Onshape Live 2022

If you missed Onshape Live 22, catch up here with our on-demand replays.

Keynote Presentations

PTC’s President and CEO Jim Heppelmann shared his vision for how companies can embrace a more agile approach to product development. Following Jim, Jon Hirschtick, co-founder and PTC’s General Manager of Onshape, provided an update on Onshape’s business momentum and shared his perspective on where the platform is heading next.


R&D Sneak Peek 2022

Onshape’s Sneak Peek is where you hear first about unannounced upcoming features from the people who are building them. Engineers from Onshape's R&D and UX teams share what they are working on and answer your questions. Watch the sneak peek from Onshape Live 22 including assemblies, publications, drawings, variable studio, and AR/VR view.


Hear directly from Onshape Customers

Festo, Dexcom and DHL: Transforming Their Product Design Process with Onshape

A customer panel session not to be missed. We brought together three powerhouse companies from different industries to discuss “Why Onshape?” You will learn how Festo, a global leader in automation technology, shortened their quote-to-cash times and improved their front-end sales-to-engineering collaboration process to win more business. You’ll also hear why an innovative Digital Manufacturing team inside of DHL deployed Onshape to help solve their customers' deepest automation challenges when COVID-19 drove unprecedented demand and labor shortages. And finally, medical device pioneer Dexcom will share why they left outdated file-based CAD behind, to drive innovation capacity within a fiercely competitive market.


Garrett Advancing Motion: Advancing Your Design Process with Custom Features

Have you ever wished that you could change the way your CAD system works? If you’ve never used a custom feature before or you want better insights into how they work, then this session is for you. You will discover what custom features are, how they are used, and how they can automate and streamline your design processes with some real-world examples. Our special guest speaker, Tabetha Bulnes of Garrett Advancing Motion, discussed her experiences writing custom features using FeatureScript and how it has helped her product development team automate many complex design tasks and dramatically cut lead times.

Trek Bicycles: Advanced Surfacing

Join the discussion with one of Trek Bicycle’s senior designers. David Schofield has an extensive background in creating high-quality advanced surfaces in the industrial design space and shared his experience in surfacing and Onshape.

Breakout Sessions featuring Tips & Tricks, Technical Deep Dives and More

Tips & Tricks in Modeling

In this presentation, you will see Paul and Michael demonstrate a collection of tips and tricks that will enable you to create better Onshape models, faster. Some are unique, some are brand new, some are hidden gems – but all will be extremely useful.

World-Class Rendering with Onshape

Attendees will learn the basic workflows for using Render Studio, and hear the advantages for creating graphic assets that are indistinguishable from photographs. We will also cover how to use Render Studio in a design research context, specifically lighting and lighting fixture design. Finally, we will explore how varying light temperatures and physical or material changes to fixtures impact the characteristics of projected and ambient artificial light.

Onshape Extensions: PCB Studio & Frames

Onshape continues to expand as a product development platform with the addition of brand new areas of functionality alongside improvements to existing features. In this session, we'll take a closer look at two of these new additions; PCB Studio - a new bi-directional link to PCB design (“ECAD”) systems, and Frames - a new way to quickly create products built as frames or weldments.

Under the Hood: What Happens When You Add a Feature?

You can add a fillet in Onshape and see the result in a fraction of a second. This talk is about what happens under the hood to get you that result quickly, to keep your data safe and secure, to prepare for future edits, and to instantly communicate that change to your collaborators. Learn about how Onshape works from the people who engineered it.

Introducing Onshape into Your Organization

Hear from leaders at innovative companies about their transition from file-based CAD to Onshape. When did they realize they needed a new design platform and what criteria did they use to evaluate Onshape? How did they manage internal change and what advice do they have for others considering the move to cloud-native CAD?

Tips & Tricks To Improve Design Communication

Pack and Go? Sharpies? Post-It Notes? In this presentation, we will demonstrate how to best use state-of-the-art design communication techniques in Onshape to reduce errors and increase design productivity. During this live session, we will share workflows and tips that you can use every day to save hours of time per project. Learn how to best use Tasks, Markups and Workflows while also making better design decisions with engineering dashboards. 

For Students and Educators

What's New in Onshape for Education?

Are you a busy teacher who wants to get the most out of Onshape? Tune into this session to review the enhancements, content and functionality added to Onshape for Education in 2021, and get a preview of what’s coming next in 2022. From content to competitions and new capabilities, there are lots of exciting new features for you and your students to explore.

Preparing Students for Success with Curriculum + Certification

Are you a teacher new to Onshape and looking for resources to help you and your students get started? Join two experienced educators to learn about how Onshape can help prepare students for becoming engineers, designers, and critical thinkers. During this session, Matt and Naomi discuss their experiences using Onshape in the classroom, introduce new Onshape curriculum resources, address the role of certification in the classroom, and provide tips to streamline your busy teaching schedule.

Pro Tips for Students & Educators

If you’re a student or teacher looking to take your Onshape design skills to the next level, this is the session for you! Join Drew, an Education Technical Services Engineer and Certified Onshape Professional, as he demonstrates the tips and strategies that the pros use. Whether it be better sketches, smarter features, or simplified assemblies, there’s bound to be something new here that will increase your Onshape productivity.

Onshape Design Contest Winners

Find out who were the winners of the second annual Onshape Design Competition as part of Onshape Live ‘22! Last year we recognized the incredible designs and custom features Onshape users have created. Users had the opportunity to submit their best parts, assemblies, and custom features. The winning designs were revealed and showcased during this session. Find out who was awarded the prestigious Onshape Championship belt!

CAD models
Champions of the 2022 Onshape Design Competition
What CAD modeling competition presents a championship belt to the winner? The one-and-only Onshape CAD competition! Check out the winning designs

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