How Cloud-Native CAD Addresses the 4 Top Barriers to Company Growth

According to the 2022-2023 State of Product Development and Hardware Design reportnearly 8 out of 10 engineering and manufacturing professionals expect their company to grow in the next year despite uncertainties in the global economy.

This finding is statistically consistent across industries, with the highest growth expectations coming from Medical, High Tech, Aerospace, and Robotics – all sectors that are early adopters of new technologies.

Despite feeling optimistic about the future, SOPD survey respondents stated that they do see potential roadblocks. The four biggest barriers to company growth they identified are:

  • number 1 Lack of Staff
  • number 2 Manufacturing Challenges
  • number 3 Lack of Budget or Resources
  • number 3 Inefficient Processes

Let’s explore how Onshape – the only cloud-native CAD platform with built-in PDM and real-time collaboration tools – proactively addresses these problems.

Lack of Staff

Many design professionals view inadequate staffing as their most urgent obstacle to boosting revenues and improving profitability. The problem has been exacerbated by the fact that many companies cite a limited pool of talent in their geographic region as one of their biggest challenges.

6 out of 10

manufacturing companies report difficulties finding job candidates with the right knowledge or skills

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Onshape’s cloud-native CAD gives companies the technological ability to recruit top engineering talent from around the world. No longer bound to certain geographical locations, employees now have greater autonomy and flexibility in the workplace allowing them to access design data and to collaborate from anywhere in the world on any web-connected device. Although not all product development jobs can be done remotely, there are many important roles that can. Using Onshape expands the talent pool.

Manufacturing Challenges

Miscommunication between design and manufacturing teams can be a major hurdle for companies, resulting in a slower time-to-market, increased risk of manufacturing errors, customer dissatisfaction, and reduced revenue.


of product developers recognize that communicating with external suppliers is one of the greatest sources of friction during product design

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Onshape changes the way engineering teams work with manufacturers by providing real-time access to design data, which ensures everyone is working on the latest version. Utilizing a single source of truth, Onshape significantly reduces the risk of human error in the design process.

Lack of Budget or Resources

Doing more with less is unfortunately a challenge facing many businesses today. In the race to bring the next innovative product to market, companies realize they must optimize their processes to make the most of limited resources.

7 out of 10

product developers recognize slow time-to-market as an obstacle that could hinder company growth

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Eliminating common design bottlenecks such as version control headaches and data crashes, Onshape accelerates companies’ time-to-market. In addition, Onshape’s lower cost of ownership – due to built-in PDM and zero IT overhead – makes it the ideal solution for any budget-conscious company.

Inefficient Processes

When hardware engineers sit down at their desks, they are eager to get things done. But their core proficiency – designing products – often gets undermined when their file-based CAD or PDM software interrupts their workflows. Some of the most common ways delays may occur are: status updates/team meetings that could have been chats, locating or accessing CAD information, CAD crashes and software incompatibility, or the administration of CAD software licensing.

Instead of the slow, serial workflows of traditional file-based CAD, product development teams can work concurrently on the same designs with cloud-native Onshape. Streamlining communication between core engineering teams, internal company stakeholders and external partners, Onshape’s real-time collaboration tools enable all parties to be on the same page from prototyping to production.

Innovation is a key driver for company growth. Switching to cloud-native CAD and PDM can accelerate your product development process and eliminate design bottlenecks.

To learn more about how cloud-native CAD with built-in PDM can transform your product development process, try Onshape Professional today!