Onshape Live 2021

Onshape held it’s first-ever virtual User Conference, Onshape Live 21, on March 11, 2021.  If you missed the live presentations, you may catch up here with the on-demand replays.

Save the Date: Onshape Live Returns March 2 & 3 2022!

Jim Heppelmann and Jon Hirschtick Keynotes


PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann shared how Onshape users are already benefiting from being part of the PTC ecosystem, and how other leading PTC technologies will be integrated into Onshape in the future and vice versa. At a time of Onshape’s unprecedented growth and adoption, PTC EVP Jon Hirschtick celebrated the achievements of the Onshape community and shared his perspective on where the platform is headed next.

What's Next in Onshape: A Sneak Peek 


A candid Q&A session with leaders from Onshape’s R&D team. Hear about unannounced upcoming features from the people who are building them. We rarely talk about what’s next, so this is a special opportunity for Onshape Insiders. And yes, there will be some demos!

Aboard the Onshape Enterprise


Learn how Onshape Enterprise customers have transformed their approach to product development, improved design and manufacturing processes and deployed Onshape's SaaS platform on a global scale.

Why Onshape

Onshape Live 21: Expand Your Engineering Toolbox

Join Onshape experts as they demonstrated the full spectrum of the SaaS platform’s collaboration capabilities. Having worked with thousands of companies, they shared the methods that customers, vendors and engineers use to streamline the collaboration process.

Onshape Live 21: Making the Switch: Best Practices for Transitioning from SOLIDWORKS to Onshape

One of the biggest concerns companies have when transferring from SOLIDWORKS to Onshape is how migration is handled. This session focuses on deciding what to migrate, how to accomplish it most efficiently, and what to do with all that legacy data.

Onshape Live 21: Connecting the Dots: How to Fully Leverage Onshape's Benefits Across Your Company

Learn the difference between traditional CAD/PLM/ERP integrations and how SaaS-based solutions integrate with the rest of your organization. We examined some common myths related to integrating SaaS solutions and took a deep dive into how Onshape solves the integration challenge.

Technical Presentations and Tips n' Tricks

Onshape Live 21: Expert Tips N' Tricks (Part 1) Onshape Modeling and Drafting

Come experience a rapid fire collection of tips and tricks that will enable you to create better Onshape models, faster. Some unique, some brand new, some hidden gems - all extremely useful.

Onshape Live 21: Expert Tips N' Tricks (Part 2) How to Run a Project in Onshape

Have you ever wondered how the best engineers and companies manage their projects in Onshape? Learn the top tips and tricks used by industry experts for managing projects of all sizes.

Onshape Live 21: Under the Hood: How Onshape’s Cloud Architecture Actually Works

Peek inside Onshape’s unique cloud architecture and how it enables fearless CAD, instant collaboration, integrated data management and frequent updates. Learn what the cloud looks like from the inside.

Onshape Live 21: FEA, Rendering, CAM, ECAD, and More Expand Your Team’s Capabilities With Onshape’s Integrated Cloud Apps

From conceptual design, to analysis, rendering, ECAD, technical publications and more, Onshape’s Partners provide users with the tools to collaborate seamlessly, all within the Onshape database.

Onshape Live 21: Training Tomorrow’s Engineers in Onshape

Learn how university engineering programs and high school STEM classes are improving team and student-teacher collaboration, and leveling the playing field for CAD accessibility with the cloud-based Onshape Education plans. Also hear from educators how Onshape “future proofs” their classrooms for any sudden switch to remote learning.

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