Engineering Leader's Guide to PDM & Data Management

An introduction to managing your product development team’s most valuable design assets and preventing costly manufacturing errors

When people decide to pursue a career in mechanical engineering or industrial design, they’re thinking mostly about creating cool and innovative products – not spending endless hours managing their design files. Data management solutions are usually treated as an afterthought.

This comprehensive guide reviews all the key factors to consider when choosing the best data management solution for your company. The eBook covers the pros and cons of file-based Product Data Management (PDM) systems and compares them to newer alternative cloud and mobile technologies.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • The critical role that data management plays at every stage of the product design and manufacturing process
  • Key factors to consider when choosing the best solution for your company
  • Benefits and pitfalls of Product Data Management (PDM) systems, and compares them to alternative cloud and mobile technologies that are relatively new to the market

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