Onshape Visualization Apps

While design is certainly an important aspect of product development, it’s just a fraction of what needs to be created before it can come to life. Model visualizations --like renderings-- represents one of these additional deliverables required to ensure a product's success. Renderings offer opportunities to leverage design data to create marketing imagery, walkthroughs, demonstrate configuration, and more. 

If done right, renderings can be of such impeccably high quality, that differentiating it from real photography can be difficult. It's with that in mind, that the setup can take very real considerations into account. Things like scenes, camera & lenses, and lighting are key parameters to getting the setup just right. 

The data contained in the setup --from environment, to camera, to lighting--  is then processed and output to a digital image or raster graphics image file. Those rendered images are used in marketing and sales with higher frequency than true photography, in most cases.

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Renderings completed with an Onshape partner application.