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Engineering Design, Simulation, and Shape Optimization

Introducing a Modern Design-Simulate-Optimize Workflow in the Product Development Cycle

In this whitepaper, specialists from Onshape, SimScale, and ESTECO cover the implementation of a design-simulate-optimize workflow relying on tools
built on the latest cloud computing and optimization technologies, applied to the design of a centrifugal fluid pump.

As components, parts, devices, and products are expected to last longer, perform better, be updated faster, and cost less, engineers are faced with increasingly complex design challenges that were unimaginable only a decade ago. Adopting a modern workflow in the product development cycle liberates designers and engineers from legacy software constraints and hardware limitations resulting in less physical prototyping, mass-customized products, and budget optimization.

Key topics: Collaboration with distributed teams and customers, scalability needed

for speed and accuracy, reduced wrangling of massive datasets, enhanced version management, ease of use, 24/7 availability of engineering simulation and optimization software from anywhere.

Case study: A real-world case featuring the design optimization of a centrifugal pump is discussed.

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