming Soon
Advanced 3-axis

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