An Introduction to Agile Product Design

Why forward-thinking companies need real-time CAD deployment, real-time data management and real-time analytics & controls.
An Introduction to Agile Product Design

Agile Product Design is a new approach to build products faster and with more innovation – strongly emphasizing rapid iteration, tight communication between a geographically diverse team, and an openness to embracing change.

In this eBook, you’ll find out why full-cloud Onshape is the perfect CAD platform for making your design and manufacturing teams more agile. Learn how you can:

  1. Complete tasks in hours and days versus weeks and months
  2. Instantly add (or remove) employees and contractors to a project with immediate secure access to your CAD and data
  3. Use unique simultaneous editing to eliminate the danger of colleagues accidentally overwriting each other’s work
  4. Give management and executives real-time access on all their devices to the status of any product design project

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