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Creating a bill of materials (BoM) from your Onshape model is easy. The Onshape App Store has several apps that will generate a quick, easy bill of materials for you. Let’s take a look at how to create a bill of materials using openBoM.

The first step to using any Onshape application is going to the Onshape App Store. You will find the App Store icon in the top right corner of your Document.


In the Onshape App Store, you will find dozens of apps for CAM, Rendering, Finite Element Analysis and more. To find the bill of materials apps, click the “Data Management” filter on the left.


Here you will see the openBoM app. Click on it and subscribe to the app. You will need to confirm by clicking “Get for free” and entering your password. After you have subscribed to the app, you can now add it to a Document. Click the “+” icon in the bottom left corner and select “Add application.” Click “openBoM” and the app will launch.


The first time you use openBoM, you will need to authenticate the app and create a user name and password. After you’ve done that, you can generate the bill of materials. Simply choose the workspace and assembly you want and check any options you need and click “Create BOM.”


And that’s it! Your bill of materials is generated.

The openBoM app is a robust application that shares a lot of functionality with Onshape. For instance, you can share your bill of materials and collaborate with others in real time. You can save revisions of the bill of materials, view the history, and even compare two revisions of the bill of materials. And because openBoM is an Integrated Cloud App that runs directly in Onshape, you get all the benefits of a cloud-based app including using Onshape’s built-in version control to manage versions and being able to access it from any computer.

Interested in more? Check out the video above and openBoM’s video on getting started.

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