Onshape Third Party Vendors

Onshape uses the following third party vendors (“subprocessors”) to help provide the Onshape services to our customers and users.

Vendor Purpose Website
ChurnZero Customer Communication churnzero.net
DocuSign Contract Signing docusign.com
Drift Customer Communication drift.com
HubSpot Marketing Automation hubspot.com
LogMeIn Webinars & Training logmeininc.com
Outreach Customer Communication outreach.io
ProfitWell Subscription Management profitwell.com
Salesforce Contact Management salesforce.com
SendGrid Email Delivery sendgrid.com
Stripe Subscription Management stripe.com
Thought Industries Training thoughtindustries.com
Vanilla Forums Customer Communication vanillaforums.com
Zendesk Support zendesk.com
Zuora Subscription Management zuora.com